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Gladwin County Record - 21 JAN 1887

A bill has been noticed in the legislature to legalize bonds issued by officers of Billings Township some time ago, and which were issued without authority of the electors. Sen. Post, ever on the alert in the interest of his constituents, promptly notified the parties interested, and F.L. Prindle, attorney for the township left for Lansing to look after the matter. (These bonds were to have built roads, bridges, etc. at 8 percent interest)


Gladwin County Record - 4 MARCH 1887

lengthy article about charges appearing in a Detroit paper alleging that the Billings Bonds issued in 1877 were worthless. The article was somewhat confusing to read without prior knowledge of how these bonds were issued and defaulted upon. The township officers were long gone from the area


Gladwin County Record - 11 MARCH 1887-25 MARCH 1887

full history of the Billings Bonds, created by the very first Billings township board.


Gladwin County Record - 1 APRIL 1887

Union ticket of Bilings candidates included for commissioner of highways James Colbeck

James Colbeck of this town and Miss Anna Vandergriff of Letson, Isabella county, were married the 22nd.(This was wedding of James Colbeck Jr.)

Mrs. J. Colbeck has been a sufferer for some time past from a lung trouble. Her left lung is pronounced to have nearly disappeared.(This was Lucinda, James Colbeck Sr.'s wife)


Gladwin County Record - 8 APRIL 1887

election results for Billings included Highway Commissioner James Colbeck with 13 vs 9 opponent; a 1/2 percent highway money tax was approved for the township


Gladwin County Record - 24 JUNE 1887

Mrs. James Colbeck is still in poor health caused by a lung difficulty, which attacked her about a year ago.

Crops give promise of a good harvest, which our citizens are preparing to place in store..... and Jas. Colbeck Jr. is building a barn.

Wm Kent is having a two story house built by Elder Flock.

James Colbeck, highway commissioner, visited Gladwin last Monday and employed county surveyor Matthews to lay out a new road, by means of an opening for travel is desired from theh settlement to the railroad at the Rust and Eaton farm. A portion of the road will be built this year. About 3 1/2 miles is necessary to reach the Buckeye line.


Gladwin County Record -5 AUG 1887

Billings crops are suffering.

Auld acquaintance - Wm Burkitt handles the painter's brush at Detroit and rejoices in a good run of work, as well as a fine baby girl. His brother Robert is located with him.


Gladwin County Record -19 AUG 1887

No rain in 4 or 5 weeks.

Mrs. Jas. Colbeck is no better.

Wm Kent starts soon to visit at Manchester, Washtenaw county, Michigan. Daniel Kent, his father is visiting him. Mr. Kent Sr. is a resident of Ann Arbor and although 83 years of age, he can yet swing a cradle, and the other day cradled and bound some oats.


Gladwin County Record - HERE AND THERE -19 AUG 1887

They have a rather tough way of using preachers in Billings.

Fire and smoke during the past week have made the atmosphere very disagreeable. The maximum temperature each day during the week has not been over 90 degrees or less than 85 degrees. Light showers occurred which were very welcome, but too scanty to support the wants occassioned by the long drought.


Gladwin County Record - 9 SEPT 1887

We are benifitted by a nice rain received Monday night. Crops are nearly all gathered in the settlement.

Two bears killed in the settlement last week. One was slaughtered by John Colbeck, and the other by Stephen White.

Wm Kent has two varities of wheat which he intends to sow this fall.

circuit court jury duty roster for 19 Sept session included Stephen White


Gladwin County Record - 7 OCT 1887

A wedding occurred in Billings September 26... The knot was tied by Jas. Colbeck Jr., Justice of the Peace...


Gladwin County Record - 4 NOV 1887

Frank Colbeck of Billings has returned from British Columbia, where he has been a few years past engaged in the cattle ranch business.

Billings:... Pretty cold weather. Guess it is a squaw winter.

Wm Kent has his barn nearly completed.

Jas Colbeck is preparing to have his house plastered and a chimney built.

John Colbeck has taken a lumber job and is building roads and getting ready to put up camps.


Gladwin County Record - 18 NOV 1887

We learn of the death of Mrs. James Colbeck Sr. of Billings which occurred on Sunday last. Mrs. C. had been an invalid for a number of years.


Gladwin County Record - 9 DEC 1887

Miss Annie Colbeck is visiting in Canada.

Stephen White and Frank Colbeck are lumbering.

Frank Colbeck has bought 80 acres on section 27 and intends to make a farm.

Lyman Ordiway and J. Colbeck Sr., are lumbering for Warner and Eastman and expect to put in 400,000.

Mr. Ordiway lost an ox Monday.

Mrs. James Colbeck Sr, whose death was briefly chronicled in the Record a few weeks since, was a native of Springfield, Canada. She departed this life on the 12th day of November after an illness of one year and four months and was at the time of her death aged 47 years and 6 months. She became a resident of this state in l88l, when she and her family settled in Billings township. She was the mother of 11 children, all of whom are residents of Billings. She was an affectionate wife, a devoted mother, respected neighbor, and beloved by all who knew her.Funeral services were held at Edenville the 13th, Rev. J. Harris oficiating, and the remains were interred in the Edenville cemetery.



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