Bay City
Junior College

ANNUAL OF 1936.                        


Surname Given Name Curriculum Activities Class
Butterfield George E. Dean of Junior College; Head of History Department; Psychology A.B., M.A. Faculty
Anschutz Irma Head of Latin Department A.B., M.A. Faculty
Bishop Lola L. Head of French Department A.B. Faculty
Bowley Katherine Banta Registrar A.B.  
Carlson Charles H. Metal Shop   Faculty
Culver E. G. Mechanical Drawing B.S. Faculty
Dersnah E. L. Mathematics A.B., M.S. Faculty
Eicholtz Virginia Head of Art Department B.S. Faculty
Evans H. R. Music B.M. Faculty
French G. M. Head of Economics Department A.B., M.A. Faculty
Garlock Clayton R. Agriculture, Physiology B.S. Faculty
George J.H. Head of Astronomy and Geology A.B., M.A. Faculty
Curtis R. Gustin Wood Shop B.S. Faculty
Hellmuth Erma Joan Head of Spanish Department B.A., M.A. Faculty
Hobbs Ada E. English A.B., M.A. Faculty
Hodgson Erma B. Head of Geography, Sociology A.B. Faculty
Hood Elson C. Athletics   Faculty
Howe Alice A. Chemistry A.B., M.A. Faculty
Klingbeil H.C. Head of Speech Department A.B., M.A. Faculty
Krafka Elizabeth Head of Biology Department A.B., M.A. Faculty
McGregor Nellie May English A.B., M.A. Faculty
Martin George L. Head of Chemistry Department A.B., M.A. Faculty
Palmer Ina B. Political Science A.B. Faculty
Presley Florence E. Assistant Librarian    
Race George A. Penmanship A.B. Faculty
Rogers Fred B. Head of Physics Department A.B., M.S. Faculty
Royal Ida I. Physical Training B.Sc. Faculty
Schroeder Mathilda Head of English, German A.B., M.A. Faculty
Schellenbarger R. C. Head of Mathematics Department A.B., M.A. Faculty
Schultz Clarence Assistant Registrar A.A.  
Sprague Maxine E. Librarian A.B., L.S.  
Stiles A. Edward History A.B., M.A. Faculty
Ten Eyck H. E. Head of Commercial Department A.B., B.S., M.A. Faculty
Tunison George D. Accounting and Education A.B., M.A. Faculty
White Carolyn Superintendent of County Normal    
Maksimowicz Eleanor General Academic   Class of 36
Lipke Paul General Academic Varsity Swimming, Tetra Sci, Rifle Club, Pres. Class of 36
Beaumont Katherine Education B.O.B.A., Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Sursaw Russell Pre-Law Intramural Soft Ball Class of 36
Byron Grace Education   Class of 36
Patenge Robert General Academic   Class of 36
Wigen Fred E. Architectural Engineering Engineers' Club, Varsity Basketball Class of 36
Franklin Glenda Jean Education Mystics Class of 36
Miller Harvey Mechanical Engineering   Class of 36
Jones Dorothy Secretarial S.S.S. Class of 36
Beverstein Robert Business Administration Business Ad. Club; Rifle Club Class of 36
Walsh Mary E. General Academic Sec'y-Treas. Tetra Sci Class of 36
Butterfield Kenneth General Academic   Class of 36
Albright Loraine General Academic Corona Class of 36
Helbig Clarence General Academic Phi Theta Kappa; Student Council; Socio-Geographic; Business Ad. Club, Rifle Club Class of 36
Byfield Grace General Academic Corona Class of 36
Blueddemann Edwin General Academic "Mikado" Cast; Phi Theta Kappa; Varsity Swimming Intramurals Class of 36
Struthers Isabel Education Arpatia Class of 36
Ittner Nona Secretarial B.O.B.A. Class of 36
Crego Stanley Pre-Dental Tetra Sci; Tennis Team Class of 36
Taylor Eleanor General Academic B.O.B.A. Class of 36
Kahn Warren Business Administration   Class of 36
Lucius Faye General Academic Crucible and Annual; Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Harvey Charles General Academic J.C.Y. Pres., 1935 Class of 36
Kirchman Katherine General Academic Student Council-Scrapbook Class of 36
Miller Milton Tetra Sci Annual Staff Class of 36
Bialy June General Academic Aurae Class of 36
Gust Woodrow Engineering Engineer's Club; Basketball; Tennis Class of 36
