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"Snippets" from the Gladwin County Record


Gladwin County Record - 9 Jan 1930

Billings- ... M. L. Kents and Hugh Colbeck called on Jim Colbecks Sunday night.

Dundas Corners, Jan.6- .. James Colbeck has been in Saginaw for medical attention. ..

Public Sale- As I am leaving the restaurant I will offer at public auction the following articles at my restaurant Saturday, January 18, 1930 commencing at 1:30 p.m. sharp- ... Mrs. Sarah Sisco. ...


Gladwin County Record - 16 Jan 1930

South County Line, Jan. 13- .. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Colbeck and Elaine and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Neindorf and Norma of Saginaw visited their parents over the week end and also attended the Billings dance Saturday evening. ..

This community is saddened over the death of little Norma Quillet who died this morning after a week's illness with pneumonia. ..

Dundas Corners, Jan. 13- .. Grandma Quellett is visiting at Harley Quellett's. ..

James Colbeck isn't improved much. ..


Gladwin County Record - 23 Jan 1930

Billings- ...Bill Whites spent Sunday with their brother Frank and family

POTATOES ARE GROWN ON TOMATO ROOTS- Worcester, Mass.- Local wags are remarking that the "pomato vines are producing good topatos" this year and proving their point. They refer to an experimental tomato-potato plant, grown successfully after twenty years experimenting by Oscar Soderholm, horticulturist. It produces potatoes underground and tomatoes above. It is neither joke nor freak, Mr. Soderholm says, but an attempt to produce better tomatoes by giving them stronger roots. He says the potato roots are both larger and stronger than those of the tomato plant, and that under his theory the combination should produce more tomatoes. He claims that the results prove the theory for he has vines bearing more tomatoes than a normal plant, and growing ten feet high, when supported. The tomato plants are real, for they were grafted upon the potato vines.

EPIDEMIC IS KILLING PENQUINS BY THOUSANDS- Cape Town, South Africa- Penquins are dying by the thousands along the South African Coast as the result of a mysterious disease. Superintendent Jackson, Guano islands inspector, received reports from Lambert Bay, stating that thousands of dead penquins were washed ahore. The beaches of False bay are also strewn with dead penquins. Dr. Gvil, curator of the South African museum, said that some epidemic unknown to science was responsible and he feared it would spread to Dassen island, the chief penquin sanctuary off the coast from which 500,000 eggs are collected in a season.


CAT WALKS BACK HOME AFTER 210 MILE RIDE- Kenilworth, N.J.- A Maltese cat owned by Carl Geores of Michigan avenue walked home from an automobile ride of 210 miles. The cat was taken to Mariaville, N.Y., on July 20, where the Geores family has a summer cottage. The cat roamed about the cottage for two days and then disappeared. Thin, with sore feet and a look of determination in her eyes, the cat walked into the Geores home recently. ...


Gladwin County Record - 30 Jan 1930

Billings, Jan. 27- ...Mrs. Theodore Colbeck and daughter Elaine spent last weekend here visiting relatives.

Bill White is working an ice machine on the river. He plans on cutting the seasons crop.

... Kenneth Sterling and Orley Brushaber were in FliLt last week to find a job, but returned home unsuccessful. ..

The birthday club spent last Wednesday with Mrs. M.L. Kent. Over 35 ate dinner and spent a very pleasant afternoon, some playing cards and some visiting.

Mrs. Theodore Colbeck and daughter Elaine of Saginaw spent last week here visiting relatives.

Little Ilene Colbeck has been very sick with near pneumonia. Dr. Blakely of Sanford made a call on Wednesday. She is much better at this time. ..


=ASK BRITAIN, NORWAY TO RESCUE BYRD FROM ICE- Washington- Acting Secretary of State Joseph P. Cotton has called upon the governments of Great Britain and Norway to aid theh United States in rescuing members of the Byrd South pole expedition, now marooned on the Great Ross ice barrier without means of returning prior to the opening of the winter season. Unless relief measures are expedited, Mr. Cotton advised the two governments, the Byrd party may be forced to spend the winter in the Antartic without a sufficient food supply. In asking the help of the State department, Admiral Richard Byrd reported that several of his men would not be able to survive another winter on the barrier as the food supply already is virtually exhausted.


Gladwin County Record - 6 FEB 1930

South County Line, Feb. 3- ...James Colbeck and Lynn Brushaber were home from Flint over the weekend.

Billings, Feb. 3- James Colbeck and Lynn Brushaber were home from Flint over the week end. ..

