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Preparedness Camp Custer 1924 Roster of Men from Michigan

The Army of the United States
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Cititzen's Military Training Camps

Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
SurnameGivenHome AddressRankHome TownHome CountyBattalionCompanyRegimentHistory-Photo
BanksVictor E.R.F.D. 3 Box 221 LansingInghamFirst2MHistory Link
BarretB. R.Middle St. WilliamstonInghamFirst2MHistory Link
BatchelderE. A.184 Albion St. HoughtonHoughtonFirst2MHistory Link
BlomquiestH. O.P. O. Box 392 GladstoneDeltaFirst2MHistory Link
ButlerRalph F.113 5th St. HoughtonHoughtonFirst2MHistory Link
CampbellK. B.805 Minnesota Ave. GladstoneDeltaFirst2MHistory Link
CampbellK. G.805 Minnesota Ave. GladstoneDeltaFirst2MHistory Link
CandlerH. W.  MasonMultipleFirst2MHistory Link
CarlsonElmer C.226 Heath St. NeguaneeMarquetteFirst2MHistory Link
ChilsonChas. R.  Grand MaraisAlgerFirst2MHistory Link
CraneKeul D.  Crystal FallsIronFirst2MHistory Link
DaumeCarl W.346 Tamarack St. LauriumHoughtonFirst2MHistory Link
EddyWilliam J.94 Second St. HoughtonHoughtonFirst2MHistory Link
EngardioPete N.  WilliamstonInghamFirst2MHistory Link
EricksonRobt. W.  Grand MaraisAlgerFirst2MHistory Link
FillionPaul F.516 S. 11th St. EscanabaDeltaFirst2MHistory Link
FisherGary H.  WilliamstonInghamFirst2MHistory Link
FloriaVernon A.305 W. Superior St. MunisingAlgerFirst2MHistory Link
HallRobert S.  MasonMultipleFirst2MHistory Link
HildnerJohn G.15 College Ave. HoughtonHoughtonFirst2MHistory Link
HoytFrederick S.400 Leslie St. LansingInghamFirst2MHistory Link
JacobsLeo K.808 Minnesota Ave. GladstoneDeltaFirst2MHistory Link
JacobsonAlbin G.  Ramsey-RamsayGogebicFirst2MHistory Link
JohnsonEd. L.807 Minnesota Ave. GladstoneDeltaFirst2MHistory Link
JohnstonL.  HubellMultipleFirst2MHistory Link
KeetonJohn M.  GwinnMarquetteFirst2MHistory Link
KenneyF. M. Jr.1740 Hancock W. DetroitWayneFirst2MHistory Link
KitchenK. A.Grand River St. WilliamstonInghamFirst2MHistory Link
KrollLester F.123 Huron St. HoughtonHoughtonFirst2MHistory Link
LanevilleRay  GwinnMarquetteFirst2MHistory Link

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