Ceglarek Marie General Academic Corona, Scribe, 1935; Crucible, 1934-1935 Class of 36
Kurcera John Pre-Dental Tetra Sci Class of 36
Zielinski Walter Engineering Engineers' Club Class of 36
Flynn Mary Francys General Academic Socio-Geographic Mystics, Crucible Class of 36
Kilburn Charles Engineering   Class of 36
Kraphol Florence General Academic   Class of 36
Sharp Charles Pre-Law Law Club; Intramurals; Soft Ball Class of 36
Findley Olive General Academic Corona, Chairman, 1936 Class of 36
Milne Bonnie General Academic Phi Theta Kappa; B. O. B. A. Class of 36
Colthorp Dorothy General Academic Crucible Annual, 1936; S. S. S. Class of 36
Rector Roy Education Socio-Geographic "Mikado" cast Class of 36
Plater Bette General Academic Aurae Class of 36
Permoda Arthur Engineering Engineers' Club Class of 36
Perry Earl Pre-Business "Mikado" Cast; Chairman of Athletics Committee Class of 36
Bowes Robert General Academic   Class of 36
Holcomb Thomas Pre-Law Varsity Basketball; Play Committee, '35; Soft Ball, '35 Class of 36
Davis Berneice Education Aurae; Swimming Team; Basketball Team; Crucible Staff Class of 36
Harvey Emerson Pre-Medic Tetra Sci, President Student Council Class of 36
Klapper Edith Pre-Law Aurae, Crucible, 1934-1935, Swimming Team Class of 36
Roesser Ellen General Academic Corona, Debate, Annual Staff Class of 36
Marden Harold Accounting Business Ad. Club, Pres. Fresh-Soph. Football, Fresh.-Soph. Basketball, Soft Ball Class of 36
Kessel John Pre-Law J.C.Y. '35; Pre-Law Soft Ball Fresh.-Soph. Basketball, '35 Class of 36
Michener Lawrence General Academic Rifle Club, Varsity Swimming, Tetra Sci Class of 36
Welzeihn Mary Secretarial S.S.S. Class of 36
Kelley Charles General Academic Tetra Sci Class of 36
Wenglikowski Genevieve Education S. S. S.; Socio-Geographic Class of 36
Lizerman Lillian General Academic Crucible; Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Willox Peter General Academic Crucible, 1935-36 Class of 36
Schnople Edna Education Arpatia Class of 36
Kottnauer Frank Pre-Law Intramural Soft Ball; Law Club; Student Council Class of 36
Gilling Ruth General Academic Aurae; Socio-Geographic Class of 36
Burnett Edward Engineering Engineers' Club, Swimming Team Class of 36
Bohnhoff Arthur Engineering Engineer's Club; Rifle Club Class of 36
Orr Susan General Academic Intramural Basketball, Aurae Class of 36
Lyon Robert Pre-Law Law Club, 1935; "Mikado" Committee, J.C.Y. Pres., 1935-36, Intramurals Class of 36
Bryce Genevieve Education B.O.B.A. Class of 36
Dixon Richard Pre-Law "Mikado" Cast; Varsity Swimming and Golf; Debate Class of 36
Haithman Charles Pre-Pharmacy   Class of 36
Schmidt Marian Education Aurae, Chairman Class of 36
Beeker Ralph Pre-Law Socio-Geographic Basketball Class of 36
Gardner Mary General Academic Mystics, Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Isackson Charles Engineering Engineers' Club; Basketball; Student Athletics, Manager Class of 36
Keen Harriet Education Corona Class of 36
Bourdow Andrew Business Administration Business Ad. Club Class of 36
Chapman Elaine Education B.O.B.A., Chairman Class of 36
Gaffney William Pre-Medic   Class of 36
Bandeen Ruth General Academic B.O.B.A., Scribe, Crubible and Annual, 1934-1936 Class of 36
Moeller Carl General Academic J.C.Y.; Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Miller Vera Pre-Business Arpatia, Chariman; Social Chairman of Women's League; Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Botwright William General Academic   Class of 36
Defoe Kirke General Academic Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Hydorn June General Academic S.S.S., Chairman Socio-Geographic Class of 36
Schindehette Donald Engineering Engineers' Club Class of 36
Siewert Donnis Education Aurae Class of 36
