Early Bay County Marriages


Date of Marriage Place Groom/Bride Witnesses Official
27 November 1861 Portsmouth, Bay Co. Thomas Custer 27 of Bay City Lucy Jane Bullock John Bullock, Justice of the Peace
    Nancy Hamilton 18 of Portsmouth Edmond Cole  
13 March 1862 Portsmouth, Bay Co. William Daglish 34 of Portsmouth Elvira Fusler of Bay City Robert F. Johnson
    Emily Miller 22 of Portsmouth Caroline Milles (Miller) of Bay City  
27 April 1862   William Elrick 28 of Frankenlust Township, Bay Co. S. G. W. Gates of Bay City Jacob C. Wortty, Minister of the Gospel
    Maria Ford 31 of East Saginaw, Saginaw Co. Cornelia Chilson of Bangor  
20 June 1862 Bay City, Bay Co. Franklin Holman of Bay City, 26 C.C.C. Chilson J. C. Worttey, MG
    Julia Ann Spicer of Bay City, 16 Caroline Chilson  
25 April 1862   Jacob Little, 42, Bay City Horace Blodgett of Bay City J. C. Worttey, MG
    Mary Wasuer, 33, Bay City Julia Munger of Bay City  
26 June 1862   Robert Whiteside, 38 Wm. Underwood Jacob C. Morttey, MG
    Savina Gourley, 28, Bay City Eliza Worttey  
13 August 1862 At the Town of Hampton, Co. of Bay Nels Ericsson, 26 Nels Nilson Edwin J. Stewart, Preacher of the Gospel
    Lydia Smith, 17 Harriete Hall  
31 August 1862 Bay County Charles Atwood of Fenoredsville, Genesse Co. Mary Ann Gosler Thos. Stevenson, Justice of the Peace
    Julia Ann Gosler of Portsmouth, Bay Co. Daniel Halleck  
      Helase Smith  
26 July 1862 At Portsmouth, Bay Co. Joseph B. Johnston of Lockport, New York Henry S. Johnston Thos. Stevenson, Justice of the Peace
    Lucentia Ann Burnett of Cataragua Co., New York Michael Doyle  
      Margarette Stevenson  
16 September 1862 Hampton, Bay Co. Edwin Joslyn, 32 of Hampton Ransom P. Essex Jacob C. Worttey, MG
    Eleppa O. Corbin, 33 of Hampton Sarah E. Eddy  
22 November 1862 At Portsmouth, Bay Co. Charles Smith, 27 of Portsmouth Samuel Park of Vassar Charles G. Southworth, JP
    Pheba Gates of Vassar, 26 Janet Rose of Portsmouth  
7 December 1862 At Bangor, Bay Co. Charles Cely Cooper of Bangor   Eseubius King, JP
    Adelia Wright of Bangor    
4 December 1862 Town of Hampton Jas. B. Singley Thos. Taylor Edwin J. Stewart Preacher of the Gospel
    Mary A. Rafferty Elsley R. Taylor  
16 November 1862 At Hampton John McKittrick Helen Shaw Edwin J. Stewart, Preacher of the Gospel
    Mary S. Gerrard Julia A. Cumming  
20 November 1862 At Hampton Thos. Dalgell James S. Monroe Edwin J. Stewart Preacher of the Gospel
    Nancy W. Witherill Charles B. Cook  
27 December 1862 At Hampton Thomas Chrohain John McEwan Edwin J. Stewart Preacher of the Gospel
    Mary McDonald John McDonald  
23 December 1862 At Bay City Alderman B. Paine of Saginaw City, Saginaw Co., 24   L. Johnson, Minister of the Gospel
    Jennie Fraser of Bay City, 24    

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