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Gladwin County Record - 4 Jan 1912

Marriage Licenses- .. John McCrandall, 21, and Goldie Martin, 17,

Billings township secured the last license, no. 71, of 1911 from the county clerk.


Gladwin County Record - 18 Jan 1912

Local News- .. M. L. Kent of Billings was in the city Monday.



Gladwin County Record - 1 Feb 1912

Arbutus- .. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Oliver went to Yale Saturday to visit with relatives.

Hazel Smith and Fern Oliver called on Mrs. John Oliver Saturday.



Gladwin County Record - 8 Feb 1912

Billings, Feb. 6- .. Aaron Graves is moving to Davison today.

Mrs. John McCrandle who has been ill is again able to be about

Bert McCrandlel is very sick and Dr. Pierce is in attendance. It is thought he has appendicitis.

The store owned and operated by Mrs. Woodruff has been bought by a stock company and will be run as usual with Byron Waterman as clerk. Mr. Woodruff has about sold his farm and is moving away.

Ervin Martin is moving into Aarom Graves' house and will work his farm this summer.

Edenville, Feb. 5- .. The cause of the wind blowing up the river the other night was that Mr. Wixom had arrived in Sanford and now the dam fever is raging in our city once more.


Gladwin County Record - 15 Feb 1912

The Farmers' Institute- ..officers elected included Frank Colbeck of Billings.


Gladwin County Record - 29 Feb 1912

Italians Shell Beirut- Several Turkish Boats Sink Under Fierce Fire- ..


Gladwin County Record - 7 March 1912

Wedding Bells- Sisco-Wagar- The marriage of Miss Genevieve Sisco, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel A. Sisco, to Edgerton Wilmer Wagar, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Wagar was solemnized at LeRoy January 19 by Rev. J. H. Nichols, formerly pastor of the Gladwin M.E. church. Mr. and Mrs. Wagar will be at home at Saginaw after March 15.


Gladwin County Record - 14 March 1912

Billings, March 11- .. John McCrandall has bought a fine team of horses.

Irvin Martin had the misfortune to lose a cow a few days ago.

Edenville, March 11- .. Mis Eva Kent of Billings visited at the home of Mrs. F. Murphy Sunday.

North Billings, March 4- .. Ervin Martin has moved on his farm east of the Garish dam and James Winn from Ohio has moved on Aaron Graves' farm for a year or until he can get his house built on his farm on section 34 in Hay township.

Ervin Martin had the misfortune to lose a cow and a sheep last week, owing to the blizzard Monday.


Gladwin County Record - 21 March 1912

Real Estate Transfers- .. Floyd B. Swanton to Grace Harbor Lumber Co.,, nw q of ne q, sec 1, t 18 n r 2 e, $18.06.


Anarchist Shoots at King of Italy- ..

Billings, March 18- .. Milford Colbeck is home from Flint for a few days.

M.L. Kent was in Gladwin on business last week and got caught in the blizzard. He returned Friday evening.


Gladwin County Record - 28 March 1912

Up For Office- ... Billings township. Republican ticket- Supervisor, Frank White. Commissioner, John Sterling. Justice, James Colbeck. ...Township ticket- ... Treasurer, M. L. Kent. ... Overseer, Hugh Colbeck. ... Constables, Ray Martin, John McCrandall. ...

Billings- statement of township expenses has many listings of family relations, see photocopy insert.


Gladwin County Record - 4 April 1912

Highwood, April 2- .. Frank Colbeck ... in town on Saturday.


Gladwin County Record - 11 April 1912

Delayed Reports- And A Few Paragraphs Relating to Election- ... Billings Township- Supervisor- Albertus C. Clark 39, Frank White 31; ... Treasurer- Marshall L. Kent 46; Overseer, Hugh Colbeck, 47; Commissioner- John Rose 47, John Sterling 22; Justice- Byron Waterman 36, James Colbeck 31; ... Constables- ...Ray Martin 40; ...

30,000 Homeless By Floods In South- The Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers Go On Rampage and Burst Levees- Los is Between Ten And Twenty Millions- Many Refugees Near Starvation; Col. Townsend, of Detroit, Head of Commission, Predicts Most Serious Situation- Flood Conditions Growing Worse- this article also told of the Tennessee and Arkansas Rivers flooding, worst damage occurring in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky; with Louisiana coming imminently to danger next.

Edenville, April 8- .. Oh, those dam men again! Mr. Wixom and two other gentlemen have put in an appearance in our little burg looking up the site for the proposed dam which they now promise to begin building at once. ...

