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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 CORP. CLAIR G. MALLORY Serial No. 2,026,587 ElweII, Mich. Mallory was one of the pioneers of the Battery. He was sent to Motor Truck School, at Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he obtained high marks, and was made one of the B. C. detail. He was assigned the duties of telephone operator and wireman. At the front he was one of the detail with Sprague to repair wires in gas and shell fire, and when our Battery sent its first shells over to the enemy Mallory was the one to communicate orders to Lieut. Dolan, Firing Officer. He exhibited traits of the Irish character, being full of wit and humor and delighted in tantalizing the other members of the B. C. detail. Everybody liked “Click, Click,” as Guy Ordiway nicknamed him. He was always in for any fun, liked the French wines and occasionally imbibed their cognac; was generous with everything he had and cheerful under extreme hardship. Menial work did not appeal strongly to Mallory, his Irish-American soul usually discriminated when it came to work, especially sordid work. At Messac, with a skinful of beverage, he went down to the river to wash a handkerchief and fell into the water but was salvaged by his comrades. Like Sprague, Mallory was promoted to Corporal just prior to discharge, having previously held the rank of Private 1st Class.

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