Mrs. M.L. Kent and Mrs. Claud Kent called last Tuesday on James Colbeck of Dale, who is very poorly.


Gladwin County Record - 13 FEB 1930

North Billings, Feb. 10- Irven Martin and Aaron Graves are busy hauling hay from the Hugh Colbeck place.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves to Beaverton Saturday.

Callers at William White's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woodruff, Mrs. Crowell, Hugh Colbeck, Margaret McGraff, Helen Mattis and Besie and Leonard Graves. ..

Bill White is busy geting up buzz wood.

Billings, Feb. 10- ... Blanch White was home from Gladwin over Sunday.

MARRIAGE LICENSES- ... John Candy, 22, Myrtle Colbeck, 23. Married Jan. 27. ...

RUSSIA BARS MUCH PRIVATE TRADE- Moscow- Both wholesale and retail trade in a long list of commodoties, ranging from soap to radio, has been prohibited by governmental order except to the government and co-operatives. ..


Gladwin County Record - 20 FEB 1930

North Billings, Feb 17 ... Mrs. Williamm White and children spent Sunday with her parents.Irven Martin, fishing through the ice, caught a pike measuring 33 inches long.

Mr. and Mrs. James Winn, Jr., of Flint, are moving on a farm west of Beaverton.

Everyone is busy getting wood off the river.


Gladwin County Record - 27 Feb 1930

South County Line, Feb. 24- ...Theodore Colbecks of Saginaw were over here Sunday.

North Billings, Feb. 24- Irven Martin got a swarm of bees Friday.

....Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fradenberg and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gilman and little son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves.

Billings, Feb. 4- .. John Leuenberger's have sold their farm here to

Jack Laveque's and will move onto a larger farm in Hope which they have recently purchased. ..


Gladwin County Record - 6 Mar 1930

Billings, March 3- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller and children of Mount Pleasant were here over Sunday. ..

A business meeting of the P.T.A. was held at the school house last Saturday evening. It was voted to buy a piano for the school house. Committees for next meeting are entertainment, Mrs. Grace Woodby and Mrs. Dean Greer; lunch, Mrs. Frank White and Mrs. M.L. Kent.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. James Colbeck and Ilene on the arrival of a son and brother. ..

South County Line, March3- .. Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Miller and children of Mount Pleasant visited their relatives over the week-end. Ralph remained for the week with his parents to care for his sheep. Five pair lf lambs have arrived to date. ..


Gladwin County Record - 13 March 1930

North Billings, March 10- William White buzzed wood for several in our neighborhood last week.

... Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martin spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. A. Graves.

Callers at William White's Sunday were Mr and Mrs Dave _ man, Mr and Mrs William Fradenberg of Midland, Mrs Graves and Stephen Colbeck.


Gladwin County Record - 20 Mar 1930

CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE- CAUCUS NOMINEES FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTY- NAMES TO APPEAR ON THE BALLOTS AT THE ELECTION APRIL 7- ... City of Beaverton- ... Second Ward- Supervisor- Frank Colbeck. ... Billings Township- Supervisor- Stephen Colbeck. Clerk- Grover Babcock. Treasurer- Marshal L. Kent. Highway Commissioner- Robert Trumble. Board of Review- A.B. Miller. .. Justice, two years- Claud F. Kent.

Billings, March 17- .. Walter Martin is driving a model A Ford purchased from Herman Colbeck. .

John Leuenberger's are moving to their new home this week. ..


Gladwin County Record - 27 Mar 1930

Billings, MArch 24- .. The township board met with the clerk at Sterling last Tuesday to settle the year's business. ..

Our school attended the spelling contest at Gladwin last Friday afternoon. Lorraine KEnt won third place in the smaller group. ..

Bill White delivered wood for Claud KEnt and Herman Colbeck last week. ..

Mrs. M.L. Kent spent last Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. John C. Swanton.

Mr. and MRs. Fred Brushaber spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. James Colbeck of Dale. ..


Gladwin County Record - 3 Apr 1930


Billings, March 31- .. Mr. and MRs. Claud Kent and Mr. and MRs. M.L. Kent spent Saturday night with Jim Colbeck's. ..

Mr. and Mrs. Claud Kent and daughter, Lorraine, Mrs. M.L.Kent and son Willard were in Clare Sunday evening. ..


