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Gladwin County Record - 1 FEB 1889

Mrs. James Colbeck Jr. has returned home much improved.


Gladwin County Record - 22 FEB 1889

About eighteen inches of snow and mossbacks are making the logs fly, fearing it won't stay with them long.


Gladwin County Record - 5 APRIL 1889

Billings township election results included: Clerk - Frank Colbeck; Treasurer - James Colbeck; Highway Commissioner - Stephen White; Justices - James Colbeck Sr., full term


Gladwin County Record - 26 APRIL 1889

James Colbeck Jr. and Mrs James Huntly both of Billings township, were brought before Justice Robbins' court for examination Wednesday, charged by Wm Huntly, the woman's husband, with adultery. The trial brought a large number of citizens of Billings to the village as witnesses in the case. The examination was adjourned until 2:00 pm Thursday. We go to press too early to give the finding of the court, but the probabilities are that the accused parties will be discharged, no evidence of a serious nature having yet been produced against them.


Gladwin County Record - 26 APRIL 1889

Stephen White and Wm Kent are each making additions to their clearings.

Frank Colbeck is getting lumber on the ground and will son commence the erection of a house on his farm.

Highway commissioner White has let jobs of building 1/2 mile of road between sections 15 and 22. Contracts have been let to Chas. Graves, Albert Mayhew, Lyman Ordiway and Hustin Mayhew.

Farmers are busy with their spring work.

Township clerk Frank Colbeck has apointed Geo. Kent deputy township clerk.

Wheat begins to look quite green.

John Colbeck is quite sick.


Gladwin County Record -REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS -3 MAY 1889

James Colbeck and wife to John Colbeck, s h of sw q of sec 27, t 17 n r 1 e, $200.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS17 MAY 1889

The fire has done scarcely any damage to this section.(forest fires were widespread in many areas)

Half an acre has been added to the schoolgrounds.

Frank Colbeck had the misfortune to break the thumb on his right hand. Dr. Annis "fixed it all right".

Highway commissioner White has advertised to let soon the job of grading something of 80 rods of highway on the line between sections 27 and 28.

James Spence, J.P., recently united James Colbeck Sr. and Margaret Rodgers in marriage. The Record' tenders congratulations to the the contracting parties.

Jas. Colbeck Sr. says that in 27 years experience in farming in another locality, he never saw a field of wheat which comprised a better yield than does one on his Billings township farm. Last year his wheat went 30 bushels to the acre, and this year he expects even better things. Gladwin county for good farming lands and good crops every time.


Gladwin County Record - 24 MAY 1889

jury duty list included Frank Colbeck


Gladwin County Record - EDENVILLE - 31 MAY 1889

Miss Alma Swanton is teaching in Larkin township, three miles from Midland.


Gladwin County Record-BILLINGS SCHOOL REPORT - 7 JUNE 1889

For month ending 31 May: those not tardy included Stephen Colbeck and Frank White; those not absent included Helen Colbeck; Lillian Raymond - teacher.


Gladwin County Record - 29 NOV 1889

Supervisor Plummer and Treasurer Colbeck of Billings and ... were in town Monday.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 15 DEC 1889

The Andrix brothers have their sawmill located west of Wm kent's on the meridian, ready to commence sawing Monday morning, and the logs are suffering, for everybody wants lumber and it saves going so far after it. When they leave here they go to Ketchum's old headquarters.

James Colbeck Jr. is going to move to Farwell soon.

School will be out in eight weeks, Miss Ora Wilcox, teacher.


Gladwin County Record -EDENVILLE - 15 DEC 1889

John Swanton has been appointed postmaster.


Gladwin County Record -EDENVILLE - 3 JAN 1890

Married at the residence of the bride's parents in Edenville, Lafayette Swanton and Miss Annie Annis, both of this place.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 3 JAN 1890

John Colbeck has gone to Ann Arbor for medical treatment.

John Colbeck Jr. has gone to Isabella county where he intends opening a meat market, in company with his father in law. We wish him success.(This item obviously meant to say that James Colbeck Jr. was going to Isabella county)


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 7 FEB 1890

January 30 Wm Kent has his material on the ground where he will erect a new barn this spring.

John Colbeck is expected home from Ann Arbor this week.

Stephen White will build a new house this summer.

A. Rice, of Canada, is visiting at Mr. Colbeck's.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 21 FEB 1890

John Colbeck has returned from Ann Arbor but is not much improved in health.

Stephen White, who has been driving an ox team for the past two years, is now driving a horse team.


