St. Anne Catholic Cemetery
Section 34
Linwood Road just west of M-13
Linwood, Mi.

Selected headstones, transcriptions contributed by
Theresa Fitzgerald, Richard Furtaw and Katherine Kerr.


                           Transcriptions submitted by Katherine Kerr
                           Readings done by Katherine Kerr, Jamye Kerr, Miranda Kerr and
                           Melissa Kerr

                           Old Section

                           Old Section 1

                           Old Section 2

                           Section 1

                           Section 2

                           Section 3

                           Section 4

                           Section 5

                           Section 6

                           Section 7

                           Miscellaneous Headstones

                            Submitted by Theresa Fitzgerald.

Blondin, Louis

Trombley, Jerome E.

Abbott, Zilda M. Trombley

Burke, James M.

Burke, Helen M.

Blondin, Rose

Cummings, Patrick J.

Burke, James Merriel

Burke, Lawrence E.

Heritier, Arthur J. and Anna M.

Garmain, John

Groulx, Grace LaLonde

Heritier, James C.

Heritier, Bernard A.

Heritier, Charles and Alma

Heritier, Mabel

Heritier, James C.

Heritier, Lawrence

Heritier, Rose D.

Heritier, Mary

Heritier, Melanie

Heritier, Sarah and William

Metcalf, Jerry Steven

Nagy, Anthony J.

Miller, Elizabeth Trombley

Nagy, Alexander

Nagy, Robert J.

Nagy, Mary

Perrou Family Marker

Perrou, Barbara

Perrou, J. Henry

Perrou, Casmer J.

Perrou, Emil J. and Lena J.

Perrou, John

Perrou, John F.

Perrou, James C.

Perrou, Matthew

Perrou, John Henry

Perrou, Leonore A., Joseph J.

Seyuin, Alfred E., Stella M.

Perrou, Maurice

Rugenstein, Anna M.

Trombley, Anna

Seyuin, Margaret, Joseph

Trombley, William A.

Trombley, Emelia, William

Trombley, John

Selected headstones, transcriptions contributed by
Richard Furtaw.

                            Alfred F & Mildred Furtaw
                           Alfred H Furtaw - military plaque
                           Arthur & Ethel Furtaw
                           Elmer L Furtaw
                           Frank Furtaw

                           Gary Paul Furtaw
                           Hippolyte Fortin

                           Paul Fortin (Hippolyte) - military plaque
                           Paul & Mildred Furtaw
                           Edwedge W Fortin

                           Joseph L Fortin

                           Elmer & Albertha Fortin
                           Gabriel Fortin

                           Marian & Earlin Fortin



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by Theresa Fitzgerald and Richard Furtaw.
2004 - 2012  of transcriptions by Katherine Kerr
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