Cemetery Listings and
Headstone Transcription

Cemetery Listings Pinconning, Bay County, Michigan

The map to the right is not an official map of the cemetery. It was only created to assist in locating the general area of a burial site.

Directions: I-75 Exit 181 Pinconning (from either north or south) Follow Pinconning Rd. east for approximately 4 miles. Cemetery is on the north side of the road.

The following cemetery listing was compiled from records provided by St. Mary’s Catholic Church, the Pinconning Press/Pinconning Journal and county death records. The headstone transcription was done by volunteers from the Pinconning Genealogy Group: Sally, Kathy, Ann, Kellie, Linda, Mary Ann, Ilene, Leona, Gayla, Bobbi Jo, Carol, Lois, & Marty.

This information should not be considered verified proof as occasionally there can be errors in records and on headstones

Polish immigrants in 1916 raised money to build the small church of St. Agnes in Pinconning, dedicated to their Polish history. After a fire destroyed the original building a new church was built in 1922 and a year later four acres were purchased to establish a cemetery for the church. Originally a mission to St. Florian, St. Agnes was made a parish in 1928, a rectory was built and Fr. Casmir Szyper became the first resident pastor.  Over the years improvements were made to both the church and the cemetery, in 1999 after merging with St. Mary’s, St. Agnes was closed and all records are now kept at St. Mary’s Church at Nine Mile.

For Further information contact:
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
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