Hubbard Matthew Pre-Law Pre-Law Soft Ball, '35, J. C. Y. Class of 36
Wilkie Geraldine Education Mystics Class of 36
Doerr Louise Education Arpatia Class of 36
Newman Frederick General Academic Assembly Committee, Crucible and Annual Class of 36
Friedman Willis Pre-Medic Tetra Sci, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice.-Pres. Class of 36
McCloy Mary Jane Education Mystics, Athletic Chairman, Women's League Class of 36
Nelson Kenneth Engineering Engineers' Club Golf Team Class of 36
Nickle Margaret E. Education S.S.S., Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Festerling Lester County Normal   Class of 36
Hoerlein Carl Engineering Engineers' Club, Rifle Club Class of 36
White Betty Education B.O.B.A.; Socio-Geographic Class of 36
Jiroch Ralph Pre-Medic Tetra Sci Class of 36
Wlaker Isabel Education Corona Class of 36
Scorsone Vincent Pre-Law Law Club, 1935, Intramural, Soft Ball, Foot Ball Class of 36
Brams Marie General Academic Aurae Class of 36
Seaman Thomas General Academic Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Jungklas Mary Jane General Academic Phi Theta Kappa, President, Women's League, Aurae, Debate Team Class of 36
Fetting Ralph Business Administration Business Ad. Club, Sec'y-Treas. Class of 36
Karpus George Pre-Law Rifle Club Class of 36
Olmstead Helen General Academic Treas. Women's League, Corona, Phi Theta Kappa Class of 36
Diepenbrock Joseph Engineering Engineers' Club, Student Council Class of 36
Bothwell Charles H. Engineering   Class of 36
Boulton Harry S. Engineering   Class of 36
Huebner Mary C. General Academic   Class of 36
Lewie Wanda C. General Academic   Class of 36
Lourim Patricia M. Advertising   Class of 36
Riethmeier Vernon Industrial Engineering   Class of 36
Walk Charles General Academic   Class of 36
Wieneke Robert Pre-Business   Class of 36
Zielinski Leonard Pre-Medic   Class of 36
Adler William     Class of 37
Allen Stanley     Class of 37
Anderson James     Class of 37
Anthony Irving     Class of 37
Arnold Robert     Class of 37
Baker Robert     Class of 37
Balhoff John     Class of 37
Bartling Frances     Class of 37
Baum William     Class of 37
Beck Arnold     Class of 37
Beck Mary Jane     Class of 37
Beckrow Theron     Class of 37
Beetham Elizabeth     Class of 37
Bendall Richard     Class of 37
Bennett Lucille     Class of 37
Bergen Helen     Class of 37
Berglass Irving     Class of 37
Billmeier Willis     Class of 37
Birge Helen     Class of 37
Boucher June     Class of 37
Bouckart Irene     Class of 37
Bowden Joyce     Class of 37
Brady Paul     Class of 37
Brown Constance     Class of 37
Burgeson Millard     Class of 37
Cameron Louis     Class of 37
Case LaMar     Class of 37
Castanier Catherine     Class of 37
Charters Virginia     Class of 37
Cobb Phillip     Class of 37
Conway Imogene     Class of 37
Cotton Fred     Class of 37
Coulter Kenneth     Class of 37
Cripps Evelyn     Class of 37
Cushman Lyle     Class of 37
Daniels Lucille     Class of 37
Davis Alice     Class of 37
Davis Jane     Class of 37
De Bats Ruby     Class of 37
Dempster Jane     Class of 37
Dersnah Eugene     Class of 37
De Waele Alfred     Class of 37
Ditz Charles     Class of 37
Doan Miles     Class of 37
Donnelly Polly     Class of 37
Du Long Jack     Class of 37
Easterly Mary E.     Class of 37
Eickholt Dolores     Class of 37
Fenske Beulah     Class of 37
Ferguson Dorothy     Class of 37
Finley Eleanor     Class of 37
Follis William     Class of 37
Fox Helen     Class of 37
Fox Ida     Class of 37
Fry Ruth     Class of 37
Gann John     Class of 37
Gardner Evelyn     Class of 37
Golden Fred     Class of 37
Goldstein Morris     Class of 37
Gregory William     Class of 37
Groom Claude     Class of 37
Gudschinsky Sarah     Class of 37
Haag Helen     Class of 37
