R. L. POLK & CO.'S




                        adv................advertisement    n....................north, or north of
                        ab..................above               n e cor..........northeast corner
                        al...................alley                 nr...................near
                        ave................avenue              n s..................north side
                        bds................boards               n w cor...........northwest corner
                        bel.................below                opp................opposite
                        bet.................between            propr..............proprietor
                        clk.................clerk                 res..................resides
                        col'd..............colored              s.....................s, or south of
                        cor................corner                s e cor............southeast corner
                        e...................east, or east of    s s..................south side   
                        e s.................east side             s w cor...........southwest corner
                        mnfg.............manufacturing     w...................west or west of
                        mngr.............manager              w s................west side

he names marked with an asterisk (thus *) are telephone subscribers




Fagg Wm W, elk Merrill, Fifield & Co, res 410 N Jackson

Fairfax Dainel E (cold), drayman, res 1420 8th

Fairfax Robert (cold), res 1422 8th

Falanise Miss Trompe, bds 1214 4th

Fancher Charles R, propr Astor house, cor Harrison and S Center

Fanning Edward, carpenter, res s e cor 6th and Johnson

Fargo George, sec Longshoremans Union, res 609 2nd

Farkas Joseph, laborer, res 400 S Lincoln

Farley Fannie, car cleaner F & P M R R

Farley Peter, laborer, res s s Hart 2 e of Henry

Farragut School, bet Grant, Farragut, 9th and 10th

Farrell Matthew, machine hand M Lamont, res 1112 12th

Farrell Patrick, hostler E J ONeil, bds 118 Washington

Farrington Noah, painter, res n s 29th 1 w of Broadway

Farwell Samuel, fireman, bds Cumberland house

Fassett Miss Alice, music teacher, bds 504 N Van Buren

Fassett Mary (wid George W), res 504 N Van Buren

Faucher David, laborer, res s s Bismarck 3 e of Atlantic

Faul Peter, laborer, res 903 Campbell

Faulkner John, laborer, bds Moulton house

Fay Arvilla E (wid Wm L), bds 715 N Madison

Fayette Francis, laborer F E Bradley & Co

Featherly Frederick B, bds 509 N Madison

Featherly Miss Grace B, bds 509 N Madison

Featherly John W (Featherly & Eddy), res 509 N Madison

Featherly & Eddy (John W Featherly, Warren H Eddy), farm inpts n s 6th 1 w

   Of Saginaw

Federlein Carrie, cook 412 Washington Ave

Fedler Frank, laborer, res w s Webster 2 n of 34th

Feeley Martin, filer Bousfield & Co, res 2019 Broadway

Feeto Joseph, laborer Wm Peter

Feidenheimer Matthew, lab, bds e s McCormick 2 s of 26th

Feiffer John, groom res 315 Nebobish ave

Feite Henry, furniture, res 419 N Madison

Feldman jacob, butcher, res 112 Center

Felton Frank G, laborer Rust Bros & Co, res 406 19th

Felzek Jacob, laborer, res e s Michigan ave 1 s of 26th

Fennell Wm H, real estate, res 232 Washington Ave

Fenski Frank, laborer, res s s 26th 2 e of Broadway

Fenton Henry, deputy county register, res 1803 Center

Fereand Alfred, lumberman, res 1214 N Water

Fergus Charles, farmer, res s s S Center 2 east of limits

Ferguson Adam, res 917 Broadway

Ferguson Angus, stevedore, bds 522 Saginaw

Ferguson Daniel, laborer, bds Jefferson House

Ferguson George W, laborer, res s e cor 39th and Polk

Ferguson Hannah (wid Donald), res 1218 N Van Buren

Ferguson James, bartender H Lutzke, res W Bay City

Ferguson James W, Veterinary Surgeon; Palace Stables 6th and Saginaw,

   Bds Forest City house

Ferguson Jennie, bds 803 S Water

Ferguson Jessie, cook Moulton house

Ferguson Johannah, cook Wolverton house

Ferguson John, plumber A Walther, bds Rupublic hotel

Ferguson Margaret, domestic e s Grant bet 6th and 8th

Ferguson Robert, laborer, bds Kennedy House

Ferguson Robert F, clerk W H Miller, res 1000 Broadway

Ferguson Wm, laborer, res rear 506 Belinds

Ferguson Wm, plumber, bds republic hotel

Ferguson Wm F, clerk Morgan & Smith, bds 917 Broadway

Fergut August, laborer Rust Bros & Co

Ferl Arthur P, printer Tribune job rooms, bds 910 3rd

Ferl Frank, machinist, bds 910 3rd

Ferl Minnie, artist, bds 910 3rd

Ferneau John, edger, bds 415 8th

Feroline Martin, coachman 419 N Jackson

Ferris Miss Annie, bds 807 2nd

Ferris Miss Emma, bds 807 2nd

Ferris Napoleon; engineer Murphy & Dorr

Ferris Reuben J, grocer 1309 N Monroe, res cor 1st and Munroe

*Ferris Richard, grocer 701 3rd, res 807 2nd

Ferris Thomas, carpenter, res 1410 6th

Ferris Walter, clerk, bds 1309 N Monroe

Ferris Wm, ship carpenter, res 611 N Sherman

Ferris Wm H, foreman McEwan Bros & Co, res 1834 9th

Feuerstack Frederick, carpenter, res 320 N Sherman

Feuerstack Louis, laborer, res 217 N Monroe

*Feyerabend Otto, Beer Hall, Restaurant, Cigars, & cig, 112 5th, res 222 N     Jackson