Gladwin County Record - 10 Apr 1930

James Colbeck- James Colbeck was born in Oxford County, Ontario, July 25, 1860 and passed away at his home April 2, 1930. He was second in a family of eleven children. At the age of 22 he with his parents moved from their home in Canada to Billings township. On March 23, 1887 he was united in marriage with Anna VanDegrift. To this union were born three children, one of whom preceeded him in death. He and his family have always lived in Billings except about ten years when they lived in Saginaw.He leaves ... his wife, two children, Milford of Beaverton and Mrs. Jessie Schultz of Saginaw; three brothers, Frank of Beaverton and Hugh and Stephen of Billings and six sisters: Mrs. Alfaretta White, Mrs Mray Swanton, Mrs. Anna Sterling and Mrs Helen Kent all of near Billings, Mrs Martha Gardner of White Pelee, Canada and Mrs. Nina Collins of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The outstanding feature of Jim's life was his open handedness, his kindliness and spirit of happiness ...Funeral services April 6 at Edenville Methodist Episcopal Church, interment in Edenville cemetary.


SPRING ELECTION RESULTS- ... City of Beaverton- .. Second Ward- Supervisor- Frank Colbeck. ... Billings Township- Slip Candidates won in Billings township. For Supervisor the vote stood Frank White, 37; Stephen Colbeck, 35. For Clerk- John Sterling received 43; Grover Babcock 31. For Highway commissioner- Robert Trumble 41; Hugh Colbeck 31. The ticket elected is Supervisor- Frank White. Clerk- John Sterling. Treasurer- Marshal L. Kent. .. Justice, two years- Claud F. Kent. Constables- Alex Ashley, William White and Philander Pary. Overseers- William White, district 1; Bert McCrundel, dist. No. 2; George Jones, district 3. ...


Billings, April 7- .. The many relatives and friends of the late James Colbeck attended the funeral Sunday. We extend much sympathy to the family.

Baby Mary Martin has been on the sick list. ..

Millard Kent repaired his car at the garage Saturday, after an accident of Friday night when he ran into the river gulley over by A. Omarts. ..


Gladwin County Record - 17 Apr 1930

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS- Warranty Deeds- ... State Bank of Beaverton to James Winn and wife, w h of nw q, sec. 21 t 17n, r2w.

.. David L. Fruchy and wife to Herman Colbeck, lot 6 and 7, blk. 1, original plat to Beaverton.

Mary E. Ross to Herman Colbeck, beginning 61 1/2 ft. s of the ne corner of Lot 24, Ross Bros. addition to Beaverton, thence s 40 ft., w 40 ft., n 1 1/2 ft., w 4 ft., n 100 ft., e 22 ft., s 60 ft., e 22 ft., s 1 1/2 ft., e. 40 ft. to place of beginning.

State Bank of Beaverton to Herman I. Colbeck and wife, beginning at a poinxJ 0 ft. w of the ne corner of lot 24, Ross Bros. addition to Beaverton, thence n 60 ft., thence e. 32 ft. to place of beginning. ...

Quit Claim Deeds- .. Frank Colbeck and wife to Theodore Colbeck and wife, e h of nw q and nw q of ne q, all in sec. 27, t17n, r1e.

James Colbeck and wife to Hugh Colbeck, s part of ne q of ne q and n part of se q of ne q, and sw q of ne q, all in sec. 28, t17n, r1e. ..

Billings, April 14- .. The Billings P.T.A. have purchased a piano for the school. ..

Pumpkin Center, April 14- .. Will White to Gladwin Saturday on business. ..

Walter Martin and family spent Sunday at Mrs. I. Trumble's. ..

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colbeck of Beaverton were callers at Enos Crowell's Monday. .

North Billings, April 14- Marion Martin and friend Forrest Gray visited the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irven Martin Sunday.

Aaron Graves to Beaverton last week with veal calves.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenburg and the latter's uncle, Eli Gillian, are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves.

Mrs. Aaron Graves and baby Norman were on the sick list last week but are better.

Roy McCrandell and friends of Flint are visiting relatives here.

William White is buzzing wood at Aaron Graves this week.


Gladwin County Record - 24 APR 1930

North Billings, April 21- Mis Virginia Martin of Flint spent the week end with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Irven Martin attended the wedding of their daughter Marian Saturday evening in Midland at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Frachenberg.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell to Beaverton Saturday. ..

Mrs. Aaron Graves had a pleasant surprise Sunday when her children from Midland and west of Beaverton all came home, the occassion being her 47th birthday. She was presented with a lovely sewing chair and salad bowl.

Mrs. Wm White and daughter Ruthie called on her parents Sunday.

Billings, April 21- .. Stephen White passed away at his home in North Billings Sunday night after a long sickness. He leaves to mourn four sons and one daughter, Frank and William of this place, Arthur of Detroit, and Hugh of Alberta, and Mrs. David Livingston of Amer, Ontario; also many other relatives and friends. ..

