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     Resources for genealogical research nation wide, sponsored by RootsWeb.

Anishinabeg History
     Tribal history by the Soo Band.

The Ottawa and Chippewa of Michigan - 1870 Census & Durant Rolls
     This is a transcription of the role.  The Durant Roll Index is a census taken by Bureau of Indian
     Affairs   Special Agent Horace B. Durant.  It includes all persons who were enumerated in the
     1870 census and their known descendants living on 4 March 1907.  The actual census includes
     the Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac, Grand Traverse and Grand River Bands of Ottawas
     and Chippewas.  This site is a surname index to the Grand Traverse Band.

Durant Roll Index  - This site is a surname index to the Grand Traverse Band.

Native American Indian Page
      Multi-site resource page for native culture. The site was originally maintained by Paula Giese.

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Homepage

Native American Resources Web Page

Smoke Signals

"the People's Paths home page!" 

Native American Census Project
    Be sure to click the "Read about Native American Enumerations" link at the top.

There is a wealth of information covering many different tribes at the Oklahoma
    Territory - Indian Territory USGenWeb Project site.

The NARA web site hosts an informative article by Kent Carter, Director of
    National Archives-Fort Worth Branch, entitled Wantabes and Outalucks:
    Searching for Indian Ancestors in Federal Records. The article describes federal
    records of Native Americans and their value for genealogy.

Local NARA facilities might hold area specific records:

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has a page of helps for genealogical

A DOI pdf file listing contact information for tribal leaders:


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