Newspapers from Bay County

Bangor Beacon Weekly   1966-1968?
Bangor News Biweekly   1960-1964
Bay City Chronicle & Tribune Daily   1870-1878
Bay City Chronicle & Tribune Weekly   1878-1???
Bay City Daily Call Daily   1884-1???
Bay City Daily Journal Daily   1871-1873
Bay City Daily Morning Call Daily Bert Moran 1881-1884
Bay City Daily Times Daily   1915-1916, 1927-1935
Bay City Daily Tribune Daily   1873-1882
Bay City Evening Observer Weekly from 1876-1878, Daily from 1878-1???   1878-1???
Bay City Evening Press Daily   18??-1891
Bay City Evening Times Daily   1906-1915
Bay City Express Weekly   1857-18??
Bay City Growler Weekly D.R. Currey 1879-187?
Bay City Journal Weekly   1864-1???
Bay City Observer Daily   187?-1878
Bay City Press Weekly   1859-1860 William Bryce - Founder
Bay City Signal Weekly W.T. Kennedy, Jr. 18??-1???
Bay City Times Daily   1906-1915, 1935-date
Bay City Times and Evening Press Daily   1891
Bay City Times-Press Daily   1891-1903
Bay City Times-Tribune Daily   1916-1927
Bay City Tribune Daily/Weekly   1882-1916
Bay City Tri-Weekly Journal 3 times a week   1871-????
Bay County Democrat     1890-date
Bay County Observer Weekly   Charles & Patricia McMartin
Beacon Community Newspaper Weekly   1966-1???
Catholic Chronicle Weekly   1882-19??
Chronicle      1864
Le Courrier Weekly J.L. Marquell 1884-18??
Essexville-Hampton Communicator   Voelker Printing 1977-19??
Essexville-Hampton Observer     Charles & Patricia McMartin
Lumberman's Gazette     1873
Michigan Union Monthly   18??-1???
Le Patriote Weekly H.A. Pacaud 1883-1884
Pinconning Journal Weekly   1940-1943, 1949-date
Pinconning Journal & Bay County News Weekly   1925-19??
Pinconning Press Weekly   18??-1925
Pinconning Press & Bay County News Weekly   1925-1940
Press and Times Weekly 1860-1864, Twice a week from 1864-1???   1860-1864+
Suburbanite Weekly   1965-1???
Sztandar Polski (Polish Weekly Standard) Weekly   191?-1943
Valley Farmer     1910 - date
Weekly Tribune Weekly   187?-1???
Wenona Herald Weekly Jas. B. Teneyck 1869, 1876, 1881
West Bay City Sunday Times Weekly   1895-1903
West Bay City Times-Press Daily   1895-1903
West Bay City Tribune Daily   18??-19??

Microfilm copies of Bay County Papers are available at the Library of Michigan, Clarke Historical Library and the Bay County Public Library System.

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