Cities, Towns, Villages and designated Post Offices:

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  • Amelith - 1900 Post Office; population 60 in 1910
  • Arenac - 1870 Post Office
  • Arn - east of Bay City on the M.C. Railroad; RFD Munger
  • Auburn - Henry Baldwin, J. Curve, Johnston Kent and William Spicer were the first pioneers to this village; J. Southerland and Ira Swarts were the first store owners.
  • Au Gres - 1870 Post Office
  • Banks - in West Bay City, platted by Joseph Tromble' (Trombley) in 1851; received a Post Office in 1865; incorporated as a village 15 April 1871 -  situated in Bangor Township; Joseph Marchand, post master (1877); listed as a Post Office until 1890 after which time it became part of Bay City
  • Bay City - County Seat
  • Bayside - Bangor township on Saginaw Bay;  RFD Bay City
  • Beaver
  • Bedell - five miles from Bay City, 3 from Kawkawlin; RFD Auburn
  • Bentley - Post Office 1890; Gibson Township on the M. (Michigan) C. (Central) Railroad
  • Bertie - in 1910 the population was 12, P.O. Pinconning
  • Brooks - on the Grand Trunk R.R.
  • Colden - Post Office 1897; Williams Township, 14 miles west of Bay City
  • Colfax - Post Office 1897-1918
  • Crump - Garfield Township; west of Linwood on the M.C. Railroad
  • Cummins - Post Office 1897 - 1902 in Fraser Township; RFD Linwood
  • Dolsenville - north of Woodside Avenue in  Bay City
  • Duel - Post Office in 1897; RFD Auburn
  • Essexville - founded by Joseph Hudson (who married Fedilia D. Essex) and Ransom P. Essex; Post Office in 1872;  it was incorporated in February of 1883
  • Fisherville - 13 miles west of Bay City on the M.C. Railroad
  • Flajole - east of Fisherville on the M.C. Railroad
  • Garfield - Post Office in 1900
  • Glencoe - settled 1873; ;Post Office
  • Glover - Post Office 1900; discontinued P.O. in 1918 - RFD Bentley
  • Hamblen - Post Office in 1890 and 1902; RFD Auburn
  • Kawkawlin -  in 1855 the settlement had two mills (Frederick A. Kaiser steam mill and the O.A. Ballou and Company water mill), 5 cottages, 2 log huts, and several Indian wigwams; a Post Office was established in 1868
  • Laredo - Post Office 1893; RFD Auburn
  • Lengsville - Post Office 1893; Fraser Township
  • Linwood
  • Loehne - 14 miles northwest of Bay City and 8 miles from Kawkawlin; Post Office in May, 1897
  • Maxwell - Fraser Township, 15 miles north of Bay City, 4 miles from Pinconning; settled in 1870
  • Michie -
    This village in Fraser Township was named for William Michie, pioneer of the area and first supervisor of the township.  He became first postmaster of Michie on December 20, 1880, the office operated until October 15, 1904.  Michie was located at the junction of State Road and the D & M Railroad, near the Michigan Central Line.  Several shingle mills were established in that area - a school, saloon and a hotel called the Royal Oak House making this a bustling place in its heyday. (Courtesy of Norma Campbell).
  • Monitor - Post Office in 1897; stop on the M.C. Railroad, 7 miles west of Bay City; P.O. Auburn
  • Mount Forest - Post Office in 1890; 1905 population is 50; 18 miles northwest of Bay City and 12 miles from Standish
  • Munger
  • North Williams - last listed as a post office in 1893
  • Pinconning - Chippewa name for the river near the settlement: O-pic-nic-con-ing, meaning potato place, as there were many wild potatoes growing there
  • Portsmouth - listed as a Post Office in 1890
  • Quanicassee
  • Saganing
  • Salzburg - named after Salzburg, Austria; settled in 1862; Post Office in 1875; Bangor Township 1 mile southwest of Bay City; lumber and salt manufacturing village
  • Seidler
  • Skinner - 1870 Post Office; Williams Township west of Bay City
  • State Road - see Maxwell or Michie; also known as State Road Crossing
  • Tebo - discontinued Post Office; RFD Pinconning
  • Tobico - on the D.(Detroit) & M. (Mackinac[w]) Railroad; mail to Bay City
  • Wenona - named after the mother of Hiawatha in Longfellow's poem; incorporated in May of 1866; became part of West Bay City in 1877 ; had the largest sawmill in the state - W.H. Sage & Co.
  • White Feather - settled in 1872, 1877 Post Office;  station on the M.C. Railroad
  • Willard
  • Woodville

Organization of Bay County Townships
(courtesy of Don Dolsen):

Year of Organization Township Name
1843 Hampton
1857 Bangor
1859 Portsmouth
1867 Beaver
1868 Kawkawlin
1869 Monitor
1871 Merritt
1873 Pinconning
1875 Fraser
1881 Frankenlust
1885 Williams
1889 Garfield
1889 Gibson
1890 Mt. Forest


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