Fiscal David, laborer, res 402 Stanton

Fical Miss Mabel, music teacher 402 Stanton, bds same

Fick John L, gardener, res 2153 Center

Fick Mary A (wid John C), bds 307 S Van Buren

Fidler Joseph, edger Wm Peter

Field Henry, laborer, bds Elk hotel

Fielding John, laborer Butman & Rust, bds 608 Howard

Fifield Eugene (merrill, Fifield & Co), res 5th bet Grant and Sherman

Filgraf Frederick, laborer, bds Moulton house

Filiatrault Edmund, laborer Eddy, Avery & Eddy

Filions Charles, laborer, bds French hotel

Filions Henry, laborer, bds French hotel

Filipiak George, laborer Birdsall & Barker

Filipiak John, laborer, res 901 S Farragut

Filzek Frank, laborer, res e s Michigan ave 2 s of 26th

Filzek John, laborer, bds e s Michigan ave 2 s of 26th

Fineron Miss Mary, seamstress, bds 225 N Jefferson

Finger Carrie, cook Jefferson house

Fingland James, laborer, res 912 16th

Fink Myer, clerk A Hyman, bds 817 Washington Ave

Finkenstaedt Frederick C, bookkeeper, rms 912 Van Buren

Finlen John, laborer, res 113 Bismarck

Finn Frederick C (Bradley & Finn), res 243 Adams

Finn John, cooper N B Bradley & Sons, res 809 James

Finnegan James, laborer, res 918 Wilson

Finnigan Luke, laborer, bds Lumbermens hotel

Firby Alferd, laborer, bds Madison house

Firemens Hall (old Town Hall), n e cor Taylor and 34th

First Baptist Church, s e cor Center and Madison

First Congregational Church, Rev W W Lyle Pastor, s e cor 6th and Van


First Presbyterian Church, e s Washington ave bet 9th and 10th

First Universalist Church, n w cor N Madison and 7th

fischer Elizabeth, res 209 William

Fischer Frederick, plumber Tousey & Jennison, res 209 William

Fischer Leonard, painter I A Shannon, bds 209 William

Fish Emma, domestic 229 N Madison

Fish Frank, laborer Folsom & Arnold

Fish George, vessel captain, bds Cumberland house

Fish Walter T (Fish & Kirkland), res 108 S Monroe

Fish & Kirkland (Walter T Fish, James Kirkland), Carpenters, Cabinet-

   Makers, Mnfrs of Screen Doors, Ice Boxes and Refrigerators, 305 8th

Fisher Albert W, cigars and tobacco Astor House block, res 1020 31st

Fisher Annie, domestic 814 Adams

Fisher Miss Belle M, clerk, bds 1414 Webster

Fisher Charles, edger E J Hargrave & Son

Fisher Charles D, res 1414 Webster

Fisher Christopher, filer H H Culver, res 701 Webster

Fisher Engelbert R, [pedler, res rear 522 McClellan

Fisher Frank, laborer E J Hargrave & Son

Fisher Herman, filer H H Culver

Fisher Ida, domestic 1320 Broadway

Fisher James, sawyer, bds 701 Webster

Fisher John, laborer E J Hargrave & Son

Fisher Miss Louisa, dressmaker 618 Adams, res same

Fisher Martin, laborer birdsall & Barker

Fisher Michael, laborer Wm Peter, res n s 34th 1 w of Marsac

Fisher Oscar, laborer E J Hargrave & Son

Fisher Sarah, domestic 1014 Center

Fisher Thomas lab E J Hargrave & Son, res Middle Ground

Fisher Wm, laborer Folsom & Arnold, bds 113 Broadway

Fisher Oscar, laborer E J Hargrave & Son

Fisher Sarah, domestic 1014 Center

Fisher Thomas, lab E J Hargrave & Son, res Middle Ground

Fisher Wm, laborer Folsom & Arnold, bds 113 Broadway

Fisher Wm L, engineer, res 309 Barney

Fisk Winfield S, filer, res 725 Campbell

Fitch Charles A, engineer E S Fitch, bds 106 N Madison

*Fitch Elijah S, Mnfr Fertilizing Salt and Wholesale Dealer in Pig Iron and

   Ohio stoneware, n w cor 11th and Jefferson, res 238 N Madison

Fitch Henry, with E S Fitch, res 106 N Madison

Fitch J Wilmarth, trimmer Daunt & Sharp, bds 920 N Madison

