Early Bay County Marriages


No. Date of Marriage Place of Marriage Full Name (and color)  Residence of each Age Birth Place Occupation of Name and Official Station of Witnesses to Marriage
      of Bridegroom and Bride at the time of Marriage   of each Bridegroom Person by whom married Names    Residence
183 March 17, 1869 Bay City Marshal K. Ames (W) Bay City 27 Peterborough, N. H. Lumber & Boat Manufacturing J. A. Wight J. H. Monroe, Bay City
    Jane Butman   21 Milan, Ohio   Pastor, Presby. Church Clark Mouthrop, Bay City
184 March 19, 1869 Bay City Hugh Mc Donnell Bay City 24 Canada Laborer J. A. Wight Caroline E. Wight, Bay City
    Mary Leonard (Maiden name Shaw)   25 Canada   Pastor Pesby Church Julia Wight, Bay City
185 June 6, 1869 Bay City Luke Donnelly (W) Bay City 28 Scotland Boiler Maker J. A. Wight George Campbell, Bay City
    Margaret Davidson (Crellin) (W) Bay City 28 England   Pastor Presby Church Julia Wight, Bay City
186 April 13, 1869 Bay City William S. Clements (W) Bay City 29 West Indies Lumber Inspector J. A. Wight C. E. Wight, Bay City
    Elizabeth J. Helmer (W) Bay City 19 Canada   Pastor Presby Church Julia Wight, Bay City
187 April 27, 1869 Bay City Jacob Gingeriche (W) Bay City 23 Dunkirk, N. Y. Painter J. A. Wight William Maturin, Bay City
    Mary Armstrong (W)   19 Port Bor, N. Y.   Pastor Presby Church C. E. Wight, Bay City
188 May 1, 1869 Wenona James E. Thomas (W) Williams, Bay Co. 22 Canada Farmer F. Clark Charles Fletcher, Bay Co.
    Margaret Rhodes (W) Williams, Bay Co. 24 Ohio   Justice of the Peace A. Culver, Bay Co.
189 April 18, 1869 Arenac Joseph Hamilton (W) Arenac, Mich 21 Prince Edward Island Laborer A. B. Beach Arvilla L. Beach, Arenac
    Charlotte Jane Gibbons (W) Arenac, Mich 17 Stamford, Canada   Justice of the Peace John Major, Arenac
190 April 19, 1869 Arena Smith Dodge (W) Arenac 58 Orange Co., Vermont Farmer A. B. Beach W. H. Fleming, Arenac
    Mary Middleburgh (Mary Chirgin Smith) (W) Arenac 49 Greensburgh, Penn.   Justice of the Peace John Major, Arenac
191 May 9, 1869 Wenona Louis Cameron (W) Bangor 29 Canada Laborer N. Clark Jas. B. Ten Eyck, WEnona
    Catherine Ligne (W) Bangor 33 Canada   Justice of the Peace Lorne Lalond, Bangor
192 May 22, 1869 Wenona Daniel Guiney (W) Salzburg 22 Canada Sailor N. Clark N. E. Stafford, Salzburgh
    Mellissa Wait (W) Salzburgh 19 Michigan   Justice of the Peace Matana Stafford, Salzburgh
