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4th Battery 3rd Regiment BF Art. A 



Most of Battery “A” men were from Illinois, hailing from the uppermost heights of Chicago, (Kites), from the busy metropolises of Egypt (Hustlers) and all intervening points. After having cranked, puffed, and braved the howling seas we all assembled in a well vegetated area, to repeat, in regards to the beginning process, the routine followed last year. After so much red tape, including clearing the forest and blazing our trails, everyone fell out one morning to begin a great ordeal. Introduction to the “75’s”, our playmates for a month, was rather mild, as well as watching the regulars gallop hither and thither among us, but that wasn’t all. Before the morning was over we were made acquainted with “Equitation” in all of its phases. At this early period in the month, the President of the Jockey Club was appointed, with no little ceremony, and now a goodly number have qualified for full membership. Names? Well that’s hardly necessary. Quite a little horsemanship was developed during the month, but the early shattered ideas of dashing madly to the castle, rescuing the Princess Fair, and galloping of triumphantly, have not been revived as yet.

As policing developed into its advanced stages, keen competition was aroused among the various tents for the honor of being decorated with a stellar insigna, and on August 14, Colonel Merry chose a tent from Battery “A”, as a model tent for the camp.

The battery made a fine showing in athletics, under the excellent coaching of Lieut. Auger. In baseball our team was undefeated, and four men played on the Third Regiment team. In basketball, defeat was not tasted until the semifinals. Two of our men, Henry and Triebel, played on the light football team, and Thompson made the heavy team. Carlton represented us on the track.


Baseball Lineup On 3rd Regt. Baseball Team Basketball Team
McConachie, c., Capt. McAleese, 3b Durham, f.
McAleese, p. Kaufman, cf.  McConachie, f.
Kaufman, 3b Lewis, cf.  Carlton, c., Capt
Carlton, 2b.  McConachie, c. Marshall, g.
Lewis, lb. Chattin, g.
Anspauch, as. Bivens, g.
Cole, lf.
Retsloff, cf.
Jungst, rf.


Best Blue Man—Kenneth B. Watson

Best White Man—Durmont W. McGraw

Best Red Man—Jack P. Chattin

Fourth Battalion 3rd Regiment Company A Field Artillery

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