Fitch Milo, harnessmkr J W Morrison, bds Campbell house

Fitchel Mrs Rose, dressmaker 109 Harrison, res same

Fitt Mrs Sophia, dressmaker Hawley & Fitzgerald, res cor 2nd and Sherman

Fitt thomas, baggagemaster M C R R, res 1200 N Sherman

Fitt Wm E, sealer M C R R, bds cor 2nd and Sherman

Fitzgerald Daniel, laborer Folsom & Arnold, res 301 Dolsen

Fitzgerald James, laborer, res 610 N Water

Fitzgerald John, boilermaker Industrial Works, res 808 15th

Fitzgerald John, deputy sheriff Bay County, bds 301 Dosen

Fitzgerald J Wm (Hawley & Fitzgerald), res Alpena, Mich

Fitzgerald Patrick, baggageman M C R R, res Johnson nr M C R R

Fitzgerald Robert, boilermaker National Boiler Works, bds 808 15th

Fitzgerald Wm, sailor, bds 808 15th

Fitzgibbon Gerald, shoemaker 922 N Water, res 914 1st

Fitzgibbons Thomas, teamster Evans Bros, res 254 N Jackson

Fitzhugh Charles jr, (Charles Fitzhugh Jr & Co), res 112 S Farragut

Fitzhugh Charles Jr & Co (Charles Fitzhugh Jr, Archibald McDonell), Real

   Estate 5 Concordia Block

Fitzhugh Daniel D, bookkeeper Mitchell, Boutell & Co, res n e cor 19th and


Fitzhugh Daniel H, real estate Union block, bds 815 5th

Fitzhugh Frank, Real Estate Union Block, res 712 10th

Fitzhugh School, e s Fitzhugh bet 16th and 17th

Fitzhugh Wm H, city boiler inspr, res 730 S Lincoln

Fitzmaurice Thomas, laborer, bds Patrick rogers

fitzmaurice Timothy, laborer Detroit Mills

Fitzpatrick Margaret, tailoress Sirmyer & Edwards, bds 707 11th

Fitzsimons Joseph, laborer, res 704 S Sherman

Fitzwilliams Thomas H, fireman, res 721 McCormick

Fitzwilliams Wm, fireman Birdsall & Barker

Fladnoss Max, lumberman, bds Turgeon house

Fladung Dominick J, butcher, bds 1018 N Jackson

Fladung Jacob D, butcher A Brissette, res 1018 N Jackson

Fladung John B, painter C C Stewart, bds 1018 N Jackson

Fladung Joseph, laborer, res 1018 N Jackson

Fladung Joseph B, clerk J A Cornwell & Son, bds 1018 N Jackson

Flaherty John, laborer N B Bradley & Sons, bds Armstrong hotel

Flajole Amelia, clerk, bds 606 Fitzhugh

Flajole John, boilermaker Nat Boiler Wk, res 6906 Fitzhugh

Flajole John jr, boilermkr Nat Boiler Wks, bds 606 Fitzhugh

Flannery Maria, domestic 411 9th

Flax Charlotte (wid George), laundry 207 Center, res same

Flegeltaub Abraham D, pedler, res 207 N Farragut

Flegger Paul, carpenter, res 2004 4th

Fleming Alexander A, laborer, res s w cor 35th and Stanton

*Flint & Pere Marquette Railway, Passanger and Freight Depots cor

   Jefferson and 5th

Floeter Philip C ( P C Floeter & Co), res 1007 N Grant

*Floeter P C & Co (Philip C Floeter, Wm Kauffman), Architects and

   Spuerintendents 8 Central Block

Flower Miss Alice, bds Rectory cor 2nd and Van Buren

Flower Rev Edward W, pastor St Barnabas Church, South Bay City, and

   Missions West Bay City, res Rectory cor 2nd and Van Buren

Flower Miss Mary, bds Rectory cor 2nd and Van Buren

Flowers Penfield C, barber 114 N Water, res same

Fluker David A, agt Detroit Evening news, bds e s Park ave 4 s of Center

Flynn Mrs Isabella, res w s Taylor 1 n of 32nd

Flynn John, fireman, res 812 Webster

Flynn Miss Margaret, bds 812 Webster

Flynn Mary, domestic 616 Saginaw

Foale Wm (Foale & Hart), res 230 N Jefferson

Foale & Hart (Wm Foale, Charles M Hart), roofers 226 and 230 N Jefferson

Fobear George, laborer, res 314 Bowery

Foco Louis, laborer Dolsen, Chapin & co

Foerster Otto, bartender Ernst Frank, res 1008 N Jefferson