193 January 6, 1866 Bangor John Gates (W) Bangor       Horace Tupper W. R. Tupper, Bay Co.
    Meahola Reynolds (W) Bangor       Justice of the Peace James Deans, Bay County
194 May 30, 1869 Wenona John L. Bin (W) Wenona 23 Canada Millwright Elisha F. Sanford Mrs. John Plum, Wenona
    Julia Raymond (W) Wenona 21 Canada   REctor of Trinity Church Mrs. John Emory, Wenona
195 January 12, 1869 Bay City William Trion (W) Sebewaing, Huron Co. 23 Atlantic Ocean Farmer Wm. Reuther August Armboualet, Sebewaing
    Katherina Wagner (W) Sebewaing, Huron Co. 21 Kingdom of Bayern Germany   Pastor German Lutheran Bethel Church Auguste Canend, Sebewaing
196 April 28, 1869 Bay City Frederick Rogers (W) Bay City 25 Kingdom of Bayern Germany Farmer Wm. Reuther Louis Berger, Sebewaing
    Roaine Armbruster Sebewaing, Mich 19 Tiffin City, Ohio   Pastor German Lutheran Bethel Church Mary Berger, Sebewaing
197 May 28, 1869 Bay City Ferdinand Schnetz (W) Bay City 25 Prussen, Germany Butcher Wm. Reuther William Wagner, Bay City
    Gertrude Wagner (W) Bay City 19 Hessen, Germany   Pastor German Lutheran Bethel Church Louise Wagner, Bay City
198 May 8, 1869 Portsmouth Wm. W. Hargraves Bay City 45 England Millwright Luman Barnes Harriet E. Burch, Portsmouth
    Charlotte Adams (W) Bay City 18 Canada   Minister of the Gospel Rosella Henderson, Bay City
199 January 7, 1869 Bay City Thomas Deegan (Dugan) (W) Bay City 30   Hotel Keeper H. J. H. Schutzes Edward Fitzgerald, Bay City
    Ellen Behan (W) Bay City 27     Cath. Pr. Mary Deegan (Dugan), Bay City
200 January 18, 1869 Bay City George Bertold (W) Bay City 38 Germany Laborer H. J.. H. Schutzes John Brawater, Bay City
    Hanna Kreelinger (W) Bay City 26 Germany   Cath. Pr. Peter Freelinger, Bay City
201 January 22, 1869 Bay City William Kent (W) Williams 29   Farmer H. J. H. Schutzes Thomas Kent, Williams
    Henriette Winans (W) WIlliams 17     Cath. Pr. Henrietta Kent, Williams
202 February 8, 1869 Bay City Alexis Boucher (W) Bangor 34 Canada Laborer H. J. H. Schhutzes Michel Larkins, Bay City
    Dolphine Lajoi widow of N. Gedar (W) Bangor 36 Canada   Cath. Pr. Peneid Dayi, Bay City
203 April 12, 1869 Bay City Michael McEmerny (W) Bay City 22   Plasterer H. J. H. Schutzes Labre R. Ryan, Bay City
    Maggie Hennessie (W) Bay City 18     Cath. Pr. Ann Maria Conway, Bay City
204 April 25, 1869 Bay City Nicolas Wagner (W) Bay City 27 Germany Laborer H. J. H. Schutzes John Auger, Kawkawlin
    Magdalene Auger (W) Kawkawlin 27 Germany   Cath. Pr. Mary Benader, Bangor
205 June 17, 1869 Bay City Edward Adolf Seigenfind Sebewaing 22 Prussia Farmer Wm Reuther Christopher Hesinamon, Bay City
    Juliane Henriette Winter Sebewaing 20 Prussia   Pastor of Lutheran Bethel Church Annie Hoge, Bay City
206 June 11, 1868 Bay City Thomas J. Lanksrie (W) East Tawas, Mich 28 Erie, Penn. Lumberman C. P Nash Milo H. Fralet, Bay City
    Eunice C. Jackson (W) East Tawas, Mich 28 Washington, Macomb Co. Mich.   Minister of the Gospel Elvira Fralet, Bay City
207 June 22, 1868 Bay City Elizne J. Colburn (W) Bay City, Mich. 24 Whitehall, N. Y. Artist C. P. Nash Josiah Colburn, Bay City
    Mary T. Bassingthwaite (W) Bay City, Mich 19 Greenhaull, C. W.   Minister of the Gospel Helen A. Hensahut, Bay City
208 July 3, 1969 Bay City Marrington Verrell (W) Davison, Genesee Co., Mich 26 Genesee, New York Farmer C. P. Nash Thomas Taylor, Bay City
    Esther Kesler (W) Gaines Township, Genesee, Mich. 23 Gaines Township, Mich.   Minister of the Gospel Elaine Taylor, Bay City
209 July 3, 1869 Bay City George J. Robinson Ossineke, Alpena Co., Mich 31 Detroit, Mich Lumberman C. Rahooh Geo. B. Melville, Ossineke, Mich.
    Eliza E. Eladen (W) Ossineke, Alpena Co., Mich 30 Banbury, England   Minister of the Gospel M. Lovina Melville, Ossineke, Mich.
210 July 5, 1869 Portsmouth John L. Trombley (W) Bay City 23 Mt. Clemens, Mich Laborer Leeman Barnes Harriet S. Barnes, Portsmouth
    Olive Jennie Hawkins (W) Portsmouth 20 Canada   Clergyman Clara J. Hewett, Portsmouth
211 May 31, 1869 Arenac William John (I) Sagining 24 Sagining none N. Decker Matilda Decker, Arenac
    Sarah (I) Sagining 20 Pinconning   Minister of the Gospel John E. Ming, Arenac
212 June 14, 1869 Bay City, Mich. John Simon Kenmann (W) Bay City 23 Germany Carpenter I. H. P. Partinfelder Geroge Stenborn, Bay City
    Anna Margarett Kaajlein (W) Amelith, Saginaw Co. 18 Germany   Pastor Lutheran Church Miss Hufnagel, Amelith

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