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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 1ST CL PVT. FRED E. WOOD Serial No. 2,026,621 Middleton, Mich. Private Wood, inducted September 21, 1917, at Camp Custer, was sent to the Motor Truck School, at Kenosha, Wis., and acted as cannoneer in all the practice which took place at Custer. On our arrival at Messac Wood with a detail of men, he was sent to Paris to bring trucks and rations through to the regiment at Bain. During our activities he participated in all our fighting as cannoneer, which calls for exactness and fortitude, as well as plenty of nerve. On our return to Pont-a-Mousson he was selected out of a number of men to act as chauffeur with the Medical Corps, and made frequent trips to the hospitals and brought medical supplies from Toul. Wood was one of the old men of the Battery, good-natured, could take hard knocks with good grace. His cheerfulness emanated from his soul. He believed in giving the best that was in him and was well liked by his comrades.

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