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Gladwin County Record - REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS - 8 JAN 1886

Warranty- James Colbeck, Jr. to Lucinda Colbeck, 40 a in sec 27, t 17 n r 1 e, $400.


Gladwin County Record - 5 MARCH 1886

J. Colbeck Jr. has lumber on the ground for erecting a house on his farm in the spring. No doubt he will take a partner and go to housekeeping.

Died-January 1st, Violet, daughter of Stephen White, aged 3 years.


Gladwin County Record - 19 MARCH 1886

The log rollway at Averill, the largest in the world, now contains over 21,000,000 feet of logs. No more logs will be put in there this season.


Gladwin County Record - 26 MARCH 1886

J.C. McCrandel is recovering from his late accident.

A daughter of James Colbeck is under treatment of Dr. Annis.


Gladwin County Record - 9 APRIL 1886

No caucus this spring. Our town fathers have been very backwardd about calling a meeting- afraid, and hunting camp votes we hear.


Gladwin County Record -16 APRIL 1886

Following are the full returns of the late election in Billings township:...for treasurer: Solon R. Plummer 15, Stephen White 8;...Highway Commissioner: James Colbeck 15, Obiatha Ordaway 8;...Justice: Wm Kent 23;...School inspector: James Colbeck Jr. 23;...Constables:...James Colbeck 11;...Overseers elected: district no. 1- James Colbeck, Jr.;...(7 candidates were running for constables)


Gladwin County Record - 28 MAY 1886

James Colbeck Jr. has his house built and it looks as though he was going to take a companion.


Gladwin County Record - 4 JUNE 1886

list of circuit court jurors from Billings included: J. Colbeck Jr., J. Colbeck Sr., Wm Kent, Stephen White.

brief mention of Wm Burkitt leaving for Detroit.


Gladwin County Record - 18 JUNE 1886

jurors selected to serve 29 June included: James Colbeck Jr. and Stephen White.


Gladwin County Record - 25 JUNE 1886

Billings has a ball club. Stephen White is captain.

J. Colbeck Jr. has just returned from a trip to Saginaw.

Stephen White held a logging bee a few days since, at which about 2 acres was cleared on his place.


Gladwin County Record - 2 JULY 1886

Lucinda Colbeck to J. Colbeck Jr., piece of land 55 rods by 116 rods 5 feet square, in sec 27, t 17 n r 1 e, $400.

article appeared about the circuit court trial for which J. Colbeck Jr. and S. White served as jurors, their names were not specifically mentioned


Gladwin County Record - 23 JULY 1886

Miss Annie Colbeck returned to her home in Billings yesterday, having received news of the sickness of her mother.


Gladwin County Record - 5 NOV 1886

Wheat is growing nicely.

Mrs. James Colbeck Sr. is at Sanford visiting friends.

James Colbeck Jr. has been looking land the past week.


Gladwin County Record -7 JAN 1887

List of circuit court jurors included James Colbeck Sr.


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