Early Bay County Marriages


No. Date of Marriage Place of Marriage Full Name (and color)  Residence of each Age Birth Place Occupation of Name and Offical Station of Witnesses to Marriage
      of Bridegroom and Bride at the time of Marriage   of each Bridegroom Person by whom married Names    Residence
1 November 7, 1867 Bay City Jonathan Henderson (W) Bay City, Mich. 34 State of New York Farmer Chas. F. Corbin R. L. Henderson, Bay City
      Mary Haskins (W) Bay City, Mich. 34 State of Pennsylvania   Justice of the Peace Chas. Forstade, Bay City
2 November 13, 1867 Bay City George H. Millan (W) Bay City, Mich. 25 Ireland Farmer Chas. F. Corbin Frederick K. Lambert, Bay City
      Margaret Reid  (W) Bay City, Mich. 15     Justice of the Peace Mary Reid, Bay City
 3 October 23, 1867 Pesaqining John Walker (R) Pesaqining 23     Alexander Gee John Hall, Pesaqining
      Elizabeth Ah-me moh qoh ba ma Pesaqining 16     Minister Mary Hall, Pesaqining
4 September 29, 1867 Wenona Prestwood Craddock Bay City 28 United States Lumberman D. B. Cambell Merantha Emery, Wenona
    Lizzie Connor (W) Bay City 22 United States   Minister Lizzie Passdal, Wenona
5 October 20, 1867 Wenona Frederick Schafer Bay City 25 Ternitz, Prussia   Thomas C. Kassels August Schaen, Bay City
    Carolina Treton Bay City 22 Tasmuck, Prussia   Minister Mrs. Frederick Luber, Bay City
6 October 21, 1867 Wenona Silas G. Elliott (W) Wenona 26 United States Merchant D. B. Campbell Mary T. Ostrander, Wenona
    Pheobes H. Ostrander (W) Wenona 29 United States   Minister Kate Campbell, Wenona
7 October 23, 1867 Wenona John B. Rackham (W) Bay City 28 United States Lumberman D. B. Campbell Frannie Teft, Wenona
    Mary M. Eastman (W) Bay City 23 United States   Minister Libbie Campbell, Wenona
8 July 23, 1867 Wenona John Agans (W) Bay City   New York Farmer W. Clarke Peter Sonders, Bangor
    Emeline Sowilers (W) Bay City   Michigan   Justice of the Peace Minerva Somas, Bangor
9 October 5, 1867 Wenona Fernand Bennett (W) Wenona   United States Lumbering D. B. Campbell R. I. Sweet, Wenona
    Lucy A. Spencer (W) Wenona   United States   Minister Carlos "E" Root, Wenona
10 October 21, 1867   Nicolous Brock (W) Williams, Bay Co.       Chas. F. Corbin A. McDuell, Bay City
    Mary Olive Hynes (W) Williams, Bay Co.       Justice of the Peace M. Wait, Bay City
11 September 19, 1867 Bay City Hugh McDuell Bay City 21   Laborer Chas. F. Corbin P. I. Parrott, Bay City
    Ellen Forbes Bay City 23     Justice of the Peace Hugh McFell, Bay City
12 July 14, 1867 Bay City Henry Fuelchouse (?) (W) Bay City 24 Meclheime, Prussia Laborer William Peuste Theodor Kofel, Bay City
    Karoline Strasburgh (W) Bay City 18     Pastor Miss Mary Babs, Bay City
13 December 5, 1867 Salzburgh Selden E. Williams (W) Portsmouth 24 Essex, Canada Shingle Maker Alexander Gee Usbam A. Sadel, Salzburgh
    Addie E. Shekard (W) Salzburgh 18     Minister Parisetha Sadel, Salzburgh
14 December 9, 1867 Bangor Michael McCarthy (W) Bangor   Hexford Island Sailor Alexander Gee Irless Martin, Bangor