Dale, April 4- The stone are drawn for an M.E. church. Work wil begin on it as soon as possible. It is to be built just across the road from the cemetery. ...


Gladwin County Record - 18 April 1912

1342 Perish At Sea- The loss of the Titanic, which foundered early Monday morning off the Great Banks of Newfoundland is the greatest disaster in history. The loss of life is placed at 1342 and the survivors at 868. Among those who perished are many famous and wealthy people.

Receiver For The Pere Marquette- Road Is Thrown Into Bankruptcy After Conference in Detroit- Commission Refuses To Allow Bond Issue- All Property and Connections of the System Are to Be Operated as a Unit to Protect Future of Road- The state railroad commission refused the railroad in its request to issue a bond to cover its debt then the Federal court ordered all lines, hotels, lake steamers, car ferries, andn other properties to be operated by American Brake Shoe and Foundry Co., and Union Trust of Detroit.


Gladwin County Record - 25 April 1912

New Passenger Station At Gladwin- the state railroad commission ordered the Michigan Central Railway to build the new depot.....full page article with pictures and stories of the Titanic's survivors appeared.


Gladwin County Record - 2 May 1912

170,000 Miners Return to Work- Miners and Operators Settle Difference Between Union and Employers- ...

Billings, April 23- Some warm weather would be welcomed by the farmers in this neck of the woods.

The Billings grange gave a dance Friday night.

James Colbeck is building an addition to his barn.


Gladwin County Record - 9 May 1912

Aid By State For Roads- Gladwin County and Townships of County Should Participate- ...


Gladwin County Record - 16 May 1912

Good News For Veterans- President Taft Signs Increased Pension Bill Passed By Congress- this bill was to benefit persons honorably discharged age 62 or older having served in the Civil War at least 90 days at $13. per month; at least 6 months service at $13.50 per month; at least one year service at $14. per month; at least 1 1/2 years service at $14.50 per month; at least two years service at $15. per month; at least 2 1/2 years service at $15.50 per month; and for 3 years or more service at $16. per month. If age 66 or more, an additional $2. to $3. per month. If wounded in line of duty or from disease or accident received during military duty to receive a maximum benefit of $30. per month if unable to perform manual labor.

Flood Sweps Over South Sugar Lands- Situation Around New Orleans Worst Since Waters Began Rising- Loss May Reach $100,000,000 In South- the Mississippi River had swept out 1400 feet of levee at Torras, widening the hole in the levee later to 3000 feet, releasing a wall of water 8 to 10 feet high and 1/2 mile wide, flooding Baton Rouge. A general exodus was in progress of the New Orleans district.

Real Estate Transfers- .. William Sidom and wf., Seattle, Wash. to Alfaretta White, Billings, wty., ne q of ne q, sec 21, t 17 n r 1 e, $325.

Billings, May 13- ... Harley Quellet was the first to plant corn in this vicinity.


Gladwin County Record - 23 May 1912

Much High Water- Heavy Rains Cause Streams in County to Overflow- Trains Hung Up- Travel Impeded- Bridges and Culverts Out- Heavy rains commencing Saturday and continuing four days caused rivers and small streams to overflow, and much damage resulting therefrom throughout the county, and in Midland and Saginaw counties, ... Owing to a washout on the railroad at Winegar the Gladwin train was unable to make a trip Tuesday. ... The track was put in shape so train service was resumed yesterday. ...

Real Estate Transfers- .. Enoch H. Glidden and wf., Gladwin, to Henry Ortner, Reese, Tuscola co., wty., sw fr q and s h of ne q, sec 21, t 17 n r 1 e, $2160.

John S. McCracken and wf., Gladwin, to Henry Ortner, Reese, wty., n h of se q, sec 21, and n 30 A of ne q of ne q, sec 28, t 17 n r 1 e, $800.


Gladwin County Record - 30 May 1912

Waters Are Receding- Highest Ever, Reports From Many Localities- ... Bridges in all parts of the county were badly damaged by recent floods. At Beaverton the water was higher than ever before in recollection of oldest settler. Water flowed over the county road and washed out the fill at the east end. The light plant was flooded and much damage done. ... In Midland the water was two feet higher than in 1876. Pere Marquette tracks were covered with water between the upper and lower bridges, and train service was not attempted beyond Midland. At Sanford three hundred feet of track was washed out. ...All railroads out of Saginaw report much trouble and many washouts. ...


