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Gladwin County Record - 10 Jan 1929

Beaverton- ... Mr. and Mrs. Earl Colbeck have returned to their home in Detroit after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colbeck. ..

Billings, Jan. 7- Kenneth Sterling has purchased a new Atwater Kent radio. ..

Mrs. M.L. Kent and son Millard were in Mount Pleasant Friday to consult with an eye specialist there. ..

Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Kent spent last Tuesday at Hemlock with their daughter Nina and family.

Little Ruth White has recovered from an attack of flu and bronchial pneumonia. ..

John Sterling has installed drinking fountains in his cow barn, making his dairy farm the most modern in our vicinity. ..


Gladwin County Record - 17 Jan 1929




FIFTEEN DOGS SHIPPED TO BYRD- Vancouver, B.C.- Fifteen husky dogs are on their way from the Pacific Northwest to the frozen Antartic to join Commander Richard E. Byrd's expedition. They are aboard the liner Niagra, sailing from Vancouver for Australia.

Billings Center, Jan. 14- The weatherman is very changeable. The zero weather we are having now is very hard on wood piles and coal bins.

Several cases of the flu around here.

Nearly everyone from around here attended the mid-winter fair at Beaverton last week. Several brought home prizes from exhibits.

John Leuenberger did some much needed repair work at the schoolhouse over the week end. ..

The Beaverton program from station WBCM, Bay City, was received very clearly by radio fans from here. We hope to hear them again soon.

Claud Kent was in Flint last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Munger spent Saturday night at Fred Woodby's. ..



Beaverton- Herman Colbeck is sick in the Saginaw hospital. ...


Gladwin County Record - 24 Jan 1929



Gladwin County Record - 31 Jan 1929

Billings, Jan. 21- ... Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Colbeck of Saginaw spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and MRs. Robert Cochran. ..

John Leuenberger buzzedwood for William Brushaber last Friday. ..

Bill White's spent Sunday with Aaron Graves' of North Billings.

Claud Kent repaired a radio for George Burr last week.

Jan. 28- Aaron Graves and Irven Martin are halling hay from the Sylvester Nelson place across the river.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenburg spent Sunday with her mother.

Marion Martin of Midland spent Sunday with her parents.

Bessie and Leonard Graves spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs. William White.

North Billings, Jan. 21- Irven Martin is slowly recovering from the flu.

Mr. and Mrs. William White and children spent Sunday with her parents.

Mrs. Florence Gilman has returned to her home in Midland after caring fro her mother, who was sick with the flu.

Roy Graves spent Sunday with his parents.

Robert Trumble, Sylvester Nelson, Walter and Robert Martin and Aaron Graves hauled wood for Irven Martin, Thursday.

Mrs. Marion Martin spent Saturday with her son, Irven.

Mrs. Eva Martin and sons, Robert and Earl, went to Beaverton Thursday.

Bert McCrandell's family are all sick with the flu.

Billings Center- Jan. 28- . William White and Lynn Brushaber were home from Flint over Sunday.

Claud Kent was in Gladwin Thursday on business.

Frank Lockp d spent Sunday with Claud Kent's.

Several ladies from here attended the Aid at Mrs. Beardsley's at Beaverton Wednesday, and also at Mrs. Alva Quillet's on Thursday.

The birthday club will met with Mrs. M.L. Kent on Tuesday January 29, providing the weather man doesn't say no. ..

M.L. Kent's are having an auction sale of all equipment and stock at the store. Look for date and bill elsewhere in this paper.