    Elizabeth Fletcher (W) Bangor   Glengarry, C. W.   Minister Susan Bennett, Bangor
15 May 19, 1867 Bay City William Rankee (W) Bay City, Bay Co. 48 Mecklenburgh, Germany Laborer William Reuthen Mr. Henry Frost, Bay City
    Barbara Able Bay City, Bay Co. 38 Naumengan, Wuerttemburg   Minister Miss Martha Schram, Bay City
16 December 4, 1867 Wenona Samuel Johnson (W) Brockway, St. Clair Co., Mich. 30 Scotland Lawyer W. Clarke R. Johnson, Brockway
    Marion McLeod     Canada West   Justice of the Peace Isabella McGuain, Bay City
17 December 9, 1867 Wenona William Hacke Bay City 34 England Farmer W. Clarke Ellen Clarke, Wenona
    Mary Vandecar Bay City 25 New York   Justice of the Peace Patrick McInary, WEnona
18 December 16, 1867 Bay City Frederick Wagoner Bay City 20 Nozheim, Germany Farmer William Reuthen George Backs, Bay City
    August Bachus Bay City 24 Nozheim, Germany   Minister Gertrude Wagner, Bay City
19 November 20, 1867 Bay City Frank Van Houghton (W) Bay City 38 Belgium, Europe Laborer Charles F. Corbin Brand De Carte, Bay City
    Rosaline De Carte Bay City 29 Belgium, Europe   Justice of the Peace H. H. Norrington, Bay City
20 September 28, 1867 Bay City John C. Cook (W) Bangor 18 New Hampshire Farmer Herb. Laud Dr. H. Goodale, Bay City
    Abby F. Hamilton Bangor, State of Mich. 18 Shepleegh, Maine   Justice of the Peace Col. Harry H. Norrington
21 November 12, 1867 Wenona Otto Miller Wenona 25 Germany Keep a Meat Market D. B. Campbell Charles Miller, Wenona
    Caroline Hutchinson Wenona 18 Germany   Minister Caroline Miller, Wenona
22 December 2, 1867 Portsmouth Jacob Weaver (W) Portsmouth 26 Summit Co., Ohio Laborer M. Winterhatten John Smasse, Portsmouth
    Margaret McFaden Portsmouth 21 Wyandotte, Michigan   Justice of the Peace Gerty Smasse, Portsmouth
23 December 10, 1867 Portsmouth Fritz Sussar (W) Portsmouth 24 Mecklenburgh, Germany Laborer M. Winterhotten John Semise, Portsmouth
    Wilhelmine Rulte (W) Detroit 22 Mecklenburgh, Germany   Justice of Peace Katie Marein, Detroit
24 January 1, 1868 Williams John R. Smith (W) Township of Williams 26 Canada Sawer Samuel Rondin John Chassin, Williams
    Mary A. Cameron (W) Port Huron 23 Canada   Justice of the Peace Hannah Cameron, Port Huron
25 November 17, 1867 Beaver Daniel Hutchinson Bay City 38 Prince Edwards District Ship Carpenter L. S. Wilber Levi Tilken, Bangor
    Elizabeth Collier Williams, Bay Co. 19 Sandusky, Ohio   Justice of the Peace Elizabeth Ronels, Williams
26 December 19, 1867 Bay City James A. Wells Bay City 23   Clerk C. P. Nash Charles S. Wells, Bay City
    Libbie C. Rousch Bay City 17     Minister Geo. Rouch, Bay City
27 December 25, 1867 Bay City Jonathon C. Thomas Bay City, Mich. 26   Carpenter Chas. P. Nash Aretus Corbin, Bay City
    Clara A. Corbin Bay City 24     Minister Sarah J. Corbin, Bay City
28 December 27, 1867 Bay City Charles C. Downer Ann Arbor, Mich. 23   Merchant Chas. P. Nash James G. Boutell, Bay City
    Ellen O. Ellis East Saginaw, Mich. 19       Libbie O. Ellis, East Saginaw


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