School Lists & Censuses
The gap created by the loss of the 1890 census leaves a 20 year span of time that the genealogical researcher needs to fill with other records. School lists and censuses from the 1890's are helpful in pinpointing where families with children from the ages of 5 through 20 lived.  The school census was generally carried out yearly.
School attendance lists are not as accurate because school attendance, while encouraged, was not required.  Children were often needed at home.   Students stayed in a particular grade until they passed the state examinations for that grade. 

History of The Bay City Schools
Bay City Times,February 28, 1937
Centennial Edition

Catalogue of the West Bay City Schools, 1888
contains list of students and teachers.

For the School Year 1897 - 1898

Includes a listing of the teachers in the Bay City Schools as well as,
an enumeration of all the schools in the district.

Bay County Teachers - 1917
Those teachers paying the required Teacher's Institute Fee for the year 1917.

German Catholic Pupils will Give Entertainment
List of students presenting entertainment from St. Boniface School in 1890.

1876 - Pupils Enrolled in the High School

Public Schools of Bay County
Auburn Section

Bay County Graduates
Bay City High School
Class of 1890
Class of 1891
Class of 1894
Class of 1895.
Class of 1896.
Class of '97.
Class of 1898.
Class of 1899.
Class of 1900.
Class of 1901.
Class of 1902.
lists of Graduates of the Eighth Grade for the Bay County schools.
Does not include the graduates from the City schools.
May 31, 1933 - List of Bay County Graduates
In honor of my mother, Eva Krawczuk Hoff.
14 January 1917 - 6 October 2003
May 24, 1934 - List of Bay County Graduates
In honor of my aunt, Mary Ann Krawczuk Olszowy.
19 January 1920 - 11 September 1995
1918 St. Stanislaus 8th Grade Graduation
Handy High School
1958-59 Directory
History of Farragut School
Farragut School Class of 1895

School Yearbooks

Western High School 1914 "X-Ray"
This includes the alumni from the years 1881 through 1913

Western High School 1915 "The Occident"

Western High School 1917 "The Occident"

Western High School 1919 "The Occident"

Western High School 1920 "The Occident"

Western High School 1921 "The Occident"

Western High School 1922 "The Occident"
This was the last class to graduate from this version of Western High School.

Eastern High School 1915 "The Orient"

Eastern High School 1916 "The Orient"

Eastern High School 1917 "The Orient"

Eastern High School 1919 "The Orient"

Eastern High School 1920 "The Orient"

Eastern High School 1922 "The Orient"

Central High School  1923 "The Centralia"

Central High School 1925 "The Centralia"

Central High School 1926 "The Centralia"

Central High School 1928 "The Centralia"

Central High School 1932 "The Centralia"

St. Joseph High School, 1939, "The Torch"
The first yearbook of St. Joseph High School

Central High School 1942 "The Centralia"

Pinconning High School 1947 "The Spartan"

Central High School 1948
"The Centralia"

Bay City Junior College 1923 "The Crucible"

Bay City Junior College 1924 "The Crucible"
History of the Class and Class Photos

Bay City Junior College 1936 "The Crucible"

Bay City Junior College 1949 "The Crucible"


Essexville Public Schools


School Census

 Union School District, Bay City

1878 - First Ward
Contains head of household, address, all children under 18 and their ages.

1878 School Census - Second Ward

1888 School Census Of Union School District
Dolsen District
Farragut District
Sherman District
Fifth Ward School District
Sixth Ward School District
Seventh Ward School District

Bangor School District

1891 School Census
Includes Surname, Given name, and age.

1892 School Census
Includes Surname, Given name, and age.


A large number of people from Bay County attend and have attended
Central Michigan University. 

Central Michigan
1892 -- Central Michigan Normal School
1927 -- Central State Teacher's College
1941 -- Central Michigan College of Education
1955 -- Central Michigan College
1959 -- Central Michigan University

BY: Claude S. Larzelere, M. A.
Department of History & Civics)
Michigan History Magazine, July 1919, Vol. 3
History of the founding of the school.

Central Michigan Normal School, August Commencement, 1925

Fortieth Anniversary Commencement Program
Central State Teachers College, June Twenty-four, 1935

Central Michigan Normal School

1896  |  1897  |  1898  |  1899  |  1900  |  1901  |  1902
1903  |  1904  |  1905  |  1906  |  1907  |  1908  |  1909



Searchable database of school yearbooks, commencements and alumni registers.

Records of Certificate of Registration of Nurses
State of Michigan - Bay County

Click on the image to enlarge.  This is a scan of a Record of Certificate of Registration of Nurses, State of Michigan.

Bay County Certificates, Registered Nurses - 1910 through 1926

List of Renewals of Registered Nurses - 1924

Bay County Certificates, Registered Nurses - 1927 through 1936

The Mercurium - 1926
Mercy Hospital School of Nursing

Saint Stanislaus Athletic Club
Member Lists
1938 - First Year

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