PUBLIC SALE- Going out of the Mercantile business, I will offer foro sale at your price the entire stock known as M.L. Kent store, Billings, Michigan Monday, February 11, '29 commencing at 10 o'clock, a.m.:Heavy Underwear- 40 pieces ladies ass't. sizes, 50 pieces boys and girls ass't sizes, 4 pieces men's ass't sizes.Light Underwear- 34 pieces ladies ass't sizes, 7 pieces boys and girls ass't sizes, 27 pieces men's ass't sizes, 30 boys ass't sizes. 18 men's shirts. 6 pair men's (combat keds) shoes. 10 pair men's dleather shoes. 3 pair men's suspenders. 26 pair children's stockings. 12 pair boys and girls stockings. 7 pair Misses stockings. 9 pair ladies stockings. 6 pair men's socks. 1 ass't buttons, Black, white, fancy. 46 pieces salt and pepper shakers . 6 yards towling. 58 ladies hair nets (ass't color). 46 pair shoe laces. 100 yards lace. 500 yards embroidery. 6 children's sweaters. 9 boxes writing paper. 12 boxes shaving soap. 12 picture books. 1 ass't crochet cotton. 60 strand embroidery fl(China). 30 yards dress braid. 14 pieces glass dishes,3 children's wool muff sets. 30 mens neckties. 2 pair felt slippers. Dr. Leger's Remedies- 18 pkgs poultry prescription. 10 pkgs worm powder. 5 gal. fly chaser. 4 cans sheep dip. 10 bottles colic remedy. 9 bottles kedal. 24 cans lice killer. 24 lbs. cup grease. 14 lantern globes. 22 pkgs. shoe polish. 90 bottles cough medicine. 12 tubes Manzon (Pile remedy). 100 pkgs pills Cold, kidney, liver. 1 pkgs salt petre. 3 pkgs sulpher. 36 pkgs cold tablets. 30 bottles extracts. 100 pkgs spices. 10 lbs. Mustard sed. 17 lbs fParis green. Ass't sizes. 12 lbs. coffee. 9 cans malt. 1 lot tobacco. 1 lot candy. 3 lanterns. 120 cans K.C. baking powder. Fresh. 1 lot tea. 6 lengths stove pipe. 1 lot thread. 6 broms. 20 egg cases (good). 24 school tablets. 48 lead pencils. 1 asst pen points. 5 doz. pint Mason jars. 17 doz. can rubbers. 1 asst can wrenches. 24 saucers. 25 lbs. bottle caps. 40 lbs. shingle nails. 1 8-day clock. 1 kerosene oil tank. Automatic. 120 gallons. 1 gasoline pump. 1 gallon measure. 1 refrigerator (store size). 1 cash register and adding machine. 1 coffee grinder. 1 set scales (computing Springless). 1 set platform scales. 1 lot Show cases. Heating stove. Delcol lighting plant (750 watt).Terms of Sale- $10.00 and under, cash. On sums over $10.00 a credit of 90 days will be given on good approved bankable notes bearing 7 per cent interest from date of sale. Payable at the state bank of Beaverton. No goods are to be removed until satisfactory settlement is made with the clerk. A discount of 5 per cent will be given on sums over $10.00 is paid in cash at sale. M.L. Kent.V.C. Doane, Auctioneer. State Bank of Beaverton, Clerk.


Gladwin County Record - 7 Feb 1929

Mrs. Maria Ann Collins died Beb. 1, 1929 at Flint, after an illnes of a year. Maria Ann Sisco was born February 24, 1855 in Oxford county, Ontario. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sisco, and was aged 73 years, 11 months and 8 days. She was married July 2, 1874 to Frank Collins, who preceeded her in death nine years ago. The last forty years of her life she resided in Gladwin with the exception of ten years spent at Mishawaka, Ind., and Flint, Michigan. She is survived by one son and three daughters, Ernest Collins, and Mrs. Lola E. Reinhardt of Flint, Mrs. Ada L. Humason of Gladwin and Mrs. Eva J. Morris of Kalamazo, one brother, Fred Sisco of Gladwin, two grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. The body was brought to Gladwin Sunday and funeral services were held from the Methodist church in the afternoon at 1:30 o'clock with Rev. L.M. Whitney officiating. ... Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Wagar and Miss Lucille Sisco of Saginaw, Mrs. and Mrs. Ernest Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Morley Reinhardt, Mrs. J.E. Reinhardt of Flint and Mrs. Eva J. Morriq f Kalamazoo and Miss Helen Sisco of Saginaw were here to attend the funeral.

Billings, Feb. 4- Claud Kent overhauled a car for Fred Woodby Saturday and Sunday.

Several are getting up their summer supply of ice. ..

North Billings, Feb. 4- rven Martin and Aaron Graves to Rhodes Monday.

Bessie and Leonard Graves spent Sunday with Johnnie and Margaret McGrath.

Mrs. J.D. Martin spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Bert McCrandell.

Irven Martin purchased a team of W.S. Varty at Rhodes, We esday.

Pumpkin Center, Feb. 4- .. Robert MArtin received a bad cut on the knee last week and he had to have three stitches taken on it. ..

Nearly everyone around here has leased their farms for oil and gas. Now we should organize an oil club anf hurry the wells up. ..

W. Martin took R. Martin to the doctor Saturday, to get his wound dresed.


Gladwin County Record - 14 Feb 1929

Port Huron- First Work on the Port Huron-Sarnia international bridge will begin within two weeks, according to a statement made here by Maynard D. Smith, promoter of the span. Soundings and boring will be taken within the time preliminary to planning the main piers, Smith said. Options are being taken on real estate required for the approach and the piers and cg ies of detailed plans for the bridge are on their way to Washington and Ottawa for formal aproval by both governments.

Pumpkin Center, Feb. 11- Everybody is busy getting in wood off the ice.