Gladwin County Record -7 MARCH 1890

James Colbeck, treasurer of Billings made his returns Monday.(meaning that he visited Gladwin city)

Edenville- John Swanton has been very sick with pneumonia but is convalescing at this writing...


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 21 MARCH 1890

John Colbeck is no better.

Miss Losinda Colbeck has returned home from Detroit.(obviously an error in reporting the name of one of Lucinda's daughters, since Lucinda had passed away in 1887.)


Gladwin County Record - 11 APRIL 1890

Supervisor elect Colbeck and S.R. Plummer of Billings visited the county seat Wednesday.

Billings township election results included: for supervisor - James Colbeck Jr. 25 vs. Thos. Bowers 11; Clerk - Frank Colbeck 22 vs. M. Roe 14; Highway commissioner - C. Wallace 23 vs. Stephen White 13; ...


Gladwin County Record - 9 MAY 1890

The house of James Colbeck Sr. is progressing finely.


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 30 MAY 1890

James Colbeck Sr. has his house nearly completed.

John Colbeck is no better.

an article appeared elsewhere in the paper listing all of the questions that would be asked in the upcoming 1890 census, which unfortunately has not survived due to a fire some years later in Washington, D.C., and later an act of Congress destroyed those records which had survived, later in the 1930's.


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 13 JUNE 1890

Annie Colbeck is home on a visit from Canada.

John Colbeck, aged 23 years, died at 2 o'clock Tuesday. He was a son of James Colbeck, Sr. and had been sick for some time.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 20 JUNE 1890

John Colbeck died June 10 at the residence of his parents in the township of Billings, from consumption, notice of which was published in the `Record' last week. He was born in Ontario, Canada and was 22 1/2 years of age. He emigrated with his parents to this country 9 years ago, and endured the hard struggle of living in a new country. He bore his sickness with fortitude and patience and was tenderly cared for by his parents, brothers and sisters and neighbors. He leaves a father, step-mother, 5 brothers and 6 sisters to mourn his loss. Funeral services were held at Edenville conducted by Wm. Blanchard, and his remains were interred in the Edenville cemetery.


Gladwin County Record -20 JUNE 1890

McClure Census enumerator Campbell meets with some queer persons. They don't like to answer questions for fear of poll taxes.

Rhodes- The mosquitoes are getting thick when they crowd into a barrel to get out of a rain in such numbers as to burst the hoops. This actually occurred here and we can prove it.


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 27 JUNE 1890

Mrs. May Clarke, daughter of Mrs. Jas. Colbeck, Sr., is visiting her mother, and will remain during the summer.

Thos. Bowers, census enumerator has completed his work and made his returnsto the supervisor of the census. It is safe to say that Billings has over 250 inhabitants, but not 300. That is as close as the `Record' corespondent could get the figures, and the gentle reader may figure it out himself.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 4 JULY 1890

James Colbeck Jr. and Jas. Spence have made a good improvement in the looks of their places by building a new board fence along the road.

Mrs. Annie Sterling, daughter of James Colbeck, sr., has returned to Canada.

Thos. Sope's blacksmith shop burned the 24th. nothing saved.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 22 AUG 1890

Our genial township clerk, Frank Colbeck and Miss Minnie Blanchard were united in marriage Sunday by Justice Spence. Mr. Colbeck has a fine farm with a good residence on it, in which the happy couple have taken up their abode.


Gladwin County Record -BILLINGS - 5 SEPT 1890

We had quite a heavy frost in this vicinity recently, which has hurried the mossbacks to cut their buckwheat.

James Colbeck jr. and Jas. Spence start for camp next Monday.

J.C.McCrandel is worth one more "thousand" - another son.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 26 SEPT 1890

Frank Colbeck returned home Sunday from camp and found that during his absence some one had broken into his house. The parties stole a good suit of clothes and took some other articles. Mr. Colbeck is township clerk and the town safe was found wide open but there happened to be nothing in it which tempted the thief. George Harvey has been arrested and charged with the crime.

Frank Marshal has bought 80 acres of land from James Colbeck. He will build a house on it at once, and move his family thereon.


Gladwin County Record -3 OCT 1890

Republican party county convention members included James Colbeck, sr.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 31 OCT 1890

James Colbeck Sr. has his new house nearly completed.

Mrs James Colbeck Sr. returned home last Tuesday from a week's visit among friends in Midland and Saginaw.


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS- 28 NOV 1890

James Colbeck Sr. has moved into his new house.

a large item appeared about Wm Kent's farm products inventory itemizing 19 commodities valued at $1068.82 total


Gladwin County Record - BILLINGS - 26 DEC 1890

Frank Colbeck has bought a yoke of oxen.



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