Fogarty Frank, lab Dolsen, Chapin & Co, bds 807 Barney

Fogarty John, laborer, res 807 Barney

Fogarty John jr, cooper, bds 807 Barney

Fogerty Miss Mary, bookkeeper Kinney & Lambert, bds 213 Adams

Fogg Frank M, mngr Saginaw Valley Star, rooms 209 5th

Foley John, laborer, bds american hotel

Follis thomas, tallyman Foss & Leiter

Folsom Alexander (Folsom & arnold), pres Bay County savings bank, res

   261 N Water

*Folsom & Arnold (Alexander Folsom, Benjamin W Arnold), lumber and salt

   Mnfrs 2601 N water

Fonber Maier, pedler, res 237 N Van Buren

Fondroy Anna, domestic 823 N Farragut

Fone James, laobrer Dolsen, Chapin & co, res 2011 5th ave

Fone Jane (wid Charles), bds 2011 5th

Fontaine Adolph, grocer 910 Campbell, res 912 Campbell

Fontaine Miss Arsina, clerk Adolph Fontaine, bds 912 Campbell

Fontaine Louis, boots and shoes, res 1300 N Grant

Foot August, laborer McEwan Bros & Co, res 100 Bismarck

Foot Eli, laborer T H McGraw & Co

Foot Lyman, sawyer, H H Culver

Foote Charles, porter Brunswick hotel

Foote Charles E, teamster, res 612 Ingraham

Foote Colin W, sailor, bds 606 Howard

Foote Miss Hattie, teacher, bds 606 Howard

Foote Horace L, clerk P Foote, bds same

Foote John R, barber C Von Kaenel, res 215 3rd

Foote Lawrence E, laborer, bds 606 Howard

Foote Miss Nettie, teacher, bds 606 Howard

Foote Pe Yu, pawnbroker 215 3rd, res same

Foote Sarah A (wid Asa J), res 606 Howard

Foote Vina (wid Edwin L), dressmaker, res 905 4th

Foote Wm G, foreman Pitts & Cranage, res 406 9th

Forbes James, blacksmith Daunt & sharp, rooms 216 3rd

Forbes Jennie, domestic 1107 6th

Forbes Joseph, laborer, rooms 216 3rd

Forbush George H, grocer 513 Fremont ave, res 511 same

Forchurski Frank, laborer, res 830 Michigan ave

Forcia Frederick, carpenter, bds 517 Polk

Forcia Modes, carpenter, res 517 Polk

Forcia Silas (Briske & Forcia), res 1205 Wilson

Forcie Peter, carpenter, res n s 17th 1 e of Monroe

Forcier Frederick, carpenter, bds e s Wilson 3 n of 28th

Forcier Herculas, carp, res n w cor S Center and Lincoln ave

Forcier Joseph, vessel captain, res e s Wilson 3 n of 28th

Forcier Joseph J (W A Beebe & Co), res 426 S Center

Ford Belle H, teacher, bds 1301 Woodside ave

Ford Charles R, cooper, bds 310 Fraser

Ford Frederick, contractor Foss & Leiter, res 1400 Trumbull

*Ford George, Machinist, Blacksmith, Steam Forge and Engine Builder,

   1201 N Water, res 1301 Woodside Ave

Ford George W, machinist Standard Machinery Co, bds 1031 Woodside ave

Ford Henry, laborer Wm B Rouse

Ford Lilla, domestic 2123 Center

Ford Miss Maggie, clerk Romer, Lovell & Co, bds 1301 Woodside Ave

Ford Henry, laborer Wm B Rouse

Ford Lilla, domestic 2123 Center

Ford Miss Maggie, clerk Romer, Lovell & Co, bds 1301 Woodside Ave

Ford Rose, domestic 1203 10th

Ford Wm, engineer, bds 100 23rd

Ford Wm G, machinist, bds 1301 Woodside ave

Fordon House, Mrs M R Fordon propr, 704 Adams

Fordon Mrs Margaret R, propr Fordon house 704 Adams

Forest City House, Gustave Heinzmann Propr, s w cor 6th and Washington

Forest Thomas, laborer, bds 809 N Jefferson

Forhaner Anna, domestic 1112 N Jackson

Forgett Augustine, laborer, res 503 Broadway

Forster Otto, clerk Ernst Frank, res 1008 N Jefferson

Forsyth Ransom, carpenter, bds 101 Broadway

*Forsyth & Holcombs (Oscar F Forsyth, Dan C and Emmet T Holcomb),

   Wholesale and Retail Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Tin, Cooper and Sheet