Bomanville, May 20- .. Mrs. Swanton and son Sydney and Miss Idabel Fournier visited the former's sister, Mrs. Andy Taylor at Elm Grove over Sunday.

North Billings, May 20- .. School in district no. 2 closed last Friday.

Miss Mabel Martin and Miss Ethel Rose to Beaverton last week to write at the eighth grade examination.

Walter Martin and Hiram Hamer went to the U.P. last week to work in the woods.


Gladwin County Record - 6 June 1912

Deaf School at Flint Burns- The 250 Inmates Were Rescued From Sleep and All Were Saved- Fire believed to have started from a bolt of lightning, destroyed all of the buildings of the Michigan School for the Deaf in Flint. ...

North Billings, June 4- .. A large black bear created quite an excitement in the Knox settlement one day last week. After giving the people a long chase Bruin decided that discretion was the better part of valor and departed for parts unknown, last being seen going toward the Tittabawassee river.

James Winn is doing carpentry work for William Brushaber in Billings.


Gladwin County Record - 13 June 1912

Local News- .. Frank J. Wixom of Sanford and E.C. Nolan of Edenville have been in this vicinity of late securing flowage rights on the Tittabawassee.

Arbutus, June 10- .. Hugh Oliver has had lightning rods put on his buildings.

Mrs. Hugh Oliver is at Beaverton caring for her daughter Verna who is very ill.


Gladwin County Record - 20 June 1912

Billings, June 15- .. The beautiful weather of the past week was much enjoyed by everyone, especially the farmers.

Mrs. Sarah Livingston of Pelee Point, Canada, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. White, returned home last Friday.


Gladwin County Record - 27 June 1912

Bomanville, June 22- S.A. Swanto to Gladwin Mondas. ...

Arbutus, June 24- .. Miss Juna Oliver and Mrs. Berna Morris visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Oliver, Sunday...

Billings Grange, June 29- Square thyself for use, a stone that may fit in theh wall is not left by the way. Song. Reading- Then and Now. General discussion- Parcels post. Music by Grange kitchen orchestra. Recitation- Mrs. S. Colbeck. Song. Reading- Does it require more brains to earn a dollar than to save it? Song. Peanuts and candy will be served for refreshments. Lecturer.


Gladwin County Record - 4 July 1912

Big Project- Work on Dam on the Cedar Is Being Pushed- Large Crew on the Job- Few of our citizens are aware of the magnitude of theh enterprise of C.W. Kuehl and associates who are building theh dam on the Cedar, a few miles northeast of Gladwin, to obtain electric power. ... The water is being diverted from a point near the old Chapple dam to a channel, meandering south of the river...

Billings, June 30- .. Mr. Horton of Billings has been drilling several wells for Frank White, Tom Ockerman, James Colbeck, E.A. Barden, A.G. Onweller and Tom Snyder....

A Celebration will be held at the Garrish dam in Billings, July 4, Sports of all kinds. Everyone welcome. Bring your own refreshments.


Gladwin County Record - 11 July 1912

Taft and Sherman- "In renominating Taft and Sherman the Republican party has put forward the strongest names it could offer for the ticket", says the Detroit Free Press. ...

A Third Party- Theodore Roosevelt is no longer a Republican. He has bolted his party, the party that has honored him as no other living Republican has been honored. He bolts because his party failed to concede him a third term in the presidential chair, although he alleges as a reason for his bolt that the nomination of Mr. Taft was brought about by unfair methods...

Wilson and Marshall- The Great Battle Ended in an uproar and theh Tired Delegates Sighed With Relief From the Strain- Baltimore, July 3- 2:30 a.m.- For President,Governor Woodrow Wilson, of New Jersey. For Vice President, Governor Thomas R. Marshall of Indiana. This was the ticket completed by the democratic national convention at 1:56 a.m. Tuesday...

Wheat Crop is Shy; Others are Good- Indicated Yields as Shown By Figures

Gathered By Secretary of State- Crops Generally are in Fine Condition- ...

Billings, July 8- Mr. and Mrs. John C. Swanton's horse became frightened by an automobile while on their way to the dam to spend the Fourth and tipped them over. Luckily no great damage was done except to spoil a great big dinner...

John Sterling to Beaverton on business Saturday.


Gladwin County Record - 18 July 1912

Billings, July 15- The farmers are busy with haying which is an average crop in this vicinity. ...


Gladwin County Record - 25 July 1912

Bomanville, July 21- Mrs. Swanton and son Sydney have returned from Beaverton and Edenville where she has been visiting relatives. Her sister, Mrs. H. Howard came with her but returned the next day.

