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Gladwin County Record - REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS - 6 JAN 1893

James Colbeck, Jr. and wife of Billings to mary Caroline Phillip, of same place, sw q of se q of sec 28, t 17 n r 1 e, $300.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 6 JAN 1893

W.C. Sterling, of Monroe, has opened a telegraph pole yard in Gladwin near the depot. R.E. Stuart, formerly of Gladwin, has been placed in charge.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 3 FEB 1893

Treasurer James Colbeck has about collected all the taxes in the settlement, we are told.


Gladwin County Record - 10 FEB 1893

a letter to the editor promoting good roads was written by Marsh L. Kent.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 3 MARCH 1893

Jas. Colbeck of Billings who has been lumbering at Highwood for A.T. Bliss of Saginaw, was in Gladwin Friday night.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 17 MARCH 1893

Jas. Colbeck of Billings went to Saginaw Saturday.

Treasurer Colbeck of Billings township made his returns to the county treasurer Saturday. Every settler in Billings paid his tax. The amount collected was $929.54.


Gladwin County Record - TOWNSHIP POLITICS - 31 MARCH 1893 Billings only one ticket is in the field. Frank Colbeck is the candidate for Supervisor... James Colbeck, Sr., for treasurer...


Gladwin County Record - 7 APRIL 1893

election results had total of 27 votes cast, both Frank Colbeck and James Colbeck Sr. were elected.


Gladwin County Record -14 APRIL 1893

Record publishes its first column/section to be totally devoted to Beaverton interests


Gladwin County Record - SCHOOL REPORT - 12 MAY 1893

Billings school district no. 1 month ending 5 May students not absent included Stephen Colbeck.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS -19 MAY 1893

James Colbeck has purchased a fine new buggy

Jas. Colbeck Sr. has his new barn nearly completed.

Frank Colbeck has improved his place by a new picket fence.

The school is progressing finely with Miss Lillian Raymond as teacher. She has a five month term at $30. per month.

James Colbeck has the material to build a new house.


Gladwin County Record - SMITH CREEK - 19 MAY 1893

Frank Cisco has moved into Mr. Hartwick's house in Clare county.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - JUNE 1893

J. Colbeck, sr. sold a load of wool to Miller Bros. at Gladwin last Saturday.

Stephen White who recently went from Billings to Dakota, writes that he has homesteaded 160 acres of prairie land in that state.

James Colbeck, sr., has just completed a fine new barn, 30 x 40 in size. One night last week several loads of friends from hope gave Mr. C. a surprise party and the barn floor was well warmed by the feet of merry dancers.

No farming community of equal size can show as many improvements as,Billings. Jas. Colbeck Jr. is putting up a fine new house.... Frank Colbeck has a new picket fence around his residence.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 6 OCT 1893

The child of James Colbeck Jr. has just recovered from a severe illnes.

James Colbeck is contemplating going into camp for A.T. Bliss soon, where he will commence his winter's work.


Gladwin County Record - WINEGAR - 6 OCT 1893

Grandma oliver is visiting her sons Hugh and John Oliver.


Gladwin County Record - EDENVILLE - 13 OCT 1893

James Colbeck of Billings went to Saginaw this week.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 20 OCT 1893

James Colbeck of Billings was in the city Wednesday. He is starting camp near Highwood, where he has a job of lumbering for A.T. Bliss.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 27 OCT 1893

Dr. Mary Graves , of Elsie, visited friends in Gladwin the past week. She is about to locate at Linden


Gladwin County Record - EDENVILLE - 10 NOV 1893

Diptheria and fevers still linger in this locality.


Gladwin County Record - REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS - 8 DEC 1893

Frank Marshall and wife of Billings to Fred Brushaber and Annie Brushaber of Saginaw s h of sw q of sec 27 t 17 n r 1 e, $175.


Gladwin County Record - SCHOOL REPORT - 8 DEC 1893-Billings district no. 1 school month ending 1 Dec. pupils not absent included Sarah White, students not tardy included Helen Colbeck


Gladwin County Record - HIGHWOOD - 8 DEC 1893

Mr. and Mrs. James Colbeck Jr., Sundayed at Edenville.

Miss Nina Colbeck was in Gladwin Wednesday, the guest of Mrs. O.N. Sproul.



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