Irvin Martin brought his team home Monday, that he purchased from W.S. Varty of Rhodes.

Steven White is out around again, after having the flu.

Well, Mr. Foster, we are glad that nothing very serious happened, but you people weren't the only ones to know what a ditch looks like this winter. Come down M-30 and count the tracks in the ditches. ..

Mrs. J.Leuenberger of East Billings called on Mrs. F. White Friday. ..

Mr. and MRs. Walter martin and family called on the latter's mother Saturday. Miss MArgaret stayed over the week end. ..

North Billings, Feb. 11- Mr. and Mrs. William White called on the latter's parents Sunday. ..

Mrs. J. Martin is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Bert McCrandell.

Roy Graves spent Sunday with his parents.


Gladwin County Record - 21 Feb 1929

Petit Jury For March- ... Clark Sisco, Gladwin city, 3rd ward. .. Herman Colbeck, Beaverton city, 1st ward, ... Hugh Colbeck, Billings. ..

Coyotes Reported In Clare County- Owner of Van Horn Sheep Ranch Reports Loss of 32 Lambs This Winter- ...


Beaverton- ... Herman Colbeck is in the Saginaw General hospital, where he underwent an operation for mastoids, the latter part of the week. ..

Billings, Feb. 11- ... Mrs. Frank White returned from her visit in Flint last Saturday. ..

James Secor of Auburn, spent Saturday with John and Wm. Leuenberger. ..

M.L. Kent and Frank Lockwood have their ice houses filled. ..

Mrs. M.L. Kent and Mrs. Claud Kent and daughter Loraine, spent the week end at Hemlock with Lloyd Erskines. ...

Eugene Wilder of Flint spent last week here with relatives.

Mrs. M.L. Kent was in Gladwin Saturday for medical treatment.

John Leuenberger has been buzzing wood for George Burr the past week.



Gladwin County Record - 28 Feb 1929

Beaverton- ... Herman Colbeck returned from Saginaw General hospital Sunday after undergoing a mastoid operation. ..

Bilings, Feb. 25- Mis Myrtle Colbeck of Flint is visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Leuenberger of Edenville, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kruger of Estey and Chris Leuenberger, spent Sunday with John Leuenberger's. ..

North Billings, Feb. 18- Aaron Graves and Irvin Martin to Beaverton Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenburg and Mr. and Mrs. David Gilman spent the week end with the latters' parents.

Roy Graves has gone to Midland.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCrandell to Beaverton Saturday.

Marion Martin of Midland spent the week end with her parents.

north Bilings- We certainly appreciate having our roads plowed so that we can se the mail carrier again.

Irvin Martin to Rhodes Friday.

Robert Trumble, Walter Martin and Hugh Martin have been busy cleaning t the roads.

Mrs. Marvin Martin is spending a few days with her son, Walter and family.

Bert McCrandell to Beaverton Saturday.

Callers at Aaron Graves' Sunday Mr. and Mrs. William Fradenburg of Midland and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martin and family.


Gladwin County Record - 7 Nov 1929

Rhodes, Nov. 4- .. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Graves and children were Sunday guests of relatives at Beaverton. ..

Billings, Nov. 4- Mr. and Mrs. James Colbeck and daughter Ilene and Lynn Brushaber are home from Flint on account of the lay off at the Chevrolet.

Frank Brushaber has rented the Jim Colbeck place, better known as the Onweller farm, but wil not move there until spring.

A miscellaneous shower was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Brushaber last Thursday evening for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brushaber. Many beautiful gifts were received. ..

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Erskine and children and Welby Erskine of Hemlock spent Sunday here. Lloyd is driving a new Ford sedan.

Ralph Miller's were home from Mount Pleasant over Sunday.

Arthur White has returned to Detroit after spending a week here hunting and fishing. ..

John Sterling's visited relatives in Flint a couple of weeks ago.

100 LIVES LOST IN 4 LAKE SHIPWRECKS- DISASTERS IN 52 DAYS SET RECORD FOR MICHIGAN- ... The ships, lives lost, and dates of the catastrophes are: Sept. 9- Gravel Freighter Andaste- 25. Oct. 22 Car Ferry Milwaukee- 52. Oct. 29- . Oct. 31- Freighter Senator- 7. ...Steamer Wisconsin- 16

MADAME CURIE IS GIVEN $50,000 TO BUY RADIUM- Washington- In the presence of high administration officials, a distinguished group of scientists and leading officials of the diplomatic corps, Madame Curie, co-discoverer of radium, accepted from the hands of President Hoover a gift of $50,000 with which to purchase a gram of the costly mineral she helped give to the world.

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