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Gladwin County Record - 6 FEB 1891

Jas. Spence was in town Tuesday. He and James Colbeck Jr. are lumbering for E.O. and S.L. Eastman on the Tobacco. They have put in 900,000 feet and have about 700,000 feet yet to bank on dray haul for that firm.

cases of diptheria noted around the county


Gladwin County Record - 6 MARCH 1891

Supervisor Colbeck was in town Wednesday.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 13 MARCH 1891

Spence and Colbeck expect to complete their lumber job in Tobacco next week.


Gladwin County Record -TOBACCO - 27 MARCH 1891

Spence and Colbeck broke camp Saturday.


Gladwin County Record - 10 APRIL 1891

elected Billings officials included clerk-Frank Colbeck; and treasurer-James Colbeck Jr.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 24 APRIL 1891

The people of Billings voted 28 against the jail loan, and are of the opinion that if the old jail was repaired and ventilated, it would be good enough.

James Colbeck Jr. and family have moved on his farm again.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS AND TOBACCO - 1 MAY 1891

..., fine farms and fine buildings of Jas. Colbeck, Sr.... James Colbeck Jr. has 40 acres nearby, mostly cleared ... At the corner is a well built frame scholhouse. Across the way appears the residence and broad clearing of James Colbeck, Sr.... and a little east is the new farm of Frank Colbeck, township clerk, who has built a neat frame house. ...The Record regrets that a more extended notice cannot be given of settlers of these prosperous townships, which have promise of a bright future...


Gladwin County Record - 22 MAY 1891

brief article appeared summarizing the history of Edenville


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 12 JUNE 1891

James Colbeck and Jas. Spence were in Saginaw last week on business.

A Sunday school was organized here May 1, 1891 and the following officers were elected:... assistant, Jas. Colbeck Sr.; ...teachers, Mrs. Jas. Colbeck Sr,...


Gladwin County Record -10 JULY 1891

Late rains have helped the crops immensely.


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 10 JULY 1891

J. Colbeck Sr. says he has the best crops in town. J. Colbeck Sr. had a logging bee on his farm Tuesday.

Stephen White has the foundation laid for a new house.

Wm Kent has bought a new self-binder and contemplates buying an engine with separator; we will miss the merry-go-round with horses.

S.R. Plummer has a new mower, making him a full equipment of farm machinery.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 24 JULY 1891

School closed July 17, miss Ora M. Wilcox the teacher...students absent only one day included Sara White...


Gladwin County Record - 14 AUG 1891

James Colbeck Sr. of Billings township was in Gladwin Wednesday. He reports all crops, excepting hay, thriving in that locality. Potatoes are especially fine.


Gladwin County Record - EDENVILLE - 2 OCT 1891

Lafayette Swanton is located as an M.D. at Cedar Springs.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 23 OCT 1891

A young son recently arrived at the residence of Frank Colbeck.

James Colbeck Jr., is making preparations to put in 400,000 for E.O. and S.L. Eastman this winter.

Frank White, a ten year old son of Stephen White, has been confined to his bed from injuries incurred by falling on a chair round.

The Garrish dam in the Tittabawassee is being repaired. Ten men are at work using a pile driver on it.

Mrs. J. Colbeck, Sr., is in Detroit, where she went to attend the funeral of her brother who was recently killed in a railroad accident.


Gladwin County Record - MCCLURE - 30 OCT 1891

John Swanton's stovepipe came down and came near burning up his fine residence.


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 13 NOV 1891

Mrs. J. Colbeck Sr. has returned from Detroit.

J. Colbeck Jr. is lumbering for A.T. Bliss. He has a job of about 400,000 feet on the Tittabawassee.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 27 NOV 1891

Stephen White is the happy papa of a bouncing boy.(This was Arthur.White).

Mrs. Burnham, daughter of Mrs. Jas. Colbeck Sr. is at the residence of the latter sick with erysipelas.

Jas. Colbeck Jr. of Billings was in town Tuesday.

(This was in the Gladwin news section.)


Gladwin County Record - HERE AND THERE - 18 DEC 1891

Jas. Spence of Billings did business in Gladwin since our last issue. He informs us that there is nothing new in his neighborhood, except that new farm house which Stephen White is about to occupy.


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