   Iron Work and Farm Impts 923 and 925 N Water

Fortier Camilla A, physician, res 611 S Water

Fortin David, carpenter, res 1611 Woodside

Fortin Joseph, confectioner 1619 Woodside ave, res same

Fortin Joseph A, elk Morgan & Smith, bds 1111 Washington

Foss Edgar B (Foss & Leiter), res 1817 Center

*Foss & Leiter (Edgar B Foss, John M Leiter), lumber, 1705 N Water

Foster Clark C (Foster, Post & Co), res East Saginaw

Foster Edward B, laborer, res 1007 N Madison

Foster Erwin (Foster, Post & Co), bds Campbell house

Foster Frederick, sailor, bds 500 Marsac

Foster Issac, lab Mitcher, Boutell & Co, res 1 st 2 e of Monroe

Foster Minor A, laborer, res 407 Harrison

*Foster, Post & Co (clark C and Erwin Forster, Nelson W Post), fancy goods

   1002 N Water and 107 4th

Foster Richard F, bookkeeper Birdsall & Barker, res s s S Center 3 of

   R R depot

Foster Soloman, vessel captain, res 500 Marsac

Foster Wm, laborer, bds 407 Harrison

Foster Wm H, clerk Clark & Cobb, res 243 N Jefferson

Foucan Augustine, laborer Thomas Bergevin

Foucau Noe, laborer, res 611 Shearer Ave

Foucoult Gregoire, laborer Detroit Mills

Fournier Charles, cigarmaker Atkinson & Whitlock, bds American house

Fournier Lucien, clerk A Loranger, bds Brunswick hotel

Fowler Frederick, laborer G C Myers

Fowler John L, engineer G C Myers, res 403 31st

*Fox Benjamin, oysters and fruit 823 Washington Ave, res same

Fox Charles, laborer T H McGraw & Co, res 1524 Polk

Fox Charles H, conductor, res e s Grant bet 6th and 8th

Fox C Louis, bookkeeper Charles Supe, res 504 N Monroe

Fox David, engineer, bds Spears house

Fox Frank, laborer McEwan Bros & Co

Fox Gustavns R, Crockery, Glassware and Wall Paper, 801 N Water, res

   506 N Adams

Fox Henry, grade contractor, res 2109 Center

Fox Jacob G, plasterer, res 708 3rd

Fox John, laborer, bds Armstrong hotel

Fox Joseph S, engineer Nickless & Hart, res 1323 N Jefferson

Fox Thomas, foreman Murphy & Dorr res Middle Ground

Fox Wm, res 410 Center

Fralick Adam, laborer, res 1517 11th

Fralick D Allen, laborer, bds 1517 11th

Fralick George W, oil pedler, res 1513 11th

Framki Minnie, domestic 310 Bowery

Francia Gregory, vessel owner, res 260 N Van Buren

Francis Griffith H, lawyer 803 N Water, res W Bay City

Francis Jennie, copyist, bds 806 2nd

Franco Pierre, clerk M Manoni, bds 201 3rd

Francouer Jean, laborer H Carrier, res 608 Marsac

Frank Albert J, bartender Wm Wieland, bds same

Frank Ernst, tobacco, Cigars, Wines, Liquors, Insurance and Foreign