Arbutus, July 22- we had 2 light frosts but no damage done except that huckleberries are damaged in places.

Billings, July 22- Ernest Ortner from near Saginaw is spending a few days with his brother Emil....

.. A number attended the ball game at Billings, Sunday.


Gladwin County Record - 8 August 1912

Reforming the Rural Schools- Superintendent Wright, Taking Advantage of New Law, Prescribes Curriculum- More Practical Things to be Taught In Future- Agriculture Wil Be Required Study In every Primary School District In the State of Michigan- Agriculture becomes a required study in every primary school district in Michigan this year, according to the new course of study which has been outlined ... The legislature of 1911 gave to the superintendent the power of definitely outlining the course of study which must be followed in every district in the state... In arithmetic, foror example theh problems are to deal with potatoes, grain, butter, eggs, farm fields, productiveness of cows and hens. They are not to deal with hypothetical cases which are not in range of the experience of a boy or girl... The geography in the new course of study will begin at home and the child will be taught something about his own township, county, and state before he has to master the list of European capitals and to bound the various Asiatic empires... the child is to learn to take care of his teeth, skin, eyes and ears and other parts of his body, how to revive a person who is nearly drowned, what to do in case a person is burned or suffers a broken bone or a severed artery... Reading in the new course of study is emphasized as probably the most important subject in the schools. Teachers are instructed to train the children to read for the thought rather than for expression, so silent rather than aloud reading is recommended...

Billings, Aug. 6- The ball game Sunday between Edenville and Billings was well attended. The score was 11 to 8 in favor of Billings, ...

..John Sterling is building a silo on his farm south of Billings...

..Frank Colbeck lost a valuable cow recently.

Estey- .. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Martin of Fairgrove, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Martin, and sister Mrs. William Chubb of Estey.


Gladwin County Record - 22 Aug. 1912

Billings- Claud Kent and Willie White went to Canada last Friday on a visit to be gone two weeks. ..

Oat harvest is in full blast with am average crop.

Arbutus, Aug. 19- The bee to raise the wood shed at the schoolhouse was a failure. The job of putting it up will now be sold. The building was blown to pieces in the wind storm three weeks ago.


Gladwin County Record - 29 Aug. 1912

Schoolhouse at Estey Burned- School district No. 3 of Bentley township sustained a great loss..(the building was being replastered and it is suspected that a cigar may have started the loft on fire)

Billings, Aug. 26- John Sterling has his silo raised which adds very much to the appearance of his buildings.


Gladwin County Record - 5 Sept. 1912

Republican Delegates Elected- ... Billings- Frank Colbeck...=Billings, Sept. 1- ... Claud Kent and Willie White returned from their visit in Canada last week.


Gladwin County Record - 12 Sept. 1912

Billings, Sept. 9- .. Henry Quellett has his new house enclosed. ...

Arbutus, Sept. 9- H.L. Oliver has gone into the cattle business. He shipped a carload last Tuesday and expects to ship another load Sept. 10. ..

..Mrs. Alta Nash Attended the Ladies' Aid at Laura Quellett's Thursday...

Terrific Storms In Two States- Cloudbursts Sweep Western Part of Pennsylvania and a Section of West Virginia- Rivers on Rampage Cause Great Damage to Property- ...


Gladwin County Record - 19 Sept. 1912

Billings Campmeeting- details of a large religious gathering were given

Arbutus- Misses Juna and Fern Oliver enjoyed a visit with their sister, Mrs. Verna Morris, at East Jordan.

South Tobacco, Sept. 16- Earl Colbeck was a pleasant visitor in our burg over Sunday. ...

Billings, Sept. 17- John Sterling has completed his silo. He has a new cutter and will fill his silo sometime soon. ..

.. John Swanton has been building a granary and is installing a power plant for lights and other purposes, which will make it very convenient for them. ..

.. Mrs. J. C. Swanton is visiting her niece in the northern part of the state. ..

.. James Colbeck spent a few days in Saginaw and Flint last week.


Gladwin County Record - 26 Sept. 1912

Billings- James Winn moved into M. Thrash's house in Hay township Monday. ..

North Billings, Sept. 17- George Winn left to visit his old home in Ohio last week. ..

.. James Winn is working for J.C. Swanton near Edenville helping to install an electric light plant. Who says farmers can't live like city people?


Gladwin County Record - 3 Oct. 1912

Tobacco, Sept. 24- A number from here are hauling apples to Kent's cider mill at Billings. ..

