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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

BaconA.E. Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
BurdickT.A. Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
BurwellAdam White FishChippewa 
ButlerThomas DetourChippewa 
CadotteIsaac DrummondChippewa 
CaleyJohn SuperiorChippewa 
ClockeyPeter DetourChippewa 
CloudmanJames DrummondChippewa 
CollinsWm. Sault Ste. MarieChippewa 
DeremoEarl Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
DeWittStephen SuperiorChippewa 
FloydHenryH.Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
GreenbirdMoses Sugar IslandChippewa 
GrosseFrank Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
HallElonG.Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
HamelDominique Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
HartleyRobert DetourChippewa 
HartsonWm. DetourChippewa 
HempstedChas. Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
HodgeH.W. Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
JacksonAndrew Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
JoyceJames Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
KeeganJohn SuperiorChippewa 
KelliherPeterC.Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
KenoFred DetourChippewa 
KinneyWm.K.Sugar IslandChippewa 
LaLondeFrank Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
LawlessStephen SuperiorChippewa 
LeeWm. White FishChippewa 
LessardFrancis Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
LynchJames BruceChippewa 
MackinJamesF.Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
MarcellusJamesM.Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
MatternJohn Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
McGinleyLeander DetourChippewa 
McTavishHugh RudyardChippewayes
MedlinPeter Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
MetzgerLouis Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
MeyersWm. Sault Ste Marie CityChippewayes
NewellCass DetourChippewa 
NolanThomas Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
OlmsteadRichard DetourChippewa 
O'NeillStephen Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
PanguineAntoine DetourChippewa 
ReidBurton Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
ReinevilleLewis Sault Ste. Marie CityChippewa 
RubeyGeorge White FishChippewa 
SchachtMartin Sault Ste Marie CityChippewa 
ScribnerWilloughby SuperiorChippewa 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.