UNSINKABLE SHIP TO BE BUILT BY CUNARD LINE- Liverpool- Within a month's time the first step to be taken by Britain to recapture the transAtlantic speed record, which the North German Lloyd liners Bremen and Europa wrested from the Mauretania, will be made here when the Cunard Steamship company places its order for a 70,00-ton ocean greyhound which will not only be the world's fastest and biggest liner, but which will be according to details learned here, unsinkable. The new vessel is expected to make more than 28 knots and will probably be propelled by turbines aggregating 200,000 horsepower. The hull will be divided into water-tight compartments so that the vessel will remain afloat even if extensively damaged below the water line. She will carry 4,300 pasengers and a crew of 700 or a total of 5,000. ...


Gladwin County Record - 1 MAY 1930

STEPHEN WHITE- Stephen White was born in Tara, Ontario September 18, 1850 and died at his home in Billings township April 21 at the age of 79 years, 7 months and 3 days. He was married to Alfaretta Colbeck and moved to Billings 49 years ago.He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Sarah Livingston of Arner, Ontario, 4 sons, 14 grandchildren and relatives and friends. Funeral was held Thursday April 24, conducted by Rev. Hoover, burial in Billings cemetary.

-In Memoriam- Daughter and sister Mary Pearl who passed away five yearsago, May 3. Sadly missed by her parents, sisters and brothers. Mr. and Mrs. James Winn.

=LINDBERGH CROSSES COUNTRY IN 14 HRS.- NOTED FLYER, WITH WIFE AS AID, ESTABLISHES NEW RECORD- ... (Los Angeles, California to Roosevelt field, New York in 14 hours, 45 minutes and 32 seconds) ... and Mrs. Lindbergh shared the honors with her husband, because she did not ride merely as a passenger, but acted as navigator as well, guiding her husband trackless lane by shooting the stars with an aviation sextant. .. Lindbergh was high in his praise of his wife, who, he said, not only did the navigating, but kept the charts and even took the controls at times. ..


North Billings, April 28- aron Graves to Beaverton Friday with veal calves foro William White.

Herman Leuenberger is doing some repairs on his farm buildings here.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves and family and Mr. and Mrs. William Tradenburg spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. James Winn, west of Beaverton.

Farmers are busy getting their oats in.

Billings, April 28- Mr. and Mrs. John Gandy of Estey are helping her father with his farm work for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. James Colbeck and children and Miss Donna Brushaber were in Saginaw Saturday. ..

Claud Kent is working on a Delco installation in Butman township. ..

.. Arthur White of Detroit and Sarah Livingston of Amer, Ontario, were here last week, called by the death of their father, Stephen White. ..


Gladwin County Record - 8 MAY 1930

COUNTY NORMAL CONFERENCE- Mount Pleasant, Mich., May 6- The greatest county normal conference ended at Central State Teachers' college May 2 with 638 students and instructors present representing 30 county normals. .. Those attending from Gladwin were: ... Blanche White, ... Millard Kent, ...

North Billings, May 5- William White, William Fradenberg, Willard and Aaron were fishing Wednesday evening.

William Graves of Saginaw visited Aaron Graves Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs Roy Graves are parents of a baby girl born April 27, named Betty Loraine.

Billings, May 5- ..Elsie White was in Gldwin Saturday having dental work.

.. Hugh Colbeck lost his horse by fire last Monday and only by careful watching and plenty of help, which came at once, the barn and granary were saved.


Gladwin County Record - 16 May 1930

Billings, May 13-..Mr. and mrs. James Colbeck have moved into the Onweller house near Dale.

Mrs. Colbeck with her seventh and eighth graders visited our school Friday.

North Billings, May 12- Robert Martin spent Sunday with Irven Martin.

Aaron Graves is doing much needed work on the roads this week.

Mrs. Bert McCrandell is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenburg and Mr. and Mrs. Forest Grey of Midland spent the week end on the former's place here.

Mrs. Marion Martin spent the week end with her daughter, Mrs. A. Graves.

Visitors at Aaron Graves' Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. James Winn and family, west of Beaverton, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Fradenberg and Mr. and Mrs. Gray of Midland, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martin and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves.


Gladwin County Record - 29 MAY 1930


North Billings, May 26- Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell are the proud parents of a baby girl, born May 20.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Graves spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. William White.

William Tradenberg is building a cabin on his farm.

William White is building some cottages for resorters here.

