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Please let me know if your search for Gladwin County ancestors was assisted by this web site. I would love to post the success stories of the Gladwin County MIGenWeb here. We all need a little incentive to "keep on rooting".

March 5, 1998 - A year or so ago, I met a gentleman and his wife who were on a genealogy road trip in Ionia County, Michigan. I had stopped in at the library to do a little research also. We chatted a few minutes and I, as the coordinator for the Ionia County MIGenWeb Project offered to place their query on the Ionia County Web Page. I directed them to an acceptable place to have lunch in Ionia before we parted ways. Several months ago when I took over as coordinator of this Gladwin County MIGenWeb page, I began to post the information that I had about my family ties to Gladwin County. To the astonishment of both of us, the information that I had posted was about his family, too. It seems that my chance meeting with Bill and Shirley Maxwell was my first meeting with a cousin! You can't believe how excited I was to receive Bill's e-mail asking about the information on the Coulbeck line that had been posted in the "Tidbits and Snippets" section of this web page. We have now begun to trade information and attempt to fill in each other's blank spots. Beth Wills - Coordinator of the Ionia County and Gladwin County MIGenWeb Projects.

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