Harbourne Sally     Class of 37
Harrison Marvin     Class of 37
Heidger Muriel     Class of 37
Henderson Paul     Class of 37
Herrman George     Class of 37
Herron Russell     Class of 37
Higgs Arthur     Class of 37
Holcomb Robert     Class of 37
Huebner Robert     Class of 37
Hutton Gerald     Class of 37
Ittner John     Class of 37
Jackson Robert     Class of 37
Jarvis Walter     Class of 37
Jeczmionka Roman     Class of 37
Kahn Nanette     Class of 37
Kahn Sherman     Class of 37
Kahn Virginia     Class of 37
Kerkau Arthur     Class of 37
Kessler Ethel     Class of 37
Kimball Elizabeth     Class of 37
Koinig Edward     Class of 37
Kressley Leonard     Class of 37
Kouske Paul     Class of 37
La Combe Clarence     Class of 37
Lang Walter     Class of 37
Lantz Frederick     Class of 37
Larson Floyd     Class of 37
Larive Vance     Class of 37
Learman Karlen     Class of 37
Leever Raymond     Class of 37
Lemke William     Class of 37
Lincoln Fred     Class of 37
Lincoln Thomas     Class of 37
Lisk Monica     Class of 37
Lutzke Beth     Class of 37
Lyon Cecil     Class of 37
MacDonald Paul     Class of 37
MacGregor Janith     Class of 37
Manary Otto     Class of 37
Martin Anna C.     Class of 37
Martin Donna     Class of 37
Mather Selwyn     Class of 37
McCartney Betty     Class of 37
McDonald Fidelis     Class of 37
McDowell Quillion     Class of 37
McGrath Robert     Class of 37
McMullen Mercedes     Class of 37
McMullen Walter     Class of 37
McWhirter Robert     Class of 37
Meeker Frank     Class of 37
Milster Stewart     Class of 37
Morris Earl     Class of 37
Morris Virginia     Class of 37
Mulcahy Margaret     Class of 37
Murphy Arthur     Class of 37
Murphy Sheila     Class of 37
Musial Victor     Class of 37
Nelson Ruth     Class of 37
Niedzielski Harry     Class of 37
Noel Geraldine     Class of 37
Nolan Jane Ann     Class of 37
Nonenpreger Betty     Class of 37
North Geraldine     Class of 37
Northcott Geraldine     Class of 37
Northcott Virginia     Class of 37
Norton Margaret     Class of 37
O'Brien John P.     Class of 37
O'Brien John W.     Class of 37
Parks Earl     Class of 37
Patenge Hugh     Class of 37
Pearsall Patricia     Class of 37
Peele William     Class of 37
Phillips Marguerite     Class of 37
Pittsley Alex     Class of 37
Ramsdell Ruth     Class of 37
Ray Mildred     Class of 37
Reinhardt Herman     Class of 37
Rexer Henry     Class of 37
Richards Vance     Class of 37
Ronson Joshua     Class of 37
Roth Norbert     Class of 37
Ruterbusch Irene     Class of 37
Schnople Frances     Class of 37
Schroeder Russell     Class of 37
Schwab Leah     Class of 37
Scott Michael     Class of 37
Shaw Margaret     Class of 37
Shearer Roxanne     Class of 37
Sicard Maxwell     Class of 37
Simpson Jane     Class of 37
Sloan Margaret     Class of 37
Smith Dorothy     Class of 37
Smith William     Class of 37
Staebell Marcella     Class of 37
Staffeld Russell     Class of 37
Steele William     Class of 37
Steingraeber Carl     Class of 37
Stewart Charles     Class of 37
Streich Doris     Class of 37
Teal Delos     Class of 37
Tennant Lois     Class of 37
Thompson Julia     Class of 37
Thompson Naomi     Class of 37
Timm Dorothy     Class of 37
Topp Lawrence     Class of 37
Townsend Barbara     Class of 37
Traines Eugene     Class of 37
Trombley BLaine     Class of 37
Tyler Theodore     Class of 37
Vallender Donald     Class of 37
Vaughn Virginia     Class of 37
Wagner Warren     Class of 37
Watson Beryl     Class of 37
Wendt Lois     Class of 37
Wessborg Eric     Class of 37
Westmoreland Kenneth     Class of 37
Williams Claude     Class of 37
Williamson Constance     Class of 37
Winston Barbara     Class of 37
Wojciechowski Eugene     Class of 37



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