Visitors at William White's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gilman, Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenberg of Midland, Mrs. W. Inman and family of Hope, James Colbeck, Frank Brushaber and William Tucker.

Billings, May 26- .. Frank White's spent Sunday with John Leuenberger's at Hope. ..


Gladwin County Record - 5 JUN 1930

SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATES- BIG ATTENDANCE IN STATE PARK FOR EXERCISES MEMORIAL DAY- .. The following are the ones pasing the seventh grade: ... Victor Martin, Johnnie McGrath, ... Irene Quillet, ... Lois White, .. The following is theh honor roll for the eighth grade: Frances White, Billings, ... The following is the list of those passing the eighth grade: ... Nellie McCrandell, Billings, ... William Sisco, ... Frances White, Billings, ...

Billings, June 2- ...William White to Elk Lake Sunday.


Gladwin County Record - 12 JUN 1930

Billings, June 9-...Frank White has been sick.

South County Line, June 9- .. Mrs. Earl Colbeck and Mrs. Marguerite Miller of Detroit spent last week at their farm home. ..

SCHOOL DAYS WILL CLOSE- .. COUNTY NORMAL GRADUATES- WILL SPEND THE WEEK END AT MACKINAC- The county normal will graduate 19 students this year, as follows:... Blanche White,... Thursday and Friday of this week will be devoted to an auto trip to Mackinac and the study of historical points of interest. ..

TALKIES AT GLADWIN- THE STAR THEATRE INSTALLING TALKING EQUIPMENT; WILL BE READY JULY 1- The Star Theatre under the Millard management, is preparing to install a talking equipment, and the theatre is being remodeled for that purpose. It is planned to have the equipment in readiness by July 1. The theatre which has always given clean high class entertainments, will now be equipped to show pictures with the added attraction of talking.

FORD BUYS LINCOLN FURNITURE- Springfield, Ill.- Henry Ford, who recently bought the entire courthouse building in LKincoln, Ill., for his historical museum, near Detroit, has made a second foray into central Illinois and bought almost all the original furniture of Abraham Lincoln's Springfield home, the frame house, the "Emancipator", left in 1860 for the White House. The furniture is sound mahogany, upholstered in haircloth. The purchase included a big table, the feature piece of Lincoln's living room, a dozen straight backed chairs, in two sets, a clock, a small book table, two rocking chairs, and part of the furnishing of Lincoln's bedroom, a large mirror and a wash stand.

North Billings, June 9- Roy Graves and wife and baby spent the week end with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Gray, Albert Gray of Midland and Miss Virginia Martin spent Sunday with Irven Martin. ..

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenburg and Eli Gillan of Midland spent Sunday with William White's.

Miss Marion Martin spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. A. Graves.

Robert Martin is very sick.

Little Junior Winn is spending a few days with his grandparents.


Gladwin County Record - 19 JUN 1930

Billings Center, June 16- ...Mr. and Mrs Earl Colbeck of Detroit spent Sunday at their farm here.

OIL LEASES- The following have made leases to the Pure Oil company: ... T17N R1E- Hugh Colbeck, Claud F. Kent and wife, ... M.L. Kent and wife, J. Oliver and wife, Stephen Colbeck and wife, ...


Gladwin County Record - 26 JUN 1930

North Billings, June 23- Mr. and Mrs A. Graves visited their daughter west of Beaverton Sunday.

Little Eunice Winn returned to her home west of Beaverton after a week with her grandparents.

Mrs. Marion Martin spent Sunday with her son, Walter and family. ..

William White to Gladwin Saturday with truck load of cattle for Walter Martin.

Aaron Graves to Beaverton with a veal calf Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenberg spent weekend here with her parents.

Billings, June 23- .. Several from here were at Estey Sunday to attend the ball game, which turned out to be an endurance contest. ..

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller and children of Mount Pleasant spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Kent. Mrs. Kent returned home with them for a few days while the children have their tounsils removed. ..


Gladwin County Record - 3 JUL 1930

North Billings, June 30- Mr. and Mrs. William White to Midland Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martin and children to Blanchard Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Grey of Midland spent the week-end with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irven Martin.

Aaron Graves caught the thief that has been catching his chickens the past two weeks. It was about the "largest owl", Aaron said, "that he ever saw." This owl has caught about 30 young chickens in the past two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Graves and baby Betty of Midland spent weekend at Aaron Graves'.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell to Beaverton Saturday.


Gladwin County Record - 10 JUL 1930

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS- ...Frank J. White and wife to Nelson C. Spiegal and wife se q of nw q sec 22 t17n, r1e



Gladwin County Record - 17 JUL 1930

North Billings, July 14-Irven Martin has been on the sick list the past week.

