Early Bay County Births

Begins 1867

Child No. Birth Date Name (if any,and color other than white) Sex Birth Place Full Name of Each Residence Birth Place Occupation of Father Date of Record
1 April 10 1868 Frederick C. Kennedy Male Williams James Kennedy Williams Michigan Engineer June 16 1868
          Laura Kennedy   Michigan    
2 June 30 1867 Edward Baldin Male Portsmouth Henry Baldin Williams England Farmer "
          Jane Baldin   Ireland    
3 April 7, 1867 Emma A. Beeker Female Williams Horrace Beeker Williams Prussia Farmer "
        Elisabeth Beeker   Canada    
4 April 23, 1867 Frederich Florance Male Williams Alonzo Florance Williams New York Farmer "
        Harriet Florance   New York    
5 March 7, 1868 Willie F. Perry Male Williams Josiah Perry Williams Ohio Farmer "
        Jane Perry   Ohio    
6 November 6, 1867 George Eugene Shaw Male Midland Elmer Shaw Williams Canada Farmer "
        Louis Shaw   New York    
7 May 22, 1867 Nettie Louise Beebe Female Portsmouth Seth Waite Beebe Portsmouth Lyme, Conn. Brewer  
        Sarah Louise Beebe   Essex, Conn.   "
8 July 15, 1867 James Oscar Schawbe Male Portsmouth Frederick C. Schwabe Portsmouth Germany Laborer June 20, 1868
        Ann Maria Schawbe   Germany    
9 October 12, 1867 Lizzie Marble Female Unadilla, Mich. Edward Livingston Marble Portsmouth New York Laborer "
        Sarah Elisabeth Marble   Saratoga, New York    
10 April 27, 1867 James Smith Male Portsmouth James Smith Portsmouth Canada Laborer "
        Mary Smith   Bay City, Mich.    
11 March 31, 1868 ----------------- Male Portsmouth John Lambrieht Portsmouth Germany Shoemaker "
        Florentine Lambreiht   Germany    
12 November 1, 1867 Robert Grisdale Male Portsmouth Wm. C. Grisdale Portsmouth Canada Laborer "
        Anne Grisdale   Canada    
13 August 27, 1867 Georgianna Campbell Female Portsmouth Noah R. Campbell Portsmouth Evans, N.Y. Laborer "
        Almira Campbell   Evans, N. Y.    
14 November 22, 1867 Drusilla Smith Female Portsmouth James G. Smith Portsmouth New York Farmer  
        Martha Helen Smith   Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio    
15 January 1, 1868 Lucy Amanda Trepaniter Female Portsmouth Jacob Trepaniter Portsmouth Germany Farmer "
        Henrietta Trepaniter   Germany    
16 January 29, 1868 -------------------- Female Portsmouth Levi Brown Portsmouth Canada Farmer "
        Hannah J. Brown   Leroy, New York    
17 August 28, 1867 Alfonso Walther Male Portsmouth F. P. Walther Portsmouth Germany Farmer "
        Flora Walther   Germany    
18 September 22, 1867 Susan Haywood Female Portsmouth William Haywood Portsmouth England Farmer "
        Mary Haywood   Germany    
19 September 18, 1867 Mary Jane Henry Female Portsmouth William Henry Portsmouth Ireland Farmer "
        Nancy Jane Henry   Vernon, Ohio    
20 December 16, 1867 John Wilson Comstock Male Portsmouth John Comstock Portsmouth Canada Lawyer "
        Margaret Comstock   Canada    
21 September 2, 1867 William Henry Allen Male Portsmouth Elisha John Allen Portsmouth   Lumberman "
        Mary M. Allen   Halley, Mich.    
22 May 21, 1867 Caroline Crampton Female Portsmouth John Crampton Portsmouth Canada Landlord "
        Eliza Crampton   Canada    
23 November 19, 1867 George Stewart Male Portsmouth John Stewart Portsmouth Penn Yan, N. Y. Miller "
        Adeline Stewart   Gravel Run, N.Y.    
24 January 13, 1868 Herman Lambrecht Male Portsmouth Julius Lambrecht Portsmouth Germany Shoemaker "
        Augustine Lambrecht   Germany    
25 July 24, 1867 Jane Lewis Female Portsmouth George Lewis Portsmouth N. Y. Lumberman "
        Frances Lewis   Mich.    
26 January 7, 1868 Heserdorn Hansel Female Portsmouth John Hansel Portsmouth France Farmer "
        Mary Hansel   France    
27 February 16, 1868 -------------------- Male Portsmouth William Taylor Portsmouth England Laborer "
        Viola Taylor   Canada    
28 March 14, 1868 Fred De Forest Male Portsmouth Stephen S. De Forest Portsmouth Canada Millwright "
        Sarah L. De Forest   Hamburgh, N. Y.    
29 August 5, 1867 Frant Hawhsworth Female Portsmouth James Hawhsworth Portsmouth Canada Millwright "
        Julia Hawhsworth   Hausder, N. Y.    
30 February 26, 1868 ----------------------- Male Portsmouth John Rose Portsmouth England Carpenter  
        Margaret Rose   Nova Scotia    
31 April 22, 1867 Margaret Clairy Female Portsmouth Michael Clairy Portsmouth Ireland Laborer "
        Bridget Clairy   Ireland    
32 October 13, 1867 Mary Ann Boyce Female Portsmouth Fred Boyce Portsmouth Canada Laborer "
        Sarah Boyce   Canada    
33 February 20, 1868 ---------------------- Female Portsmouth George W. Green Portsmouth Erie Co., N. Y. Fisherman "
        Margaret Green Portsmouth Detroit, Mich.    
34 December 2, 1867 Oscar Britton Male Portsmouth Theodore Britton Portsmouth Onondaga Co., N. Y. Laborer "
        Elisabeth Britton   Onondaga Co., N.Y.    
35 August 4,1867 Frances Kinney Male Portsmouth Byron H. Kinney Portsmouth Ohio Cooper "
        Sarah J. Kinney   Ohio    
36 September 12, 1867 Jennie F. Hopkins Female Portsmouth Jessie Hopkins Portsmouth N. Y. Laborer "
        Ellen Hopkins   Ireland    


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