Bay County Pictures

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Third Street Bridge, Bay City, Mich.
Wrights Cafe, Wenonah Park, Bay City, Mich.
Sage Library, Bay City, Mich. [1914]
Bird's Eye View, looking North, Bay City, Mich. [1914]
M. C. Depot, Bay City, Mich.
Michigan Central Station, Bay City, Mich.
Federal Building, Bay City, Mich. [1907]
City Hall, Bay City, Mich.
T. L. Handy High School, Bay City, Mich.
Corbin School, 1925, 4th Grade
Corbin School, 1925, 5th and 6th Grades
Bay City, Michigan, 1837
Bay City, Michigan, View from Center Avenue, Unknown Date
Bay City, Michigan, St. Laurent's Bros. and the Third Street Bridge, Date Unknown
Fire Truck, 1915
Frank & Joe Bar, this is now Steamer's on Lynn St.
Bay City High School
Light House, Bay City, Michigan


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