William Fradenbergs returned home to Midland Wednesday.

Leonard Graves spent weekend in Midland.

Sunday visitors at Aaron Graves' were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith of Beaverton, Mr.and Mrs. James Winn and children, Mr.and Mrs. Wm Fradenberg and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Graves of Midland, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandle.

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Gray of Hope called on her parents Sunday.

Billings Center, July 14- .. Mrs. Anna Sterling entertained the Birthday club last Thursday. Mrs. Guy Dunham and children of Flint, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Sterling and children of Edenville, Rena Drew of Beaverton and Anna Colbeck of Dale also attended. A very good time was enjoyed by all.


North Billings, July 7-Mrs. Aaron Graves and children, Mrs. William Fradenberg, and Mrs Roy Graves called at the home of H. A. Rogers Sunday.

Bessie Graves to Midland Sunday.

William Fradenberg is helping A. Graves in the hay.

Mr. and Mrs. George Winn and children of Detroit and friend, Mr. Cummings, visited relatives here over the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin and family of Flint visited at Aaron Graves' Sunday. Mrs. Marion Martin returned to Flint with them where she will spend a few weeks. ..

Irven Martin to Beaverton with a veal calf Friday.


Gladwin County Record - 24 JULY 1930

Billings Center, July 21- Several from here attended the Anna Colbeck sale Saturday afternoon.

Arlowa Sterling of Flint is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Sterling. ..

Claud Kent's are screening in their porch.

The farmers are busy cutting grain.

North Billings, July 21-Aaron Graves is helping William White in the hay this week.

William White was called Friday to help fight fire near Mt.Pleasant.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell called at Aaron Graves Sunday.

Little Ruth White was taken to Sanford Sunday to Dr. Blakley.

Aaron Graves to Midland Saturday.

Irven Martin to Rhodes Thursday with a load of wood.

Weekend visitors at Aaron Graves were Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Graves and baby Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gilman and little son Gerald of Midland.


Gladwin County Record - 31 JUL 1930

Billings, July 28- ...Mrs. Minnie Brushaber spent Sunday with James Colbecks.

South County Line, July 28- .. Mrs. Goldie Colbeck and Elaine visited her parents last week. ..


Gladwin County Record - 7 Aug 1930

TALKIES THAT TALK- STAR THEATRE- Aug. 9-10- "Street of Chance" with Greta Garbo. Comedy "His Baby Daze", Paramount sound news. Aug. 13-14- "The Girl Said No" with William Haines. comedy, "Hell's Bells". Aug. 16-17- "Murder on theh Roof" with Dorothy Revier. Comedy and news. Aug. 20-21- "Tree and Easy" with Buster Keaton. Comedy, "Station Bunk". Aug. 23-24- "The Light of Western Stars", Zane Grey story of the west, also comedy and news. Short screen all talking novelties are on all programs. Two performances each night, &:30 and 9:15. Bay City shows at popular prices.

North Billings, Aug. 4- Virginia Martin of Detroit is spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irven Martin.

Bessie Graves is spending a wek with her sisters and brother in Midland.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves called on Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Grey of Hope spent the week-end with her parents.

Irven Martin, Forest Grey and Frank Arnold went north blackberrying, but reported berries not ripe yet.

Aaron Graves' were pleasantly surprised Sunday when a party of old friends and neighbors of Davison called on them.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenburg and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Graves and baby Betty spent the week-end at Aaron Graves.


Gladwin County Record - 14 AUG 1930

=Forest Fires Fiercely Burn- Many Acres Burned Over in Gladwin County- Woods Patrolled and Fires Fought to Keep From Spreading- ...40 acres on section 3 in Billings. ...(more than 50,000 acres statewide, high temperature most of the month.)=

Billings, Aug. 21- ... Millard Kent has finished the six weeks summer term of school at Mount Pleasant and is at home until Sept. 1, when he will begin his school at district No. 2, Billings. ...

Frank White and family were on a trip to the upper peninsula last week.

Mrs. M.L. Kent called on John C. Swanton's Sunday.

North Billings, Aug. 11- Mr. Mrs. Irven Martin are proud parents of a baby boy Aug 7.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell to Beaverton Saturday .

Mr. and Mrs. Foust Gray are spending a week with the latter's parents.


Gladwin County Record - 21 AUG 1930

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS- Warranty Deeds-...Anna C. Colbeck to Albert Peterson and wife, ne q of ne q, sec 22, and lot 1 of sec 22 t 17 n, r 1 w.

