Early Bay County Marriages


No. Date of Marriage Place of Marriage Full Name (and color)  Residence of each Age Birth Place Occupation of Name and Official Station of Witnesses to Marriage
      of Bridegroom and Bride at the time of Marriage   of each Bridegroom Person by whom married Names    Residence
258 October 4, 1869 Bay City Latinek Murphy (W) Bay City 25 Ireland Laborer M. Y. Canters Matthew Murphy, Bay City
    Margaret Morrison (W) Hampton 24     C. P. Mary Morrison, Bay City
259 October 4, 1869 Bay City Morgen Jones (W) Beaver Town 25 N. Y. State Farmer M. Y. Canter William Connor, Beaver Town
    Margerat Connor (W) Beaver Town 20 Canada   C. P. Mary Jones, Williams
260 October 8, 1869 Bay City Lawrence M. Hughs (W) Bay CIty 27 Ireland   M. Y. Canter Daniel Mangel, Bay City
    Catherine Carney (W) Bay City 19 England   C. P. Mary Carney, Bay City
261 January 10, 1870 Bay City John Timm (W) Portsmouth 25 Prussia Laborer M. Y. Canter Frederick Timm, Portsmouth
    Margaret Shlosser (W) Portsmouth 22 Prussia   C. P. John Seeler, Portsmouth
262 December 26, 1869 Williams William Doonan (W) Beaver 26 Canada Farmer Samuel Rowden Mark Willson, Williams
    Malony Jewbar (W) Bay City 17 Vermont   Justice of the Peace Susan Wilson, Williams
263 December 28, 1869 Wenona Francis L. Harrison (W) Wenona 22 Canada Mechanic Jacob Horton H. L. Adams, Wenona
    Nancy Helen Chambers (W) Wenona 23 Ulysses, New York   Minister of the Gospel Wm. Leatet, Wenona
264 December 28, 1869 Wenona John M. Chambers (W) Wenona 28 Ulysses, New York Sailor Jacob Horton M. W. Hicks, Wenona
    Eliza J. Leater (W) Wenona 25 Port Hope, C. W.   Minister of the Gospel George Eddy, Wenona
265 February 8, 1870 Bay City John Joseph Harrison (W) Bay City 19 Syracuse Express Agent A. J. Frost Wm. Esnesdell, Bay City
    Emma R. Tilton (W) Bay City 20 St. John, New Brunswick   Minister of the Gospel Catherine Kennedy, Bay City
266 February 10, 1870 Bay City George Clark (W) Saginaw City 25 Canada Brakeman A. J. Frost John Dawson, Saginaw City
    Isabel Derby (W) Saginaw City 16 England   Minister of the Gospel Elizabeth Dawson, Saginaw City
267 February 12, 1870 Wenona Loane D. Toll (W) Lansing 22 Niles, Mich. R. R. Conductor Jacob Horton Wm. G. Reynader, Wenona
    Mattie Reynader (W) Wenona 20 Aurora, Illinois   Minister of the Gospel Annie Reynader, Wenona
268 November 20, 1869 Williams James Wilson (W) Williams 43   Farmer Matthew Connor Thomas Wilson, Williams
    Mary Turner (W) WIlliams 29     Justice of the Peace Patrick Wilson, Williams
    Mary Higgins            
269 January 11, 1870 Bay City Stewart A. Van Deusen (W) Bay City 52 Berkahmelier, Mass. Proprieter of Hotel Allen R. Roladm F. N. Davenport, Bay City
    Nancy Mead (W) Bay City 53 New York City   Pastor of Universalist Church, Bay City Jennie Mells, Bay City
270 February 22, 1870 Bay City James C. Merrill (W) Austin, Canada 30 Michigan Miner Allen R. Roladm J. H. Wood, Bay City
    Julia Wild (W) Bay City 18 Kingston, N. Y.   Pastor of Universalist Church, Bay City Ann Wood, Bay City
271 February 23, 1870 Wenona George W. Walker (W) Bay City 24 Scotland Engineer Elihu T. Sanford J. H. Penning, Wenona
    Elizabeth Chapman (W) Bangor 19 Milada, Canada   Minister of the Gospel Geo. W. Eddy, Wenona
272 January 9, 1870 Bay City George Thomas Colb (W) Bangor 24 Germany Farmer I. H. Christopher Frederick Colb, Bangor
    Mary Margaret Gorkenser (W) Amelith 17     German Minister Michael Kernstock, Wenona
