Record of Certification of Registration of Nurses
State of Michigan
Clare County, from the records at the Archives of Michigan



November 6, 1912                               Bertha R. Gray

                                                            Rae B. Sanderson


July 15 1918                                        Blanche E. Cotton

                                                            Elsie G. Slater



15 June 1919                                       Edythe Myers

                                                            Julia L. Quinn



18 June 1930                                       Hazel E. Mason

                                                            Bernice G. MacKinnon


1 September 1932                                Doris E. Hindman

                                                            Marguerite C. Henderson


21 July 1926                                        Olive L. Coneley

                                                            Annabel Horton


15 January 1937                                   Marion Sutton

                                                            Francis Elizabeth Rickey



16 November 1939                              Inez Lehmann

                                                            Ina M. Young


5 November 1941                                Meredith H. (Carls) Stanfield

                                                            Helen L. Sanders


11November 1944                               Maxine L. Stevens

                                                            Beverly Arlene Blanchard


21 July 1947                                        Helen Gibson Heintz

                                                            Doris Jean Morton


22 November 1949                              Ruth Jane Rayner

                                                            Glen A. Hickling


16 November 1939                              Inez Lehmann

                                                            Wilma Agnes Hochstetler


20 Dec 1955                                        Catherine E. Wright

                                                            Helen Edith Johnston


9 November 1940                                Lillian Jane Davis

                                                            Caloma Leitner Warner



31 March 1931                                    Barbara J. Brubaker

                                                            Francis Elizabeth Richey



24 Feb 1956                                        Mary C. Fanning

                                                            Anne M. Rockwell



7 July 1931                                          Kathryn E. Freeman

                                                            Ethel J. Zimmerman


Oct. 20 1948                                       Mrs. Hannah Kneebone




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