FEW FIRES BURNING IN GLADWIN COUNTY- CHANGE IN ATMOSPHERE CAUSES REDUCTION IN FIRES IN THIS DISTRICT- .. Fires around Estey have been very bad... Telephone call from Harris Willette at headquarters reported about 25 acres on fire on section 26, Grim township. About 25 men wereworking under charge of Stephen Colbeck. No plows or tools were available, as all were in use. ..

=Bids for completion of M-30 received last Tuesday. Surveying of M-30 and M-18 for gravelling to begin.=

North Billings, Aug. 18- Mrs. Irven Martin is gaining very slowly.

Mr. and Mrs. William White called at Aaron Graves Thursday evening.

Mrs Marion Martin spent a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Bert McCrandle, last week.

Mrs. Norman Martin and daughters Lucille and Mary, of Flint, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell.

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Grey of Hope have returned to their home after spending a week with her mother here. ..

South County Line, Aug. 18- .. Mrs. Earl Colbeck of Detroit is visiting her mother and other relatives and friends. ..


Gladwin County Record - 28 AUG 1930

=(an item told of a 40 mile Pure Oil pipe line from the Midland Isabella field to the Bay City water front completed.)=

Billings, Aug. 24- Frank and William White and Mrs. M.L. Kent went to Canada Saturday to visit relatives.

Threshers have finished their work in neighborhood.

Donna and Ida Brushaber, Elsie White, Edna and Hazel Colbeck are camping out with the Girl Scouts near Houghton Lake.

Lorraine Kent and Eleanor Miller had their tounsils removed at the Seaton Northway clinic at Gladwin last Thursday. They are getting along nicely.

Earl Colbecks of Detroit spent over Sunday at their farm.

School will begin next week with Mrs. Geer at the desk.

Rhodes, Aug. 18- .. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Graves were Gladwin callers one day last week.

Several fires are reported around Rhodes. As yet no serious damage has been done.


Gladwin County Record - 4 SEP 1930

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS- WARRANTY DEEDS- ...Herman I. Colbeck and wife to State Bank of Beaverton lots 6 and 7, block 1, original plat of city of Beaverton.

North Billings, Sept. 1- Irven Martin and Forest Grey were north of Gladwin Sunday.

... Mr. and Mrs. William White and children spent Sunday evening at Aaron Graves'.

Mrs. Irven Martin is not able to be out yet. ..

Our school began this morning with Millard Kent as teacher.

POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT- FOR SHERIFF, FRANK WHITE- I wish to announce that I shall be a candidate for the office of sheriff on the republican ticket at the September primaries. Although I may be unable to see all of you, your support will be appreciated. Frank White.

Billings, Sept. 1- ..Mrs. M.L. Kent, Frank and Wm White returned from their visit to Canada last Tuesday.


Gladwin County Record - 11 Sep 1930


South County Line, Sept. 8- .. Earl Colbeck of Detroit has a tumor on his elbow and is in very bad physical condition. It may be necessary to amputate the arm.

.. So long- See you at the fair.

Billings, Sept. 8- Mr. and Mrs. Claud Kent and daughter Lorraine and Mrs. M.L. Kent spent Sunday in Hemlock with Lloyd Erskine's. ..


Gladwin County Record - 18 Sep 1930

North Billings, Sept. 15- Mr. and Mrs. Irven Martin and family spent Sunday with daughter in Hope. ..

Nellie McCrandell has gone to Flint to stay with her grandmother, where she will attend high school the coming year.

Several from here attended the fair at Gladwin Thursday.

Sunday callers at Aaron Graves' were Mrs. Albert Smith and sister, Mrs.

Horace Rex of Beaverton and Mr. and Mrs. James Winn and family west of Beaverton.

Billings Center, Sept. 15- .. Millard Kent has purchased a Chevrolet coupe from Herman Colbeck.

Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Kent, Mrs. Claud Kent and daughter Lorraine and Miss E. Fern Barden spent Saturday in Mount Pleasant with Fred Woodby's and Ralph Miller's. ..


