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3rd Battery 3rd Regiment A Cavalry

TROOP “A” Cavalry

Hayes, the Troop’s best athlete, finished first in the high jump in the track meet. Dial, the tallest man in the troop, finished third in the high jump. Storm finished second in the 220 yard hurdles and was also on the winning relay team. Our indoor team finished second in the regiment. Our baseball and indoor teams won the squadron championship. Troop “A” scored more individual points in the track meet than any other outfit in the Third Regiment. Our volley­ball team finished second in the Regiment.

Walker was the drum major of the Wisconsin Band and was also the best rifle shot in the company. Higgins was the heavyweight and Grady was the sheik of the outfit Hartline was the best pistol shot in the troop. Nugent took third prize in the horse­manship contest for the Blue men.

The famous awkward squad: Crawford, Eidman, Ray, Guthman, Block, Baer, the Atlas Brothers and Corp. Chamberlain.

Our Equitation Honor Roll—Hopp, Chamberlain, Storm, Mabie, Guthman and A. Atlas.

A. Atlas was voted the sawdust medal for excellence in this field of endeavor.

To Mess Sgt. Christian and his staff of cooks we wish to express our thanks for the fine way they handled our mess hall.

To our Supply Corp. Horn and our Company Clerk Mikitta we give thanks for their efficient work, and we hope to see them again next year.


To Captain Richmond we wish to express our thanks for the efficient way he handled our organiza­tion. We don’t think that there was a better officer in the whole CMT Camp.

To Lieutenants Bradley, Tilsy and Smith we extend hearty thanks for their work and we hope to have them with us again next year.

To Prov. 2nd Lieut. Steffen, who has been one of us for the past few years, we wish a world of success and hope to see him again next year.



Chicago, Ill., July 3, 1944. Joseph H. FINK

While walking down Michigan Ave. whom should 1 run into but Captain Charles Keys! I had not seen the Captain since he received his commission as a shave-tail at Camp Custer. At lunch in the Blackstone Hotel I asked him if he had heard from any of the boys that were with us in Troo p “A” in 1924. He told me while he was on his way across the country he met Arthur Atlas who with his brother Edward owned a group of riding academies throughout the middle west and they were doing quite well. While in Denver he met Roy Chamberlain who was manager of one of the large department stores in town. Chamberlain told the Captain that Hugh Crawford was touring the country with his famous Jazz orchestra. Harry Walker was the musical director. The Captain also told me that Eric Grady had graduated from West Point in 1930 and was at present the commanding officer at the cavalry school at Ft. Riley, Kansas, with the rank of Colonel.

Eidman, the general manager for the Western Union Telegraph Company in Chicago, then came into the dining room and gave us a hearty greeting. He mentioned finding a number of the old boys at the Camp Custer Association meetings. Hayes is the coach for the Olympic track team. Egbert and Harkness are in the Engineering game. Paule is practicing law; Higgins and Smith are in the bottling business and are doing well.

When leaving my office yesterday afternoon in the new roadster airplane I had recently purchased, we were stepping along at a lively pace when an air cop pulled up and stopped us for speeding. I thought that the cop looked familiar and after asking him a few questions I found that he was none other than Allen Clary.

When we went to the Police Court to learn our fate, imagine our surprise when we walked into the court room to see our old friend Red Olson sitting as judge. We pleaded guilty and he let us off on probation and asked us to have lunch with him. He called up Hopp who is a member of the Real Estate Board of Chicago to join us at lunch. At luncheon Hopp told us that he read an article in the morning paper that Ferchland and Tomlinson won first prize in the cook’s and baker’s contest which was held in Chicago.

Third Battalion 3rd Regiment Company A Cavalry

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