Board of Education

Minutes of April 7, 1876 Meeting


List of pupils enrolled in the High School:


Twelfth Grade:

Ralph Angell
Anna Savage
Alice Hankinson
Edith Munn   
Emma Brownson
Susan Holmes
Carrie Larcom
Helen McGregor

Eleventh Grade:

Silas Miller
Carrie Seed
Minnie McIntosh
Melzar Fowler
Mattie Ingalls
William McEwan
Liaie Lloyd
Ada Bunnell

Tenth Grade:

John Cathcart
Eila Clements
Zina Clough
Harriet Ladd
Josephine McKim
Margaret Thompson
Sophie Ingalls
George Carney
Nellie Thompson
Jessie Noud
Eva Brownson

Ninth Grade:

Anna Gibson
Sarah Oliver
James Whittemore
Hettie Smith
M. F. Warren
Fred Bradley
Jennie Maxwell
William Wight
Minnie Gillet
David Barber
Milie Bunnell   
Josie Grandy
Linnie Sinclair
Jennie Park
Hattie McCormick
Percy Gaines
Jennie Malone
Frank Wilkins
Addie Moulthrop
Emma Noud
Stephen Flynn
John Coryell
Albert Jarmine
Fremont Trombley
Nellie Gaines
David Dolsen
William Sherman
Altie Beach
Bertha Hill
Belle Fitzhugh
Forest Courtright
Frankie Smith

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