Gladwin County Record - 25 SEP 1930

MRS. WILLIAM GRAVES- Mrs. William Graves died Sept. 17, 1930, at her home in Butman township, of heart trouble, after an illness of only a few days. Mrs. Graves was born Sept. 17, 1930, in New York State and was aged 67 years, 7 months and 26 days, and has been a resident of Butman township 24 years. She is survived by her husband and one son, Floyd of Flint. Funeral services were held at Butman Latter Day Saints Church Sunday, Sept. 21, at 10 a.m., followed by burial at the Butman Cemetery.=(obviously the newspaper mistyped Mrs. Graves birth year, which probably should have read as 1863. )

CANVASS OF VOTES CAST AT GENERAL PRIMARY ELECTION HELD IN GLADWIN COUNTY, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1930- ... COUNTY- ... Sherif- D.M. Paxton .. 1371; Frank White .. 746; Gordon M. Smith ..258; ... County Road Commissioner- O.H. Babcock .. 564; John Sterling.. 308; George Schneider .. 249; David Mote .. 517; Walter C. Walker .. 554; ...


Gladwin County Record - 2 Oct 1930

North Billings, Sept. 29- William White to Gladwin Saturday with lambs for Jay Oliver.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Winn, Mr. and Mrs. William and Mr. Mrs John Fradenburg of Midland spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Graves.

Mrs. A. Graves and Mrs. William White called on Mr. Mrs. H. Rogers Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Irven Martin to Rhodes Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Winn called on her parents Sunday evening.

Billings, Sept. 23- The river is noisy with duck hunters. Ducks seem to be a scarce article this year.

Blades are threshing clover seed and beans in the neighborhood.

Clerk Sterling to Lansing Monday with the ballot box for recount.

Claud Kent had a crew of men moving the telephone line on the Meridian Road last week.


Gladwin County Record - 9 OCT 1930

Billings Center, Oct. 6- Mrs. Anna Colbeck spent last week here visiting relatives.

Theodore Colbecks of Saginaw were here Sunday.

North Billings, Oct. 6- Will White is putting a basement under his house.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves spent Saturday with their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. James Winn Jr.

Mrs. John Martin spent few days with her daughter Mrs. Bert McCrandell.

Nellie McCrandell of Flint spent weekend with her parents.

Mrs. William White and daughter Ruth spent Sunday with her mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Irven MArtin visited in Hope Sunday with their daughter Marion.

STAR THEATRE- .. Oct. 8-9 "The Sea God", also comedy. Oct. 11-12, "Sins of the Children". Theme: A German emigrant sacrifices everything for his children and is saved by one of them; also comedy and news. Oct. 15-16, "Unholy Three" with Lon Chaney. Theme: Three crooks led by a ventriloquist. Krazy Kat comedy. Oct. 18-19, "Paramount on Parade". Theme: This picture is described as a talking, singing and dancing festival of the stars. News reel. Oct. 22-23, "The Big Pond"; Krazy Kat comedy. There will be given out to all who attend this show Fleer Dubble Bubble gilders and folders. Short screen all talking novelties are on all programs. Two performances each night, 7:30 and 9:15. Big City shows at popular prices.


Gladwin County Record - 16 Oct 1930

=(an item mentioned that Gladwin train service was reduced largely to cars and trucks and better roads.)=

THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS- MEET IN ANNUAL SESSION WITH ALL MEMBERS PRESENT- .. Members of the Board and Postoffice addresses- ... Billings- Frank White, Billings, Mich., ... City of Beaverton- ... Second Ward- Frank Colbeck, Beaverton, Mich., ...

Billings Center, Oct. 13- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brushaber and sons and Mr. and Mrs. Martin of Flint spent Saturday night and Sunday with William Brushaber's. ..

Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Kent and Mr. and Mrs. Claud Kent and daughter Lorraine spent Sunday in Mount Pleasant with relatives. ..

Claud Kent's have purchased an electric washing machine.

John Sterling purchased a cow at the Whitney sale last week.


Gladwin County Record - 30 Oct 1930

Billings Center, Oct. 27- ...Theodore Colbeck of Saginaw was here Sunday re-roofing his house.

Claud Kent will give a dance here at the hall Saturday November 1. Good music and order are assured. You are welcome. Come.

North Billings, Oct. 27- Irven Martin is building a barn on his farm.

Roy Graves and friends of Saginaw spent Sunday at Aaron Graves hunting.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Graves and children called at James Winn's, Jr., Sunday afternoon.

William White is busy hauling sugar beets.


Gladwin County Record - 13 Nov 1930

Extension programs from station WKAR, Michigan State College, to include morning and afternoon of interest to both farmers and city dwellers... ...operates on frequency 1040 Kcycles.


Gladwin County Record - 27 Nov 1930

Billings Center, Nov. 24- ... Frank White while deer hunting was taken with attack of appendicitis and had to be brought home. He is better at this time.


Gladwin County Record - 11 Dec 1930

Billings-...Jim Colbeck and Lynn Brushaber have returned to work at the Chevrolet shops at Flint.



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