Early Bay County Births

Volume A
Begins 1867

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
192 September 23, 1868 Emily Jane Female Arenac Uri Mudge Arenac Dearborn, Mich. Farmer June 13, 1869
    White   Mary Frances   Old Point Comfort, ??    
193 April 26, 1868 Elfreda Jane Female Arena Jesse Umstead Arenac Forestown, Pa. Farmer "
    White   Mary Ann   West Deer, Pa.    
194 January 17, 1868 Charles James Male Wenona James McNeil Arenac Pembroke, C.W. Farmer "
    White   Anna   Olean, N.Y.    
195 June 7, 1868 Martha Louisa Female Arena Hiram J. Ward Arenac Richland, N. Y. Farmer "
    White   Elizabeth   West Monroe, N.Y.    
196 September 1, 1868 Mary Catherine Female Arenac Charles Smith Arenac C.W. Farmer "
    White   Mary Ann   Ireland    
197 August 19, 1868 Harriet S. Poot Female Arenac Henry Poot Arenac Hebron Ct. Sailor "
    White   Clara L.   Sheboyganville, Wis.    
198 December 17, 1868 Arthur Corgdon Male Arenac Alain B. Beach Arenac Walton, N. Y. Farmer  
    White   Arvilla        
199 July 6, 1868 William Male Arenac John Lentz Arenac Spiers, Germany Farmer "
    White   Ann Mary   Spiers, Germany    
200 June 5, 1868 William Henry Male Arenac George Smart Arenac Albany, N. Y. Cooper "
    White   Clarissa   Saroeple, N. Y.    
201 December 4, 1868 Ulyssus G. Male Arenac Henry Plumly Arenac Lyons, N. Y. Cooper "
    White   Esther Ann   Oswego, N. Y.    
202 December 4, 1868 David Henry Male Arenac Almond Williams Arenac Ellisburgh, N. Y. Farmer "
    White   Ann   Baltimore, MD.    
203 June 15, 1868 no name Female Arenac John Wall Arenac France Farmer "
    White   Adelia   Marion, Mich.    
204 November 6, 1868 Maud Stella Female Arenac Levi L. Gillman Arenac Addinon Vt. Farmer "
    White   Rose   Polema, N. Y.    
205 May 18, 1868 Elisabeth Female Beaver John Doonan Beaver Canada Farmer "
    White   Elisa Jane Doonan Beaver Canada    
206 June 16, 1868 Robert Sylvester Male Beaver Daniel McKenzie Beaver Scotland Farmer "
    White   Elisabeth McKenzie   Canada    
207 November 23, 1868 Clarissa Female Beaver Oscar T. Kellogg Beaver N.Y. Farmer "
        Julia Ann Kellogg   Indiana    
208 August 6, 1868 Charles M. Needham Male Monitor William N. Needham Monitor N. Y. State Farmer "
        Martha S. Needham   Michigan    
209 May 17, 1868 John Beatty Corbert Male Monitor James Corbert Monitor England Farmer "
        Flnessa Corbert   Canada, Iowa    
210 November 25, 1868 Christina Boxman Female Monitor Charles Boxman Monitor Germany Farmer "
        Caroline Boxman   Germany    
211 June 3, 1868 Thomas Kolp Male Monitor Thomas Kolp Monitor Germany Farmer "
    Twin   Caroline Kolp   Germany    
212 June 3, 1868 Henrieta Caroline Kolp Female Monitor Thomas Kolp Monitor Germany Farmer "
    Twin   Caroline Kolp   Germany    
213 October 26, 1868 Elizabeth Arnold Female Monitor John M. Arnold Monitor Germany Farmer "
        Anna B. Arnold   Germany    
214 June 19, 1868 William Hemmingway Male Monitor William Hemmingway Monitor England Farmer "
        Martha Hemmingway   England    
215 November 27, 1868 William A. Fletcher Male Monitor John Fletcher Monitor England Farmer "
        Ann Fletcher        
216 June 27, 1868 Susan L. Kent Female Monitor Charles Kent Monitor N. Y. State Farmer "
        May Ann Kent   England    
217 May 15, 1868 Martha Rikert Female Monitor Phillip H. Rikert Monitor N.Y. State Farmer "
        Amanda Rikert   Canada    
218 May 18, 1868 John M. Neater Male Monitor John Neater Monitor Germany Farmer "
        Caroline Neater   Switzerland    
219 September 12, 1868 John Andrew Ruetter Male Monitor Christopher Ruetter Monitor Germany Farmer "
        Ephe May Ruetter   Germany    
220 August 3, 1868 James Carroll Male Monitor Banad Carroll Monitor Ireland Farmer "
        Susan Carroll   Michigan    
221 August 28, 1868 Elizabeth J. DuPlantz Female Monitor Joseph DuPlantz Monitor Canada Farmer "
        Ellen DuPlantz   Canada    

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