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Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - JAN 1894

W.C. Sterling, of Monroe, was in the city the latter part of last week.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 12 JAN 1894

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lem Sisco, a daughter.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE-19 JAN 1894

Treasurer Colbeck of Billings, called on Saginaw taxpayers at that town this week.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE-2 FEB 1894

Frank Sisco, of Sage, is a proud papa. 'tis a boy.


Gladwin County Record - HIGHWOOD-9 FEB 1894

"Marsh" Kent "calls off" a dance in true poetic style.

Billings people know how to enjoy themselves when they are "out"....To punctuate a dance James Colbeck Jr. is a success; but as a pedro player not so good.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE-9 FEB 1894

Miss Nora Sinclair and Miss Nina Colbeck, of Highwood, visited in the city yesterday.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE-2 MARCH 1894

Supervisor Sinclair and James Colbeck jr., of Highwood, were in the city Wednesday.


Gladwin County Record - TOBACCO - 6 APRIL 1894

Miss Nina Colbeck visited at the home of Miss Florence Prim past week.

Miss Helen Colbeck has gone to Gladwin.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE-27 APRIL 1894

Sanford Correspondence of Midland Sun: "Mrs. Jas. Colbeck and her little son of Edenville was at Saginaw and Bay City Monday, returning Tuesday making a short call to see her sister-in-law, Miss Nina Colbeck at L.J. Utter's".


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE-18 MAY 1894

W.C. Sterling, the cedar dealer, of Monroe, was in the city on one of his periodical trips the past week. Mr. Sterling has recently met with the death of his wife.

Jas. Colbeck, Jr. of Billings, was in the city Saturday. He was appointed census enumerator and procured supplies and blanks from the county clerk upon which to take the census. (this was for the state of Michigan 1894 census, used solely in Lansing and perhaps at the county governments.)


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS-18 MAY 1894

Jas. Colbeck Jr. has his new barn nearly completed. It makes a great improvement on his farm.

Jas. Colbeck, Sr., has improved his residence by building a new fence around it.

Wheat and meadows look splendid here, but the rain has put the farmers back with their spring work.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE-25 MAY 1894

Don't fail to get vaccinated. Small pox has found its way to Bay City where one case has appeared. The disease is reported throughout the country.


Gladwin County Record - 1 JUNE 1894

Census enumerators commence work today.(This was the state's 1894 census)

an article about the semi annual school moneys apportionment stated that Billings township was entitled to $40.67, having had 49 children in the school census.


Gladwin County Record - EDENVILLE-24 AUG 1894

Lafayette Swanton, M.D. of Cedar Springs, visited friends here of late.


Gladwin County Record - WINEGAR-14 SEPT 1894

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver, a 11 pound boy Sept. 1.


Gladwin County Record - 5 OCT 1894

(an article about the democratic party listed Frank Colbeck of Billings, an earlier edition had a story about the Republican party listed James Colbeck, Sr., of Billings.)



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