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1895 - 1896

Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE- 4 JAN 1895

James Colbeck, of Billings was in Gladwin Wednesday. He has 400,000 feet of timber on skids which he will bank at the Garish dam...


Gladwin County Record - WINEGAR - 11 JAN 1895

Hugh Oliver took a ride on the Maccabee goat Monday night.


Gladwin County Record - 25 JAN 1895

Miss Flora Swanton was in Edenville a few days last week; she went to Saginaw, Saturday, will go to Cedar Springs with Mrs. L. Swanton in a few days.


Gladwin County Record - REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS - 1 FEB 1895

Lafayette Swanton and other heirs of Young Swanton, deceased, to Jacob Schwartz, of Saginaw, se q of ne q and nw q of ne q of sec 23, also sw q of se q of sec 14, t 17 n r 1 w, $26.


Gladwin County Record - 15 FEB 1895

article appeared about currency - having either gold or another standard


Gladwin County Record - 24 MAY 1895

many areas of the county reporting cases of scarlet fever.


Gladwin County Record - 26 JULY 1895

Billings School Exhibition program excerpts: Duet "Blue Bells of Scotland", included Miss Colbeck....James Colbeck, Jr., and Frank Colbeck made a hit in a negro sketch... Funds were raised to purchase a flag for the school.

Real Estate Transfers - ...Margaret Colbeck to James Colbeck, Sr., dower interest in sw q of nw q of sec 27, the n h of sw q of sec 27 excepting a parcel of land 55 rods in width by 116 4-11 rods in length, t 17 n r 1 e, $200.

School report for month ending July 12, 1895, Billings school:...Those not absent during month are:... Lester White,... Sara White,... Milfred Colbeck,... Gertrude Reymour, Teacher.

an article stated that "Grasshoppers have destroyed 300 acres of vegetation in the vicinity of Mattawan", Michigan

Here and There - ... For the area covered Billings Township makes the best showing of any township in the county for good farms, buildings, etc. and some of the most prosperous farmers in the the county reside there.


Gladwin County Record - 16 AUG 1895

Farmers Institute Society, a county level organization to appear at a state institute meeting - James Colbeck Sr. was chosen vice president for Billings Township


Gladwin County Record - MICHIGAN SCHOOL LAW - 23 AUG 1895

wall maps showing the grand divisions of the U.S. and Michigan, not to cost more than $12.; a globe, not to cost more than $8.; a dictionary, not to cost more than $10.; a reading chart, not exceeding $5.; a case for library, not exceeding $10.; also a looking glass, comb, towel, water pail, cup, ash pail, basin and soap... library monies only to be used for library purposes... truant officer to be employed, at not less than $1.50 per day... school board required to buy and display U.S. flag...


Gladwin County Record - 30 AUG 1895

article about Niagra Falls $3,000,000 power generator, 5,000 hp sending electricity over copper wires, five years in construction.

Here and There - ... Wm Kent is building additions of a straw barn and a scale house to his barn in Billings. The barn for straw will be 20 x 100, 16 feet posts, and the scale house 20 x 28 and enclose five ton scales.


Gladwin County Record -11 OCT 1895

Here and There - ... Died: Lester, aged 6 year, son of Stephen White. The funeral occurred Wednesday, and was conducted by Rev. M. Roe. Text was from Rev. 14 Chap. 13 verse.(It is possible that at the time of Lester's death that Stephen White was still in the Dakotas, however to date I have no evidence to prove or disprove this.)


Gladwin County Record - 13 DEC 1895

The young folks of this place gave a surprise at the residence of Jas. Colbeck in Billings township Friday night. A good time was had.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS-17 JAN 1896

James Colbeck jr. is lumbering on the east side of the river on the Eastman track of land.

The Kent boys are about to move their mill into Tobacco where they expect to do their winters sawing.

Kent's folks have an engine steamed up all ready to thresh. It will be the first threshing done in the township for 1896.

Hugh Colbeck had a narrow escape of his life 10th inst___ by the upsetting of a large load of logs which fastened him for about half an hour when help came to his rescue and succeeded in getting him out with but a slight bruise on one of his legs. -first time we ever heard of a molasses jug getting anybody in the ditch.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 24 JAN 1896

Hugh Colbeck is on the gain.

The people of Billings are taking time by the forelock and hauling logs at break neck speed.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 14 FEB 1896

Treasurer to Saginaw last week.

A couple of boars were seen near the river last Sunday.

Kent Bros. are adding a new planer and matcher to their mill.

James Colbeck jr. is out of camp waiting for cold weather.


Gladwin County Record - HERE AND THERE - 21 Feb 1896

James Colbeck Sr. of Billings and David hunter of Tobacco, blowed into town with the blizzard Wednesday.


Gladwin County Record - SAGE - 21 FEB 1896

Sorry to announce the death of Mr. and Mrs. L. Sisco's infant child who was afflicted with fits. Death came February 7 to its relief. The remains were interred in the Gladwin cemetery, the Rev. Mr. Bradshaw officiating.


Gladwin County Record - 3 APRIL 1896

Nominees for office... Billings...Supervisor, Frank Colbeck;...treasurer, James Colbeck, Sr.;...member board of review, Stephen White; school inspector, Marshal Kent;...justice full term, Wm Kent;...constables...Oscar Graves;...


Gladwin County Record - TOWNSHIP ELECTIONS - 10 APRIL 1896

Complete Returns of the vote polled monday... Billings: Frank Colbeck 20, S.R. Plummer 9;...Treasurer: James Colbeck Sr., 29;...Board of Review: Stephen White, 29...overseers elected District no. 1 James Colbeck jr....


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 10 APRIL 1896

Wm Kent has the rheumatism quite badly.

Miss Lovelace is going to teach the Billings School.

Election went off real quiet. No broken bones and not so much spirits as common. Quite a reformation for Bilings.

We understand that there is a new ferry line on the Tittabawassee at luplow crossing. George is captain. look out George, better take out life insurance in favor of your best girl.

Wm kent has just returned home from a visit to his father at Manchester, who is 91 years old. We understand the old gentleman contemplates making a visit here this coming summer. We should be very glad to see him. He is a very nice old man.


Gladwin County Record -17 APRIL 1896

Folowing is a list of the members of the board of supervisors elected for the ensuing year...Billings -Frank Colbeck, democrat...



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