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January 1906 - December 2013

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Last NameFirst NameSpouse NameChilds NameEventEvent DatePaperIssue DatePageColumnIssue Date-2Page-2Column-2
AaronGerald T. Aaron - Jill Mariebirth PJ3/18/1964p7c4   
AaronGerald T.  death2/20/2007PJ2/28/2007p7c2   
AaronJudith E.  death9/8/1994PJ9/14/1994p7c2   
AbbotMrs. W. B.  death PJ6/2/1916p8c4   
AbbottBernard Abbott - Garry Leebirth PJ4/10/1947p7c4   
AbbottMary  death PJ9/25/1957p1c7   
AbbsVivienne W.  death11/25/1999PJ12/1/1999p8c1   
AbearKatherine DianeBouchaert - James Dean marriage5/15/2012PJ5/23/201241   
AbearKenneth  death11/24/2010PJ12/1/2010p7c1   
AbernathyPearl M  death10/14/1999PJ10/20/1999p7c1   
AbernathySandra Abernathy - Gary Robert - IIbirth PJ4/22/1981p4c8   
AbernathyWilliam C  death9/25/2001PJ10/3/2001p7c2   
AbernethyGary  death8/1/2006PJ8/9/2006p7c2   
AckerMarjorie T.  death2/13/1992PJ2/26/1992p7c3   
AckermanEdward Ackerman - Edward Matthewbirth6/13/1991PJ6/19/1991p2c3   
AckermanJan Ackerman - Edward Matthewbirth6/13/1991PJ6/19/1991p2c3   
AckermanMargorie Ackerman - Alyse Mariebirth PJ6/13/1984p7c3   
AckermanMargorie Ackerman - Ren Williambirth PJ9/17/1980p4c4   
AckermanRen Ackerman - Alyse Mariebirth PJ6/13/1984p7c3   
AckermanRen Ackerman - Ren Williambirth PJ9/17/1980p4c4   
AckleyHarvey  death PJ7/25/1928p1c5   
ActonArlene H. Mimi  death6/17/2005PJ6/29/2005p8c3   
AdairDolores A.  death5/25/2000PJ5/31/2000p7c1   
AdamecJeffrey MacKenzie - Courtni  marriage5/7/2011PJ7/6/201145   
AdamsBarbara Adams - Lindsey Mariebirth1/12/1991PJ2/13/1991p9c2   
AdamsBernard  death PJ6/7/1989p9c2   
AdamsChester Adams - Randall Josephbirth PJ4/30/1958p5c4   
AdamsChester J. Adams - Rodney Davidbirth PJ1/23/1963p7c5   
AdamsChester J.  death9/3/1994PJ9/7/1994p7c1   
AdamsDonald Adams - Kathleenbirth PJ9/1/1954p1c4   
AdamsEugenia C.  death8/9/2007PJ8/15/2007p8c1   
AdamsFelix Adams - Joe Leebirth PJ6/30/1971p7c4   
AdamsJeffery Adams - Jaclyn Annbirth11/16/1991PJ12/4/1991p4c2   
AdamsLaura ChristineFoco - Paul David marriage9/1/2001PJ9/19/2001p3c1   
AdamsLinda Sue Tremble  death7/2/2009PJ7/8/2009p7c3   
AdamsPatricia Adams - Jaclyn Annbirth11/16/1991PJ12/4/1991p4c2   
AdamsRandall Adams - Lindsey Mariebirth1/12/1991PJ2/13/1991P9c2   
AdamsRandy Adams - Jeremy Leebirth PJ7/11/1979p2c5   
AdamsRegan ShaSherman - Melvin H. - Jr. marriage5/28/1993PJ6/30/1993p4c5   
AdamsStephen   death PJ3/27/1913p1c3   
AdamsVictoria F.  death12/2/1992PJ12/9/1992p7c2   
AdcockDerald  death7/9/2007PJ7/11/2007p1c4   
AdcockEsther E.  death11/16/1995PJ11/22/1995p9c2   
AdcockGerald Adcock - Timothy Allenbirth PJ10/8/1969p2c5   
AdcockGerald A. Adcock - Darrin Waynebirth PJ5/15/1968p3c2   
AdcockLori Adcock - Caley Laurenbirth2/27/1999PJ3/31/1999p3c6   
AdcockLori Adcock - Chelsea Annbirth3/11/1993PJ3/24/1993p4c2   
AdcockTim Adcock - Caley Laurenbirth2/27/1999PJ3/31/1999p3c6   
AdcockTim Adcock - Chelsea Annbirth3/11/1993PJ3/24/1993p4c2   
AdcockTimothySchmidt - Lori marriage4/7/1990PJ5/23/1990p4c3   



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