Early Bay County Marriages


Date of Marriage Place Groom/Bride Witnesses Official
5 May 1861 At the house of John W. Whitney, Arenac Township Lot Jenne of sufficient age of Arenac Township John W. Whitney of Arenac Daniel Williams Justice of the Peace
    Angeline Whitney Lorenzo D. Jenne  
1 June 1861 Town of Hampton, Bay Co. J. A. Wonsey J. C. Worthy Edwin J. Stewart, Preacher of the Gospel
    Melissa Wilson E. G. Worthy  
5 July 1861 In the house of David
Jones in the Township of Williams, Bay Co.
Samuel Rowden of Williams Township Albert J. Pinny David Jones, Justice of the Peace
    Prudence Myers of Williams Township Charles Kent  
1 May 1861 In the house of Samuel Myers in the Township of Williams Jacob S. Buzzard of Williams Township Ephraim Addis Samuel Rowden, Justice of the Peace
    Polly Myers of Williams Township William Addis  
22 July 1861 Portsmouth Township, Bay Co. George S. Crampton, 29 of Portsmouth George Winterhatten of Portsmouth Alfred Handy
    Eliza Edwards, 29 of Portsmouth Hannah Ruby of Portsmouth  
5 August 1861 Hampton Township, Bay Co. Hiriam J. Jenkins J. C. Worthy Edwin J. Stewart, Preacher of the Gospel
    Sarah S. Clark E. G. Wonsey  
18 September 1861 Town of Hampton, County of Bay Richard Scherman Cornelia Chilson Edwin J. Stewart, Preacher of the Gospel
    Cornelia Boutell Benjamin Boutell  
16 November 1861 Portsmouth, Bay Co. George Winterhatten 22 of Portsmouth George Raby Jacob C. Wortty, Minister of the Gospel
    Hannah Jane Raby 18 of Portsmouth Hannah Raby  
13 December 1861 Portsmouth, Bay Co. James Sharman 23 of Portsmouth Ester Burtch Jacob C. Worttey, Minister of the Gospel
    Minnie Fraser 23 of Portsmouth Samuel Campbell  
17 December 1861 Bangor, Bay Co. Wilson O. Craft 29 of Bangor, Bay Co. Isaac Hemminger Jacob C. Worttey, Minister of the Gospel
    Mary Ann Sheeley 21 of Bangor, Bay Co. H. M. Van Voorhes  
11 August 1861 Bangor, Bay Co. Owen Cunningham Laborner of Bangor James Montash Eusebius King, Justice of the Peace
    Nancy Lewis of Bangor John M. Creesy  
16 November 1861 At the home of John Rowden in Williams, Bay Co. Charles Kent of Bangor Samuel Rowden James Filkes, Justice of the Peace
    Mary Ann Rowden John Rowden  

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