In 1946 the government released two lists of the veterans who had given their lives in World War II. One list was created of the all personnel from the rolls of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. There was also a publication that listed the Army personnel and Army Air Force. Both booklets were published by the War Dept. in 1946 and each makes a note that the records and status of individuals may have changed after publication.

Surname Given Grade Branch Serv_No Parents or Relative Wife Address Town Status County
BEAVERS Clifford L. PVT USA-AAF 36985250         Killed in Action Clare
BECK Leroy C. S SG USA-AAF 36116731         Died of Wounds Clare
BENNETT Robert M. PVT USA-AAF 36872860         Killed in Action Clare
BRIGGS Frank R. S SG USA-AAF 6911427         Finding Of Death Clare
BROWN Wayne E. CPL USA-AAF 36452457         Died Non-Battle Clare
BURNS William D. SGT USA-AAF 16176209         Killed in Action Clare
CHASE James S. PVT USA-AAF 36886630         Killed in Action Clare
COOLEY Orville V. S SG USA-AAF 36417401         Killed in Action Clare
CUTTING Percy PFC USA-AAF 36409944         Killed in Action Clare
DANIELSON Wallace R. S SG USA-AAF 36830802         Killed in Action Clare
ESTERLINE Anthony G. PFC USA-AAF 36586088         Killed in Action Clare
GORDIER William A. PVT USA-AAF 36455026         Died Non-Battle Clare
GRUNO Harley H. PVT USA-AAF 36596760         Killed in Action Clare
JACKSON Karl E. PFC USA-AAF 36969918         Killed in Action Clare
JOHNSON Keith C. TEC 5 USA-AAF 20636539         Died Non-Battle Clare
KROHMAR Frank V. PFC USMCR   Mrs. Laura Krohmar   Box 15 Clare Dead Combat Clare
LAPHAM Gale G. 1 LT USA-AAF O-885729         Killed in Action Clare
MCGAHEY Dave CPL USA-AAF 36198491         Died of Wounds Clare
QUERBACK Alfred PFC USA-AAF 36152242         Died Non-Battle Clare
ROUTHIER Austin W. S SG USA-AAF 36198509         Finding Of Death Clare
SANFORD Glenn F. 2 LT USA-AAF O-744767         Died Non-Battle Clare
SHARP Russel E. PFC USA-AAF 36473384         Killed in Action Clare
SPARTA James J. 2 LT USA-AAF O-683602         Killed in Action Clare
TOMASKI Andrew L TEC 5 USA-AAF 36180791         Died Non-Battle Clare
UNDERWOOD Harold PVT USA-AAF 36414252         Killed in Action Clare
WEBBER Ralph V. PFC USA-AAF 36893617         Killed in Action Clare
WILLIAMS Clement W. LT USA-AAF O1320986         Killed in Action Clare

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