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We began to assemble as early as Thursday, July 30th, 1924, and it was a painful process for such green rookies as we were then. Wisconsin is our home and after arriving at Camp Custer, Michigan, we slug in as good Badgers should. We were immediately run through the mill, physically examined, and issued clothes and other articles which were all a mystery to us. The clothes were fine when they fit, and most of them did after the cold shower that initiated us to the mill. 

The first few days saw us settled in camp routine, and educated in skipping police call and cussing the bugler. After the first two weeks we could count at least five wrinkles in the backs of our shirts and do squads right without consulting our hands to see which was the left one. The daily program of drill instructions, parade, exercise and athletics soon had us in such condition that we took up range work with a smile. The football pads and towels which were in evidence might have caused much of the mirth. 

The medals worn can prove our excellence in marksmanship, as our opponents can vouch for our records in athletics. The four weeks’ training sure helped us in a physical way as well as giving us some of the valuable military training. The insight of army life with its promise of adventure will always be a pleasant memory. 

No history of the company could he complete without honorable mention of people like Captain Barnes, our well-liked Lieutenant Graham, and the bard-boiled company clerk, Corporal Lee, Cowboy Massie and Red, the dining room orderly. Others we must not miss are Battling Goldstein, Corporal Hitt, and Harry of tent No. 12.

 Second Battalion 2nd Regiment Company U

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