   Passage Agent 819 N Water, res 500 N Grant

Frank Frederick, Propr Obey House, 408 5th

Frank Katie, domestic 302 N Farragut

Frank Miss Minnie A, clerk Hawley & Fitzgerald, bds 423 Williams

Franklin Eli, laborer, bds 410 Belinda

Franklin House, Fritz Parnitzky propr, 1216 N Water

Fraser Allan, laborer, rooms 213 S Water

Fraser Block, s e cor Center and Water

Fraser Edward, laborer B H Briscoe & Co

Fraser Elizabeth, clerk Leszczynski Bros & Menczarski, bds 307 Dolsen

*Fraser House (The New), John F Antisdel Propr, s e cor Water & Center

Fraser Hugh A, foreman, res 1010 Broadway

Fraser John J (Engelgau & Fraser), res West Bay City

Fraser Miss Josephine R, clerk, bds 409 8th

Fraser Simon, tinsmith, res 614 21st

Fraski Michael, laborer, res 802 19th

Frawley Thomas, laborer, bds 500 Saginaw

Frazher Joseph, drayman, res 1700 Johnson

Frazier Adeline (wid Christopher), res 307 Dolsen

Frazier Edward, machinist, bds 307 Dolsen

Frazier Miss Elizabeth, clerk, bds 307 Dolsen

Frazier Lucy a, tailoress B Belworthy, bds 307 Dolsen

Frazier Wm, clerk, bds 307 Dolsen

Fredette Frank, laborer, res 210 Bbarney

Freebin John, laborer, res 808 Barney

Freeby Charles, lab Dolsen, Chapin & Co, bds Kennedy house

Freeby John, clerk, res 507 12th

Freeby Pauline, domestic 507 N Farragut

Freedy burt L, inspector Michigan Telephone co, bds Republic house

Freeland Adeline (wid Richard), bds 807 Broadway

Freeland Alonzo, painter, res 807 Broadway

Freeman Chester H, Attorney and Real Estate Agent, 1019 N Madison,

   Res same

Freeman James, laborer ross, Bradley & co, bds 615 17th

Freeman Lawrence, laborer, bds 615 17th

Freeman Miss Perdita M, teacher public school, bds 1019 N Madison

Freer Cornelia (wid Wm), bds 716 Stanton

Freese Ann (wid Hiram), bds 419 N Monroe

Fref Sabina (wid George), res 604 N Jackson

Freiberg Charles, tailor 813 N Saginaw, res same

Fremo Frank, laborer Eddy, Avery & Eddy

Fremont Ave Baptist Church, s s fremont ave bet Taylor and Polk

Fremont Ave M E Church, s s Fremont ave bet McCormick and Wilson

Fremont Ave Rink Co (John Y McKinney, Duncan, McGregor, Henry L Chase,

   Silas R Miller), proprs Fremont Ave Roller rink

Fremont Ave Roller Rink, Fremont Ave Rink Co proprs, n e cor Fremont ave

   And S Water

Fremont School, s s 29th bet Marsac and Broadway

French Hotel, Exprine Pepin propr, 1200 Jefferson

French thomas E, coupe driver, res 1810 6th

Frey Joseph, laborer, res w s Park ave 3 s of Center

Friebe John, clerk Meeker & Adams, res 507 12th

Friebe John, laborer dolsen, Chapin & Co

