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1st Michigan Colored Infantry - 102nd U.S. Colored Troops

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SurnameGivenEnlistment DateEnlistment PlaceCounty Or StateAgeRegimentCompanyNotes
AbbottGeorgeDec. 26 1863LodiWashtenaw321st MI C.I.G 
AbramWilliamAugust 12 1864VicksburgKalamazoo23Capt. Powell C.I.  
AdamsWilliamAug. 22 1864KalamazooKalamazoo241st MI C.I.C 
AikenGeorgeFeb. 4 1864RollinLenawee441st MI C.I.I 
AlbertDavidOct. 13 1864ErinMacomb201st MI C.I.H 
AlexanderGeorgeMar. 29 1865DetroitWayne271st MI C.I.K 
AlexanderJacob HowardMuskegon401st MI C.I.Bconfirmed with pension card no enlistment information
AlexanderJosephJan. 7 1864DetroitWayne181st MI C.I.E 
AlexanderPrinceAugust 15 1864VicksburgKalamazoo185th U.S.C.H.A.  
AlfredAlexanderOct. 10 1864DetroitWayne221st MI C.I.D 
AlfredGeorgeOct. 7 1864DetroitWayne231st MI C.I.D 
AlfredJohnOct. 1 1864DetroitWayne261st MI C.I.H 
AllenArthur KalamazooKalamazoo18102 U.S.C.T.Cconfirmed by pension index - no enlistment date
AllenFranklinDec. 11 1863DetroitWayne191st MI C.I.F 
AllenGeorge L.Jan. 9 1864DetroitWayne191st MI C.I.E 
AllenJamesMar. 15 1864AdrianLenawee181st MI C.I.G 
AllenJohn PontiacOakland40102nd U.S.C.T.E 
AllenLewisJan. 21 1864MarshallCalhoun301st MI C.I.I 
AllenMartinFeb. 10 1864DetroitWayne231st MI C.I.C 
AllenMyronJan. 29 1864DetroitWayne261st MI C.I.K 
AllenSquireFeb. 5 1864DetroitWayne251st MI C.I.B 
AllenWard J.Mar. 14 1864DetroitWayne221st MI C.I.K 
AllenWarrenDec. 8 1863DetroitWayne221st MI C.I.D 
AllenWilliamSept. 10 1864KalamazooKalamazoo251st MI C.I.E 
AlmondJamesOct. 21 1863DetroitWayne311st MI C.I.B 
AlvordHenry H.May 4 1864Bay CityBay 1st MI C.I.C 
AmosJamesAug. 15 1864PontiacOakland181st MI C.I.K 
AndersonAllisJan. 13 1864DetroitWayne241st MI C.I.I 
AndersonAmosSept. 27 1864PorterVan Buren221st MI C.I.I 
AndersonDewitfieldJan. 31 1864DetroitWayne421st MI C.I.H 
AndersonGeorgeOct. 6 1864DetroitWayne181st MI C.I.G 
AndersonJames DetroitWayne221st MI C.I.Cconfirmed by pension index - no enlistment date
AndersonJefferson B.Jan. 11 1864PorterVan Buren441st MI C.I.I 
AndersonJohnFeb. 28 1865YpsilantiWashtenawAge 301st MI C.I.APossibly More Data
AndersonJohnOct. 6 1864DetroitWayne181st MI C.I.HPossibly More Data
AndersonJohnJan. 4 1864PontiacOakland441st MI C.I.IPossibly More Data
AndersonJohnJan. 21 1864DetroitWayne211st MI C.I.KPossibly More Data
AndersonLewisSept. 1 1864PennCassAge 171st MI C.I.A 
AndrewsAmos New York CityNew York 1st MI C.I.E1st Lieutenant
AppletonGeorgeOct. 30 1863BronsonBranch341st MI C.I.E 
AppletonGeorgeNov. 17 1863DetroitWayne341st MI C.I.E 
ArcherJohnJan. 15 1864DetroitWayne231st MI C.I.I 
ArchieTurnerOct. 10 1863DetroitWayne441st MI C.I.C 
ArchyThomasSept. 9 1864JacksonJacksonAge 201st MI C.I.A 
ArtisArchyMar. 4 1864Port HuronSt. Clair231st MI C.I.G 
ArtisEziah H.Sept. 23 1864CalvinCass231st MI C.I.K 
ArtisGeorgeNov. 5 1863CalvinCass241st MI C.I.D 
ArtisKinchenDec. 19 1863Battle CreekCalhoun371st MI C.I.HPhoto
ArtisLeviFeb. 2 1864DetroitWayne181st MI C.I.K 
ArtisMathewOct. 7 1863CalvinCass271st MI C.I.BOther Data

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