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Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 15 JAN 1892

A good deal of sickness is reported in the settlement. It seems to be scarlet rash mostly.

Our school commenced again on the 4th instructor Miss Ora M. Wilcox taught one day and was sick so that she had to be carried home. Her sister Addie is filling her place for the present.


Gladwin County Record - 29 JAN 1892

Geo. Holly was injured while helping Treasurer Colbeck deck logs.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 19 FEB 1892

Frank Colbeck met with quite an accident last week. While loading logs the iron of his canthook broke, and he fell and fractured his arm.


Gladwin County Record -1 APRIL 1892

Township politics - following Union ticket nominated in Billings township...Supervisor - Frank Colbeck;...Treasurer - James Colbeck Sr...


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 3 JUNE 1892

Wheat looks very nice in this settlement.

Our school is progressing nicely, Miss Fleda Wilcox is teacher.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 10 JUNE 1892

Billings township is preparing to plat a new cemetery.


Gladwin County Record - SCHOOL REPORTS - 24 JUNE 1892

No. 1 Billings school district students not absent for month ending 3 June included Frankie White and Sarah White; not tardy included Sarah White.


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 22 JULY 1892

A. Rice has gone to Canada.

Jas. Colbeck Jr. has purchased the Rice farm.

Again the mowing machine is heard in our midst.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McCrandel on the 6th, a daughter.

Jas. Colbeck Sr. has treated his house to a new coat of paint.

Haying is in full blast, and it is the best crop for years. Wheat is above average.

Jas. Colbeck Sr. took the first apples to market Saturday that were ever taken from Billings.

W. Hunter of Tobacco and Jas. Colbeck Sr. took grists to the Gladwin mills Saturday.

Most of our farmers have been compelled to plant their potatoes over twice, and some have given up the potato crop as a bad joke.

The farmers of this township are very much interested in the grist mill question at the county seat. They say they can get a much better grade of flour at the Gladwin mills than they can in Midland. We hope the farmers throughout the county will take hold of this and help the cause.


Gladwin County Record - HERE & THERE - 22 JULY 1892

Tom Swanton of Edenville has returned from Oregon, and is better satisfied with Michigan than ever.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Colbeck Sr. of Billings were in town Saturday. Mr. C. brought grist to mill. He is well pleased with the work done at the mill here and says he can get better flour at the Gladwin mills than at any mill within his reach. numerous farmers in the vicinity of Edenville and Hope agree with Mr. C. in this regard.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 26 AUG 1892

Quite a few of our settlers have threshed wheat. Not a very good crop.


Gladwin County Record - AD - 2 SEPT 1892

Gladwin graded schools listed their tuition rates in an ad for non resident pupils as: primary and intermediate - 50 cents/month; grammar - $1./month; and high school $1.50/month; much detail included about the courses taught, class rules, etc..Grades 1 through 11


Gladwin County Record - 9 SEPT 1892

Found After 7 Years - While a Billings party were huckleberrying in the Bradley marsh a gentleman picked up a piece of board, with which he intended to kindle a fire. On the board were carved the following initials: G.K., F.S., J.C., and R.A., July 1885, the day of the month being burned out, but the rest was as plain as the day it was cut. The board was handed to Geo. Kent, who was greatly astonished. One of the men asked him if he knew the initials. He replied: "seven years ago this season I carved those initials on this board. The initials are for: George Kent, Flora Swanton, John Colbeck, and Rosa Augar. When this was done I never expected to see this board again, but as it is, I will keep it as a relic."


Gladwin County Record - 23 SEPT 1892

article about republican party county convention listed James Colbeck as a member of the Billings committee on credentials.


Gladwin County Record - REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS - 16 DEC 1892

Albert Rice of Billings to James Colbeck of same place, sw q of se q of sec 28, t 17 n r 1 e, $200.



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