The Occident
Bay City Western High School


Senior Class of Western High School

James Kehrier - Editor in Chief
Ruth Richardson - Assistant Editor
Eldon Maynard - Business Manager
Emmons Eichhorn - Advertising Manager
Albert Cook - Assistant
Doris Nichols - Grind Editor
Otis Losey - Athletic Editor
Eva Dehn - Alumni Editor
Dorothy Knapp - Society Editor
Arthur Beckley - Photographer
Louis Hine - Art Editor

Mr. Perkins                 Miss Merrill
Mr. Paxton           Miss Bishop
Mr. White

Howard House, Albert Cook, Rueben Logan, Otis Losey
Virginia Traphagen, James Kehrier, Ruth Richardson, Eldon Maynard, Emmons Eichhorn


Louis Hine, Dorothy Knapp, Doris Nichols, Eva Dehn
Alice Johndro, Mildred MacLean, Doris Cummins, Arthur Beckley, Margaret Elliot



Nellie Chapman, Isabelle Troy, Marie Nellett, Marian Bezenah
Devere Curran, Beatrice Phillips, Albert Stepanski, Dorothy Leibrand, Theodore Hine


Aloysisus Andrezejewski, Anne Eichhorn, Delia Putz, Maynard Grunder
Florine Eckhart, Esther Crone, Frank Westover, Louise McGinnis, Hilda Jean


Ruth Kleinke, Dorea Lounsberry, Priscilla Wilson, Gladys Traxler
Arthur Rowley, Etta Picardy, Edith King, Evelyn Johnson, Howard Shorney


William Hess, Charles Crooks, Irene Woods, Wilbert Rohrer




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