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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AbarAlex. City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AbarLewis Detroit Twelfth WardWayne 
AbbottAmos Village of TrentonWayne 
AbbottIsrael EcorceWayne 
AchersonW.H.Detroit Sixth WardWayne 
AckermanFrederickR.City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AdamsAlfredJ.City of Detroit ThirdWayne 
AdamsArthur City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AlberJohn Detroit Fifth WardWayne 
AllemandJohn Detroit Fifth WardWayne 
AllenAustin City of Detroit ThirdWayne 
AllenChas.T.City of Detroit SecondWayne 
AllengerLewisA.Detroit Tenth WardWayne 
AllengerLyman Detroit Tenth WardWayne 
AllfeltisHenry Detroit Thirteenth WardWayne 
AmoMoses Detroit Fifthteenth WardWayne 
AmsdenLouisH.Detroit Fifthteenth WardWayne 
AndersonJosephP.City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AndersonRobert Detroit Thirteenth WardWayne 
AndrewsChas.B.Detroit Thirteenth WardWayne 
AndrewsEdward  City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AndrewsJohnW.City of Detroit FourthWayne 
AndrewsMyronH.City of Detroit SecondWayne 
AndrewsWm.L.City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AndrusAlfredE.Detroit Tenth WardWayne 
AngerJohn Detroit Ninth WardWayne 
AnscombAlonzo Detroit Tenth WardWayne 
AnspachAbraham City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AnteauWm. BrownstoneWayne 
AnulletteLuke City of Detroit FourthWayne 
AppelJohnM.Detroit Thirteenth WardWayne 
ArmstrongHenryM.Detroit Sixth WardWayne 
ArmstrongJosephP.City of Detroit FourthWayne 
ArndtAlbertF.R.City of Detroit SecondWayne 
ArthurPeterW.Detroit Fourteenth WardWayne 
AshleyJohn Detroit Ninth WardWayne 
AssemacherMathew DearbornWayne 
AthertonJames Detroit Seventh WardWayne 
AtkinsChas.H.Detroit Tenth WardWayne 
AtkinsonJohn City of Detroit FirstWayne 
AtwellWm.C.Detroit Fourteenth WardWayne 
AullRobt. Detroit Twelfth WardWayne 
AuringerCharles City of Detroit FourthWayne 
AusherChas.  Village of TrentonWayne 
AustinAbner LivoniaWayne 
AustinHenry Detroit Tenth WardWayne 
AustinHenry Detroit Tenth WardWayne 
AustinJohn Detroit Sixth WardWayne 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.