North Billings, Sept. 30- Everybody cutting corn and pulling beans.

Most of the corn was ripe before we got the frost.

Knoxville, Sept. 30- James Oliver from La Clede, Idaho, is visiting relatives and friends here. He expects to go to Houghton Lake in a few days to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver.


Gladwin County Record - 10 Oct. 1912

Billings, Sept. 28- Frank Colbeck was a state fair visitor. ..


Gladwin County Record - 17 Oct. 1912

Game Laws For 1912- this article listed the full text of the laws.

Theodore Roosevelt Shot at Milwaukee- Hurried to Chicago Where Bullet was Located With X-Rays, Wound Not Thought To Be Serious- . (Mr. Roosevelt finished his speech before he left the auditorium after having been shot during his speech, it was speculated that the bullet's path through the manuscript of his speech may have slowed its travel)...

Greatest Crops Ever Harvested- Government Report For October Shows All Records are Overshadowed- Wheat, Potatoes, and Corn Show Big Yield- ...

North Billings, Oct. 9- The marriage of Miss Emma Winn and William Heckerthorn was solemnized Oct. 2 in Gladwin followed by a wedding supper at the bride's home...

..Miss Mabel Martin visited Sunday with Miss Pearl McMillan.


Gladwin County Record - 24 Oct. 1912

Estey, Oct. 22- Leonard Munger of Saginaw visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Munger, from Friday until Monday. ..

President Taft's Splendid Record- Some of the Achievements of His Administration Presented- Great Work Has Been Done- More Prosecution of Trusts and More Social Reforms Secured Than Under Any Previous President- ...

Roosevelt Wrong Again- Makes Another Statement Which is Absolutely False- ...

North Billings- James Winn is building a fine tool shed for Percy Smith. ...


Gladwin County Record - 31 Oct. 1912

School Officers Meet- ... Billings- Marshall Kent, George Weed, ...For President- A Statesman- William H. Taft, a World Figure, Statesman and Judge- Refuses to Play Politics- For This He Has Been Maligned and Slandered by Self-Seeking Politicians and disgruntled Wire Pullers- American People Coming to Realize His Greatness- ...

Reciprocity A Dead Issue- Democrats and Progressives Would Revive It- Roosevelt Advocated Pact- Democrats Favor Canadian Reciprocity- Roosevelt Boosted Measure, Yet Some Campaign Orators Insult Farmer's Intelligence By Trying To Injure Taft Because He Once Espoused Plan- ...

Trusts are For T.R.- Their Directors Contribute to His Campaign Fund- Harvester Trust, Perkins and Steel Trust, Munsey Give Him Half of Total Amount Contributed- ...

The Panics of 1893 and 1907- Democratic Party Responsible For the Distres Which Marked Its Administration- Fact Is Clearly Shoown- The Financial Disturbance of Five Years Ago Not Due to Adverse Republican Legislation Nor to Any Cause for or Which the Republican Party Must Answer- ...

Billings, Oct. 28- .. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Martin are the proud parents of a girl baby, born Oct. 22. ..


Gladwin County Record - 28 Nov. 1912

Russia and Austria Prepare For War- Interest Abroad Shifts to Apparent Likelihood of Conflict ofo European Powers- Armies Are Ordered Mobilized At Once- The Two Great Rivals Are Strengthening Their Border Forces as Statesmen of Both Nations Talk Peace- ...


Gladwin County Record - 5 Dec. 1912

Wedding Bells- Hunter-Colbeck- At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hunter, Tobacco township, Wednesday November 27 at noon theh marriage of their daughter Pansy M. to Earl Colbeck of Billings was solemnized. Rev. Wade of the M.E. Church at Edenville officiated. The bridal party took their places under a canopy of white lace ... They were attended by Misses Anna and Hazel Colbeck, sisters of the groom. ... Mr. and Mrs. Colbeck left for a wedding trip to Flint and will be at home after Dec. 10 at their home in Billings. ... The groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colbeck of Billings.


New Dam Gives Way- Taking Out Power House, Etc.,- Narrow Escape of Watchman- Gladwin Light and Power Co. Suffer Big Loss- Steps Will Be Taken At Once To Rebuild- Soon after 6 o'clock yesterday morning the power house at the new dam of the Gladwin Light and Power Co. on the Cedar was noticed to be settling. M. T. Pike, who was in charge started to telephone to the city, but found he had not the time, and barely escaped from the wreck, as the power house and dynamos were buried out of sight a few minutes after in the gulf below which the water washed out, taking also a few sections of the concrete work of the spillway and a portion of the river bank abutting the power house ... This dam had just been completed with exception of a few finishing touches..