Friedrich Albert, laborer, res 212 S Sherman

Friend John, laborer, res 1819 6th

Friend John jr, feeder, bds 1819 6th

Friend Miss Mary, clerk T M Swetland, bds same

Friese Elizabeth (wid George), bds Jefferson house

Friese John, cooper N B Bradley & Sons

frischki August, butcher, res 217 S Sherman

Friski Joseph, laborer Wm Peter

Frietz Jacob, butcher Theodore Hine, res Tuscola Plank road

Fritz Sarah, domestic 1112 N Jackson

Franckowiak Jacob, laborer, res 607 S Van Buren

Frondry Minnie, domestic 509 9th

Frorath Martin, stonecutter, res 2000 3rd

Frorath Wm, stonecutter, res 1315 Johnson

Froshac Michael, laborer McEwan Bros & Co

Frost Charles E, laborer, res 215 Stanton

Frost George, deputy sheriff, res 401 24th

Frost Henry, plasterer, res 209 S Madison

Frost Herman (Frost & Schrader), res 518 S Center

Frost James, sailor, bds 401 24th

Frost John, fireman Birdsall & Barker

Frost Mary J K, domestic e s Park ave 4 s of Center

Frost Wm, clerk, bds 401 24th

Frost & Schrader (Herman Frost, John Schrader), meat market 117 Harrison

Fry Miss Jennie, teacher, bds M Fry

Fry John, laborer Eddy Bros & co, bds M Fry

Fry Maria (wid Samuel), res n s Parker 2 w of Atlantic

Fry Wm, laborer McEwan Bros & Co, bds M Fry

Fude Fredrick C, coachman, res 309 S Lincoln

Fuger George, laborer, bds 201 Annie

Fuger Louis, laborer, bds 201 Annie

Fuko Felix, lab McEwan Bros & Co, res Fitzgerald nr Mill

Fulford Emma, domestic 602 N Madison

fulford Margaret, domestic s e cor 15th and Howard

Fulford Nancy, domestic 1303 5th

Fuller charles H, clerk, res 1606 2nd

Fuller Edwin C, clerk, bds 1606 2nd

Fuller Martin, bartender Wm Fuller, bds same

Fuller Wm M jr, res 406 13th

Fulton christina (wid Wm), bds 601 Broadway

Funnell Edward, butcher G W Mansfield, bds Anscomb house

Furdock Frank, laborer N B Bradley & Sons

Furkus Charles, laborer Birdsall & Barker

Furman Francis, traveling agent, res 204 N Jackson

Furman Mrs F, dressmaker 204 N Jackson, res same

furman Miss Isadore, dressmaker, bds 204 N Jackson

Furman Lemuel (L Furman & Bro), res 204 N Jackson

Furman L & Bro (Lemuel and Wm), Mnfrs Pumps, Cisterns, Artesian Wells

   And Wagon Jacks, 807 11th

Furman Wm (L Furman & Bro), bds 204 N Jackson

Furnier Charles, laborer, bds Elk hotel

Furnier Joseph, clerk Turgeon house

Furtain Frank, laborer, res 707 Barney

Fyfe James L C R, laborer, bds Moulton house

Fyning Timothy, coachman C M Averell, res 807 6th



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