Early Bay County Births

Begins 1867

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any, and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
82 April 7, 1868 Harry Burgess Male Kawkawlin Helder Burgess Kawkawlin Port Lueque Teacher June 2, 1868
        Susie Burgess   Aughsburgh    
83 September 26, 1867 Annie E. Ballou Female Kawkawlin Victor A. Ballou Kawkawlin Rhode Island Lumberman "
        Molly E. Ballou   Maryland    
84 December 5,1867 Ellen Ratcliff Female Kawkawlin Charles Ratcliff Kawkawlin Canada Cooper "
        Bridget Ratcliff   Ireland    
85 September 20, 1867 Oscar Richie Male Kawkawlin Antonie Richie Kawkawlin Canada East Laborer "
        Margaret Richie Kawkawlin Canada East    
86 November 27, 1867 Albert Coon Male Kawkawlin John F. Coon Kawkawlin Ohio Mechanic "
        Mary I. Coon   Detroit, Mich.    
87 October 21, 1867 Frank Knopp Male Kawkawlin John Knopp Kawkawlin Canada West Laborer "
        Margaret Knopp   Canada    
88 September 18, 1867 Charles E. Cady Male Kawkawlin Prosper Cady Kawkawlin New York Farmer "
        Sarah Cady        
89 August 12, 1867 Bruno Keiser Male Kawkawlin Frederick A. Kieser Kawkawlin Saxony, Germany Lumberman "
        Ellenor Keiser   Saxony, Germany    
90 January 3, 1868 Phebe A. Metivie   Bangor Peter Metevie Bangor   Laborer July 9, 1868
        Philomene Lorille        
91 January 18, 1868 Freeling Pierson   Bangor Frederic Pierson Bangor   Laborer "
        Dolphine Archambeau        
92 March 9, 1868 Jean B. N. Poirier   Bangor Jean B. Poirier Bangor   Laborer "
        Ulaleis Rosseau        
93 March 30, 1868 Welfrid Remonel   Wenona Dulsaint Remonel Wenona   Laborer "
        Sophrena Nevin        
94 November 8, 1867 Horace T. Lebu   Bangor Daviet Lebu Bangor   Farmer "
        Olive Lebu        
95 January 22, 1868 George Reinhart   Bangor Henry Reinhart Bangor   Farmer "
        Katharine Reinhart        
96 April 25, 1867 John George Tehringer   Bangor John Leonhard Tehringer Bangor Uulu Leheumninger Bavaria Farmer "
            Estien Cnehlashofen, Bavaria    
97 May 20, 1867 John Christoph Peter Wirth Male Bangor John Andrew Wirth Bangor Adelmansdorf, Bavaria Farmer July 9, 1868
        Maria Margaretta Wirth   Morath, Weiusttaten    
98 June 23, 1867 John Zyill Male Bangor John Leonard Zyell Bangor Ruppersdorf, Bavaria Farmer "
        Maria Zyell   Lentershein, Bavaria    
99 July 17, 1867 John George Kessimeyer Male   Augustus Kessmeyer Bangor Salzburg, Hanover Farmer  
        Elisabeth Barbara Kessmeyer   Ruppersdorf, Bavaria    
100 August 7, 1867 Bernhard Carl Ludwig Voss Male Bangor Christian Voss Bangor Miesen, Hanover Farmer "
        Anna Margaretha Voss   Bremel, Bavaria    
101 August 25, 1867 John Michael Plund Male Bangor Heinrich Plund Bangor Erhenbottehofer, Bavaria Farmer "
        Margaretta Plund   Wald, Bavaria    
102 September 7, 1867 Aimer Margaretta Feinurien Female Bangor John Michael Feinurien Bangor Obershlaversbad, Bavaria Farmer "
        Mararitta Barbara Feinurien   Grosshesbursdorf, Bavaria    
103 September 12, 1867 Elisabeth Keith Female Bangor Fredrich Keith Bangor Gneeswissiememsdorf, Bavaria Farmer "
        Anna Margaretha Keith   Dectenhopen, Bavaria    
104 September 15, 1867 Catharina Barbara Forster Female Bangor Christoph Forster Bangor   Brewer "
        Lusanna Babette Forster        
105 February 16, 1868 John Michael Peter Plund Male Bangor Albrecht Plund Bangor Zrkenbechlsbhofer, Bavaria Farmer "
        Elisabetha Barbara Plund   Kokholy, Bavaria    
106 February 16, 1867 John Michael Staudacher Male Bangor Barthelemin Staudacher Bangor   Merchant "
        Margaretha Staudacher        
107 February 29, 1867 John Tobias Beiner Male Bangor Michale Beiner Bangor   Workman "
        Elisabeth Beiner        
108 March 28, 1868 Henry August Bernhard Deuske Male Bangor August Deuske Bangor   Carpenter Joiner "
        Johanna Deuske        
109 March 20, 1868 Anna Margaretha Staudacher Female Bangor George Staudacher Bangor Mosbach, Bavaria Merchant "
        Maria Barbara Staudacher        
110 March 12, 1868 Benjamin Fox Male Bangor William Fox Bangor   Brickmaker "
        Jane Fox        
111 April 25, 1867 Agnes Campau Female Bangor Daniel Campau Bangor   Farmer "
111 1/2 May 3, 1867 Robert M. Roblin Male Wenona John L. Roblin Wenona Michigan Mill Wright "
        Mary N. Underhill        


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