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Gladwin County Record - 6 FEB 1885

...James Spence and James Colbeck are putting 100,000 feet of logs into the Tittabawassee...


Gladwin County Record - 20 FEB 1885

Frank Colbeck has left Billings and gone to British Columbia to seek his fortune. He has relatives there, a brother of William Burkitt (his cousin) of this place residing at Chilliwhack.


Gladwin County Record - 3 APRIL 1885

The electors of the township have nominated the following ticket:...highway commissioner, James Colbeck, Sr.; ... Justice of the peace, james Colbeck, Jr.; ...constables:...Stephen White...(4 candidates were named for constable)


Gladwin County Record - 10 APRIL 1885

The Ludington salt well is down 2000 feet. Brine was obtained at a depth of about 1800 or 1900 feet that yielded over 50 percent of salt...


Gladwin County Record - 17 APRIL 1885

Billings election- Whole number of votes cast 31: For supervisor Solon R. Plummer 20 vs Stephen White 11;...highway commissioner, James Colbeck 31;...Justice James Colbeck Jr. 21 vs Abiatha Ordway 10;... Constables ...Stephen White 31...(4 constables were all elected)


Gladwin County Record - 5 JUNE 1885

Wm Kent has moved into town from Manchester, having bought the Peter Dennis place which he is improving greatly.

James Colbeck Jr. has commenced to improve his new farm, and has chopped quite a follow.

Wm Kent was included on the list to serve jury duty in circuit court


Gladwin County Record - 12 JUNE 1885

Avery's camp had a very narrow escape from being destroyed by forest fires.

Wm Kent who recently purchased and moved onto the Dennis farm also purchased 116 acres just opposite.

The late rains greatly improved the appearance of the meadows. All crops look well and farmers are through their spring planting.

Road jobs are going very cheap as the following jobs let by Highway Commissioner Colbeck show: Job no. 1, taking out crosswaying, grading, stumping and ditching, let to Thos. Bowers at $1.25 per rod; no. 2, do., to Henry Watterson at $ (?); no. 3, chopping and clearing 4 rods wide and grading, let to Albert mayhew at 49 cents; no. 4, do. and grubbing 16 feet in width, let to James Colbeck at $1.13; no. 5, do., to Stephen White at $1.23; no. 6, do., to Geo. Eldridge at $1.18.


Gladwin County Record - 26 JUNE 1885

Real Estate Transfers...Peter Denis and wife, of Billings to Wm Kent, 20 a of e side of ne q of sw q of sec 28, t 17 n r 1 e...


Gladwin County Record - 7 AUG 1885

Crops are looking well. Hay and wheat have been an excellent yield and are in good shape.

The Tittabawasee river is clear of logs for the first time in years. The Boom Company has taken out its dam, and suspended operations here.

Wm Kent has a new champion mowing machine and a horse rake.


Gladwin County Record - 28 AUG 1885

Billings has been all torn up this week by a case of bastardy. A warrant was issued last Wednesday for a party charged with the seduction, but by a piece of strategy he escaped from the officer, and it is thought has gone to Canada. Previous to his departure he transferred a piece of land in his possession to his mother. P.S. The party has put in an appearance and placed himself in the officer's hands.

(This incident would have been a great source for gossip. Later articles showed no relationship of the accused to our family.)


Gladwin County Record - 4 SEPT 1885

The Tittabawassee Boom Company has resumed operations which it suspended because of a strike.

The state law limiting the hours of labor in mills and factories to ten hours per day went into effect Tuesday.

Lumbermen are getting ready for the woods and camps have been started in various localities. Wages offered range from $16. to $20. per month with indications that there will be a surplus of labor.

Standard time becomes legal time in Michigan by legislative enactment September 18 at 12 midnight which is 90 days from the close of the last session of the legislature, June 20...


Gladwin County Record - 25 SEPT 1885

We received a call from Jas. Spence and J. Colbeck of Billings Tuesday. Mr. Colbeck said that he had read that it was a shame to cheat a printer out of a single cent, so that he would square up that little bill of his. He set a good example for the rest of mankind by acting on his remarks.

Justice Spence has made returns of the following marriages to the county clerk: John C. Swanton of Edenville and Miss Mary Colbeck of Billings. Arthur Bishop of Edenville and Miss Mary Crosby of same place.

Three times as much wheat is being put in by farmers in this settlement this fall as in any previous season. The crop just harvested will average 20 bushels to the acre.

Wm Kent's brother and wife and his father of Ann Arbor have been visiting him. They were much pleased with the settlement and talked of buying a place and becoming one of us. article appeared telling that Alaska contains enough timber to supply the world.

Circuit Court... was called Monday 3:00 pm ... People vs James Arnce; seduction, dismissed...


Gladwin County Record - 27 NOV 1885

J. Spence and J. Colbeck are putting in about 100,000 feet of their own timber.

S.R.Plummer and James Colbeck are building additions to their respective residences.

Miss Anna Annis of Edenville recently closed a term of schol here, in which she gave god satisfaDecember 1

C. Ordiway has recently settled in our township.


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