273 January 23, 1870 Bay City John Crist Henry Masnaskese (W) Bay City 41 Germany Saloon Keeper I. H. Ch. Partenfelder Charles Grimm, Bay City
    Lina Maria Kraak (W) Bay City 29 Germany   Pastor German Church Aignol Schwaan, Bay City
274 February 4, 1870 Bay City John George Steinbauer, Jr. (W) Bay City 23 Germany Brewer I. H. Ch. Partenfelder John Andrew Mieth, Bay City
    Sabine Dorothea Mieth Frankenlust 20 Germany   Pastor German Church John George Mieth, Bay City
275 March 8, 1870 Portsmouth Frederick Voight (W) Portsmouth 25 Germany Butcher William Reuther Theodore Hukire, Bay City
    Mary Minter (W) Portsmouth 20 Germany   Pastor German Church Lina Voight, Bay City
276 March 1, 1870 Bay City Chaunsey L. Watrous (W) Portsmouth 23 Ashtabula, Ohio Lumberman John Wight Dr. Landon, Bay City
      Minnie Wright (W) Bay City 20 Ontario, C. W.   Rector Trinity Church Y. Z. Chewrdmb, Bay City
277 March 12, 1870 Portsmouth William M. Robinson (W) Portsmouth 21 Pennsylvania Farmer Michael Winterhatten Elijah Newton, Portsmouth
    Maggie M. Howard (W) Portsmouth 25 Albany, N. Y.   J. P. Jane Newton, Portsmouth
278 March 31, 1870 Bay City Charles Vosburgh (W) Bay City 26 Nluohisy, Mich. Sailor A. J. Praat Wm. Brandiwine, Bay City
    Kitty Kennedy (W) Bay City 26 Rainesville, Ohio   Pastor 1st Baptist Church Bay City Mrs. Eva Brandiwine, Bay City
279 December 22 1869 Bay City Saml C. Palmer (W) Bay City 28 Palmyra, New York Painter C. P. Nash Sarah A. Nash, Bay City
    Annie Murray (W) Bay City 23 Canada   Minister of the Gospel Almira Mathus, Bay City
280 April 16 1870 Portsmouth John McGinnis (W) Portsmouth 29 Oskeandles (?), Mi. Laborer Marshall Winterholter Carl Timm, Portsmouth
    Mary Stark (W) Portsmouth 32 Scotland   Justice of the Peace Charles Canoola, Portsmouth
    Mary Michuth            
281 April 12 1870 Wenona John Mc Carney (W) Williams Town 27 Ireland Blacksmith Jacob Waitrous Henry Welch, Williams
    Hannah Camburn (W) WIlliams Town 22 Canada   Minister of the Gospel Mary Miller, Monitor
282 March 29 1870 Wenona David P. Stephens (W) Wenona 23 Canada Laborer E. T. Sanford J. H (N). Stephens, Wenona
    Jennie Milion (W) Wenona 21 Canada   Minister of the Gospel Mrs. Kate Hicks, Wenona
283 April 12 1870 Bay City Edgar Merrill (W) Bay City 27 Detroit Machinist C. P. Nash Clara A. Nash, Bay City
    Lisetta (?) Mullins (W) Bay City 19 Ireland   Minister of the Gospel C. Edward Nash, Bay City
284 December 7 1856 Lower Saginaw John Fredrick Henry Radst (W) Lower Saginaw 21 Germany Mason Conrad Volz Conrad Volz, Lower Saginaw
    Sophie Macy (W) Lower Saginaw 21 Prussia   German Luth Minister Edward Eikemeier, Lower Saginaw
285 March 14 1870 Bay City John Frederick Schott (W) Bay City 31 Liverpool Ohio Sailor William Reuther Phillip Simon, Bay City
    Karoline Simon (W) Bay CIty 17 Bay City Michigan   Lutheran Minister Karoline Simon, Bay City
286 April 18 1870 Bay City Martin Schindehefte (W) Bay City 28 Germany Saloon Keeper William Reuther George Nersaelt (?), Bay CIty
    Ana Maria Nisfeldt (W) Bay CIty 19 Germany   Lutheran Minister Ana Barb Dashler, Bay City
287 April 22 1870 Bay City Thomas P. Bishop (W) Bay City 35 England Photographer J. A. WIght Louis Blaedin, Bay City
    Julia A. M. Strong (W) Bay City 19 Birmingham, Mich.   Pastor Presby Church Mrs. L. J. Munstead, Bay City

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