Billings, Dec. 2- ... Earl Colbeck and Pansy Hunter were married last week. They will live on their farm in Billings, and have the best wishes of a host of friends...

... Miss Martin, our teacher, visited her parents in Clare county from Thursday until Sunday.


Gladwin County Record - 12 Dec. 1912

Rigid Laws Demanded- The Michigan Farmers' Association in Session in Lansing Demand Many Rigid Laws- The farmers' clubs favor an anti cigarette law so rigid in its restriction that it will be impossible to sell even the "makings". Free tuition to all Michigan colleges, the money to be taken from the primary school fund, is another law demanded. They would close every theater on Sunday and put the ban on Sabbath amusements of all kinds. Free text books and state supervision of all banks are included in the last. The farmers favor the initiative, referendum, and recall, the latter provision to apply to every elective officer. Medical certificates before marriage would be required by the farmers. The clubs also endorse a law placing a specific tax on automobiles according to horsepower, the money thus derived to go toward the construction of good roads. They would prohibit automobile testers from using the highways, demand the creation of an agricultural commission and abolish the offices of state salt inspector and state oil inspector. Resolutions were presented favoring a law that would permit the employment of prisoners on highways and for the cleaning up of state lands. They want a simplification of the primary law and an act requiring that the names of the owners of property used foro immoral purposes be published. They would repeal the act creating the Michigan bonding company. ...

Real Estate Transfers- ... Jno. B. Waterman and wf., Shiawassee co., to Jno. McCrandall, Billlings twp.,, n 1/2 of s 1/2 of ne 1/4 of sec. 15, t 17 n r 1 e, $200.

Knoxville, Dec. 9- ... Mr. and Mrs. Joel Quillett and son Francis are preparing to move to Flint...

Billings, Dec. 9- ... Farmers' Institute at Opera house, Beaverton, Wednesday, Dec. 18, forenoon, afternoon, and evening. All turn out....


.. A party of hunters killed a large black bear east of the Gerish dam in Billings township last week. He was a fine specimen of his race, weighing nearly 200 pounds...


.. An exciting runaway occurred on the main street of Billings Saturday afternoon, when a pair of colts owned by M.L. Kent and driven by his son Claud became scared and succeeded in getting away from theh young man. Claud's foot was severely hurt and it will keep him out of school for some time to come. ..

Hockaday, Dec. 12- .. Sterling Roy, who was accidentally shot Thanksgiving day, is on the gain.


Gladwin County Record - 19 Dec. 1912

Local and Otherwise- ... Mrs. E.W. Wagar of Saginaw is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Sisco. ...

Another Dam in Au Sable River- Another link has been forged in the remarkable chain of dams which are harnessing the water power of the Au Sable river. The gigantic dams at Five Channels are completed and power is being furnished from three 3,000 kilowat units. This means that 9,000 kilowat are being generated. The Five Channels development is the second of the big dams that has been completed by the Commonwealth Rail, Light and Power Company. Cooke's was the first and power from it was furnished about five months ago. The first dams furnished 12,000 horsepower. There will be 13 dams in all. Work has been started on theh third set of dams. These will be at what will be known as Loud's, about 13 miles above Five Channels.

Arbutus, Dec. 16- ... Hugh Oliver has a sale today. ..

.. Leroy Wilson sold a horse to Hugh Oliver last week and bought one of Percy Smith.

North Billings, Dec. 15- ... James Winn has rented the Weed farm for three years and has moved on to same. We wish him success. ..


Gladwin County Record - 26 Dec. 1912

Real Estate Transfers- ... Frank Colbeck and wf., Gladwin to Earl Colbeck, same place, wty., n fr 1/2 of nw fr 1/4 of sec 21, t 17 n r 1 e, $1.

Fixing Rates Under Parcel Post System- Government Goes Into Business of Transmitting Merchandise Through the Mails- New Law Fully Explained- Country Divided Into Zones and Units For Purpose of Fixing Charges for Carriage- No Package Weighing More Than Eleven Pounds Is Mailable- Anything Properly Wrapped Which Will Not Injure Other Mail May Be Sent- (maps of zones, full postage rate tables and text of the new law covered most of the first page)

Billings, Dec. 18- ... Earl Colbeck is baling hay in this vicinity.



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